Monday, August 14, 2006

To get to the corner and back again...

I want to post more, honestly, but I'm tight on time since I've got a short week, and today I had to go home for lunch and to let the puppy out, so things are even more scrunched than usual. Tomorrow should be better.

But here's one of the strange things that I ran across over the weekend...I was in my local gas station, grabbing a 44 ounce so-da, and a chick came in just before I was able to lug my cup to the counter to pay. She asked for the cashier to put $5 on pump #1.

Um, $5? Really? Ok, so what'll that get a person these days? A gallon and a half, maybe? I use the middle-grade of gas, so for me, that's all it'd get. If I used the lower grade, then I s'pose I could get almost 2 gallons out of it, but still...that'd barely get a girl to the other side of the city, for chrissakes!

I can totally relate to budgeting and only buying what one needs, honest. But it just seemed strange to me, is the thing. $5 worth of gas. I remember when that could get a person 3 - 4 gallons, which is a sufficient amount to get around town for a couple of days in my car. Crazy, crazy world...


lyn said...

i do that every once in awhile if i am low on gas and am nowhere near the place i usually fill up. reason being, i'd rather spend $5 to get home and to the gas station where i can save some money than to spend more and get less for my money.

lyn said...

let's do the math here while i am at it.

say i normally go to a place where it is $3.10 a gallon. My tank takes 15 gallons so that would cost me $46.50.

I usually find that regular gas stations are about .15 cents higher a gallon. so the math on this one....$48.75.

yes, I save a whopping $2.25 to fill up at my normal place. but hey, that's a cup of coffee. pick your battles right?

Faith said...

$2.25 would buy me 2 of my so-das at my regular fill-up joint, so hell yeah, I can get behind that!

Thanks for making sense of the world for me, Lyn. Your my little voice of reason that I need every so often, particularly lately. :)