Thursday, August 24, 2006

Trying to KILL ME!!!

I can't keep going like this...I really can't. Yesterday was slower than slow, boring, and depressing, really.

Today has been NON-STOP, constant, e-mails, letters, driving to pick up things, grabbing lunch, head blowing off the top of my shoulders, AUGH!!!!

AND a rock hit my windshield on my way back from the northland and gave me my very first chip in the darned thing. I didn't even have ONE chip in my windshield on my last car that I had for 10 years. And I've had this one for 4 now, and of course since I'm preparing to possibly sell it and move on to something more affordable, this has to happen. Perfect.

My head is literally spinning, is my point.

I wanted to post some commentary about the dress that won for Vincent last night on project Runway, and the pictures won't download, so forget it. Suffice it to say, I can't believe that piece of shit dress, that looked like half of it was about to fly OFF of the woman's body, won. It was proof to me that the show is rigged and fucked up.

Oh, and Michael Kors is a clone, apparently. Is it weird that his mother seems more masculine than he does? I mean,'s like they switched gender roles at some point in their lives. Creepy.

I thought Uli should've won, dammit.

And now I must leave. Thank goodness. Tomorrow's Friday. Good GOD I need it to be Friday.


lyn said...

Seriously. Uli was robbed and it's definitely rigged.

Xavier Onassis said...

Call your insurance company. They'll have chips and cracks repaired for free, no deductible.

But you probably already know that.

Faith said...

I did NOT know that (see previous mentioned note about how I haven't had a chip in my windshield in 14 years...).

I'll give them a call. Thank you XO!!

Mona Buonanotte said...

Vincent is a freak.

But so help me, I'm gonna bitch-slap that tattood guy with his attitude..."if you can't say something nice, man"...and his mom was so nice, too.

Xavier Onassis said...

Faith - it's true. Unlike Health Care Insurance Companies, most Auto Insurance Companies realize that it costs next to nothing to repair a small chip in a windshield, compared to the cost of replacing an ENTIRE windshield when the chip becomes a crack, the crack becomes several cracks, and the windshield shatters into a brazilian pieces of shrapnell hurtling into your clients face at 70 mph.

It's called preventative care.

At least the major companies (like my own State Farm) do that. If you have that Geico Gecko or that "save a lot of money when you buy Direct" outfit, I don't know.

Good luck! Let me know how it turns out.

P.S. - When that happened to me, the "chip repair guy" they dispatched actually came to my workplace and fixed it onsite in the parking lot in about 30 minutes. Didn't cost me a THING.