Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Umm, cake please.

On Saturday night, after watching the Chiefs lose it to Houston, the boyfriend and I were sitting around the bar chatting with his coworkers and some other patrons that were coming and going from the table. We were planning on heading out with one of the coworkers and another regular after we were done with our drinks, which I was looking forward to due to the promise of pool and kareoke at the bar we were going to go to. (I've been wanting to sing for sooo long now! I was really in the mood.)

I sat and chatted with the one coworker of his about my new diet plan and the workouts I've been doing, etc, etc...and she told me that her sister had started Lite 4 Life a few months ago and was doing really well with it. I don't really know much about Lite 4 Life, so I asked her what their basic break down is, if she knew. She told me that first of all, they had recommended to her sister that she stop working out because she was too large to be putting that kind of stress on her joints and muscles. Um, WTF? Apparently, she now weighs about 165, and she's lost about 15 - 20 pounds on the program already. I told this chick that I weighed 195 at my heaviest, and I've worked out pretty much all my damned life without any issues. I've never even HEARD of something so fucking ridiculous!

They also put her through a "detox" when she initially started the program where she was required to eat 15 pounds of meat per day for 3 days in a row. Apparently, she had to take those days off work because she was feeling so shitty (yeah, ya think?!), and by the end of each day, she was ready to throw up just thinking of meat, and found it difficult to even swallow the last bit of it that she needed to eat.

I don't know why someone would actually hear such bullshit and actually stick around to hear what else the program had to offer them, much less PAY THEM MONEY to help them lose weight!

Then again, this coworker of my boyfriend could just be a complete idiot. I dunno. She's a fun girl, and all, but I don't know her well enough to be able to say for sure if she might've just had the facts all wrong.

Has anyone ever heard of this program? I've seen their signs on buildings around town, but haven't ever checked them out. I might look some shit up online, but please let me know if you know if this chick was just full of shit, or what. Because it just doesn't sound right. Telling a woman that weighs 180 not to work out because she's too fat to do so. That's such total bullshit, IMO.

Ok, work beckons...gotta run!

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