Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Well that sucks.

Ok, even though I'm in a fabulously wonderful mood and feeling pretty high most of the time lately, it doesn't seem to have any effect at all on the driving ability or general appreciation of human space by the people around me. Hm. You'd think my aura right now would have more of an effect on those around me. Uh-uh.

Oh well!

So as of this morning, I've lost 5 pounds on this new plan I'm following, and I'm still really happy with it. I found a thread on the message boards on eDiets yesterday that gave me the formula for figuring out whether the things I'm eating are 40/30/30, and I've been rolling through some of my favorite sammiches and other things I like to order out for lunch to find the proper combination that's close to hitting the magic combo, and I've managed to find NOTHING so far. I think that a Wendy's chicken sammich with only half the bun and a side salad with low fat ranch would be ok, but I haven't calculated that entire meal out yet...just the sammich part. It's really hard to figure it all out outside of the meal plan that's given to me each week, but I'm working on it. I figure that the earlier I learn it, the better it will be for me in the long run. But the meals are still yummy, filling, and very satisfying in the portions they are divided into. I think this will be easy to maintain for the rest of my life, is the thing. I know I'm probably just feeling the early euphoria of initial success and all that comes with it, and in a couple of weeks, I might plateau and you'll find me freaking out again, but for now, it's a good place to be in.

Except I'm hungry at the moment. Dammit. I hate mid-mornings!

Over the weekend, I did my best to limit my portion sizes, but didn't really pay too much attention to the 40/30/30 thing. I ate more veggies than potatoes, I ate reasonable portions of protein, and I tried to not go too long between meals if I could; things were kinda hectic, so it was pretty much impossible to do. But. I got home and while I hadn't lost any weight, I didn't gain any either. The fiance and I went out for sushi last night, even, and I still lost a half a pound as of this morning since yesterday morning. And I didn't even work out yesterday! But getting the proper balance of fiber and all back into my body yesterday caused my bowels to open up last night and release all the bad stuff they'd been holding back for a couple of days, it seemed like. It wasn't pleasant, but it was necessary it seems. Continued this morning after I finished breakfast...although it was much more pleasant to deal with today comparatively. I won't go into further details. I'll just say it's nice to be regular again. :)

The fiance has thrown himself headlong into the process of planning, even sitting down last night and starting a list of guests he could think of off the top of his head. His mom called to talk to him about a shower for me (already!!!), and mentioned that she would like to have a few particular friends attending the wedding (or at least invited) as well. They're people from her and her hubby's church group, though, so fiance asked her to limit her list of people she'd like to invite from work and church to just 15-16. I thought that was reasonable. I have about 3 people to invite, so the more the merrier, I say!

Actually, after starting a list of folks in my head last night as he was writing things down for us, I realized how quickly the numbers can add up. As most of my family and a couple of friends reside on the California side of the planet, I will probably need to have a wedding shower there, which will also give some family members that might have a hard time travelling to KC for a wedding a chance to be involved in the whole process. I have a great aunt that I'd love to have come, but I don't know that she'll be able to make it all the way to KC for the wedding, for example. She's pretty spry, but I'm not sure how far she and my great-uncle are willing to go. But since my mom-in-law-to-be wants to throw me a shower too, we'll need to have a second one here. And I started thinking of all the people I want to invite to it, and it just hit me that I know more people and have more friends than I realized! I don't want to go overboard, but I do want to include people that have made a difference in my life over the last few years, so it's going to be interesting to see how it all works out.

Outside of that crap, I'm trying to keep a level head. I do this by thinking about stuff that is meaningless and silly, which is where television seems to help me the most. I still can't believe last week's Project Runway, for instance, and almost am kind of pissed at them for being so blatantly controlled by the producers. I know that Allison's dress wasn't the best one up there, but it most certainly wasn't the worst. Vincent continuously produces crap stuff for the runway, and consistently gets called on it, he defends it as "art" that "gets him off" and he heads back for another round week after week. I also thought it was strange that Michael's dress won last week over Jeffrey's dress. I don't like all of Jeffrey's designs, to be honest, but last week's was perfect. Fit perfect, moved perfectly, looked good, and I even liked the colors! I didn't understand why Michael won, especially with the plastic wrap (ha!) thingy he placed on his model's shoulders as a final touch to the outfit. It was ugly and not plausible as an outfit overall, I thought. Again, love the guy, but I thought Jeffrey had an edge over him was all.

Nothing else really interests me on t.v. right now, actually, except for my Food Network shows that make me happy, but I haven't had the time to sit and watch many of them lately I just realized! When did I become too busy for television? What has gone wrong in my life to lead me down this horrible and demented path? AUGH! I didn't mean to become this sick and twisted former shell of myself, I swear. Sometimes, these things just bite you on the ass when you least expect them to.


lyn said...

you definitely need to have two showers...

bachelorette in vegas??? do you see me plotting already???

BB said...

Showers are such fun! I ended up adding about 20 people to the guest list (from a church group of my Mom's) because a group hosted a shower for me and I hadn't planned on inviting them all. But it just wouldn't be right not to invite the hostess.