Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Aannd, here we go...Meet our new living room!

As you can see, I put together a little collage of the photos I took of the painting process in the living room. Oddly enough, many of the photos show the walls to be more of a pink hue than they are. The color in the bathroom has always looked more pink than anything else to me, but most visitors see it as brown. This color was from the same color tile as the one in our bathroom, since I like it so much, and I thought it'd be smart to be kinda matchy-matchy with the colors, if possible. This shit brings out the inner-interior decorator in me...

So, yeah, the walls aren't pink. But they do have a pinkish-lavenderish undertone to their coffee-ness. I think the picture in the second row on the right is most representative of what it looks like when it's properly lit and all that good stuff. And I'd call that a mocha, more than anything else. The good people at Behr call it "classic". Whatev.

The weekend started out innocently enough, with me cleaning the living room up and starting to put away knick-knacks and try to figure out where to put everything while I painted the living room. The big stuff had to stay...the couch and the t.v. unit are too large to move out of the room all together. So I just pushed them to the center and covered them with a plastic tarp on Sunday when I painted. (They're kind of staying there while the fiance paints the base-boards and we figure out if we're doing a new configuration on the room as well, so it's been kinda like camping out in our own living room for the past couple of days. Not fun.) As it's been a while since I've painted any rooms (the first and last time I've done it was back when I bought the house almost 3 years ago) I tried to figure out how much paint I would need to paint the 12 X 24 living room and the adjoining hallway. The fiance and I deliberated together on this, and agreed that buying 4 gallons should be able to sufficiently cover the room with 2 coats.

Yeah, "sufficiently" is one way to put it. Let's see....at the end of my very long day on Sunday (took me 8 hours from start to finish to tape, paint, and repaint the rooms), I had used all of one gallon of paint. Whoops! Slight miscalculation on my part, I guess! But hey, the fiance used to paint houses inside and out for his summer jobs many years ago...what happened to his expertise when it came to this project? Yeah...no comment from him on that. (I blame the drugs, of course.)

So I purchased 4 gallons of paint at about $23 a gallon, and overshot by 3 gallons, which we have no use for at this time. We might paint the front bedroom with the same color in the future (NOT RIGHT NOW, though...huh-uh), so we're gonna keep one gallon of it. The other two are up for grabs. My coworker is gonna look at the pictures I took to see if she might want them. If not, then I'm going to Craigslist. If I don't get any bites there, I'll go to eBay (via the Twin), and if nothing happens there, then we're having a yard sale in the spring, and I hope I can get a proper amount per gallon at that. It's a good color...very, um...oh! "Classic!" (Seriously though...it really is.) I like how it goes with all the dark wood accents I have decorating our home already. Should be fun to accessorize it even more with a proper couch sometime next spring. I hope I hope I hope...

Work is more than hell today, which I wrongly assessed when I posted yesterday, so I need to get back to it. But have at it, all of you. I have a purple deck and now a pink living room, and I know y'all are itching to comment about it, if you haven't stopped reading this post before now to do so. Let me assure you all again - it's not pink. It just looks that way in certain lights, and with the flash on my camera. (Seems it's better at taking pictures outdoors than in, I've found.) Ok, really have to go now. Bye!


FaithsTwin said...

It's ok Faith...you can come out of the closet with your news.

Fine. I'll tell everyone:

Faith is a punk rock whore. THERE! I said it- there's no taking it back now! What you don't see in those pics are her skull sconces, the skeleton posters that have replaced Audrey and the coffin they use as a grossly oversized coffee table! I can't beleive she tried to pass them all off to you as 'knick knacks'. Whatev, Twin. What. EV!

FaithsTwin said...

'believe' even.

Kristine said...

"pinkish-lavenderish undertone to their coffee-ness"

Good name for a band? Or when is faithstwin ever going to get a blog? Good name for her blog!


Kristine said...

And you know I love Love LOVE house pictures! Lord knows I post enough of them. Let's see a photo gallery of your entire place - purple deck, pink rooms, and everything else in all their glory! :)

Xavier Onassis said...

WARNING: The following comment is WAY out of line.

First of all, it looks good. It really does. Very tasteful. My daughter would love it.

But, how does the Fiance feel about living in a house that just screams "I'M WHIPPED! My living room is pussy-pink and I'm OK with that!"?

Was the paint scheme a pre-emptive move on your part to ensure that there wasn't any chance in HELL of him ever having his buddies over for a cigar-smoking poker game when you weren't around?

'Cause I guarantee you that even if he tried, they'd take one step in the door and say "Aw hell no, we ain't playin' poker HERE!"

As far as the actual color goes, I read things like "...more of a pink hue than they are"; "...they do have a pinkish-lavenderish undertone to their coffee-ness"; "...I'd call that a mocha...";

Look. Guys can only recognize as many colors as they have fingers on one hand. Is it pink? Or is it brown?

OK. I'm done.

But it really does look very nice. Good job.

"The D" said...

As a awesome single dude I am going to have to agree with the X man. Even though he is WAAAAAYYYYY out if line. But the quality of the paint job is definatly top notch. Nice job, I am proud of both of you. But the colors definatly "girly" but in a good way.

FaithsTwin said...

I will step in since the twin happens to be offing herself with free beer and appetizers tonight:

She owns the house. She gets to choose the colors. Done. =P

Faith said...

Ok, we chose the color together, in both the case of the purple porch and the possibly-could-be-perceived-as-pink living room.


Xavier Onassis said...

Ya know, there's only one way to put this completely manufactured controversy to rest.

You'll just have to invite us all over so we can see for ourselves!