Thursday, September 14, 2006

Bitching and moaning time...

I had a story all set and ready to tell, and work has completely deflated me as of right now, so I’m not in the mood any more.

I’m staining my deck later today, so I’m leaving work early to get it done. Should be cathartic, I hope.

I simply do not understand why people feel the need to treat me as though I’m an imbecile. I love it here at this job, but I almost get the feel that it might be time to look for another one. Which I don’t wanna do. But I feel like people here don’t understand my capabilities, or the fact that every now and then, we ALL have HUA* because we’re human and it happens, but we recover and it’s not necessary to follow-up or check back or double-check my work all the time.

I HAVE 10 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE DOING THIS, DAMMIT!!! Yes, I have my off days. I recover from them quite well, thank you. How about if I’m given some sort of responsibility other than printing things, putting mailing labels on things, and dealing with the boss’s personal shit, eh?

I came from a job where I was single-handedly responsible (at my level anyway) for people’s pay and commission. I was in charge of reporting to upper management about it every month. I was in charge of making sure that people were started in their new jobs properly and on time and with full functionality. I was in charge of so much and had so much responsibility that it almost spoiled me for other things, I think. Going from management to doing a job a monkey could do is just not making me happy. Regardless of whether I’m being paid more here for what I do.

I hate that people don’t have confidence in my abilities. I hate that just because I have a couple of off days - right after I had come back from vacation and had just been proposed to for the first time in my life by a man I love, mind you – I am now being followed-up on like I’m a puppy that’s about to take a shit in the wrong place in the house. I’ve gotten back on track. I’ve completed tasks I was asked to do. I’ve cleaned up and taken care of business and haven’t fallen off the ball even once this week.

But I guess I need to just keep proving myself and deal with it, and get my happy bonus (God, it had better be happy…), and be able to pay my bills and save my money and keep living the way I need to right now. There just isn’t any other way around it, I’m afraid.

*HUA = Head Up Ass


Hunny said...

I feel your pain Faith!
"Smile it makes people wonder what you have been up too!"

Kristine said...

Hope tomorrow's better. :-/

Kristine said...

Because I'm a doofus, I had missed the part about you GETTING ENGAGED just a little while back! I'm with it now. ;) CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Xavier Onassis said...

"I’m staining my deck later today, so I’m leaving work early to get it done"

You're not talking about pooping again, are you? Don't go all euphemistic on us now. That ship already sailed and you weren't on it.

"The D" said...

The next time someone wants to check your work jump up, and punch them square in the face and yell, "Why don't you double check that, BITCH!!" Then just walk out.