Friday, September 08, 2006

Does this sort of content drive the readers away? Do I care?

Ever have a stubborn floater that just wouldn't flush??? I just did. Took 3 flushes to get that motherfucker to head to it's final resting place...THREE!!! That just was a waste of my time, really.

By the way, the Twin was concerned that this was the only thing that I'm posting for the day, and went so far as to ask me why it is she even reads my blog. I explained that since I had all of ONE WHOLE response to my faboolous post yesterday about the stupid-ass pedestrian (thank you Sheri! Love you!!!), indeed the only thing I have to talk about today is poop. Sorry to have to give it to y'all straight like this, but barely any comments on what I think was a particularly silly (and time-consuming, I might add...those diagrams don't make themselves, yo) and entertaining post warrants SOME sort of punishment. Jerks.

But really, thanks to all of you who do take the time to stop by once in a while...makes me happy that I can help to make you happy...or...whatever. You know what I mean, I'm sure. I am bursting with a bit o' pride over my blog this week, as I was officially interviewed to be included in the Best Of edition of The Pitch that'll be coming out soon. (I'm not sure when it comes out, actually...November? I dunno...) It's not often that I am recognized for my random, crazy, profanity-soaked commentary on my life, and I really, really, REALLY appreciate that it's considered to be one of the best things that this here little place we call home has to offer. (And don't you go bursting my bubble, anyone named Tony or otherwise...I don't get this sort of attention ever. So nyah. I'm happy, dammit.) I'm not sure how many other KC blogs will be included, but I certainly hope there are at least a few others. Because I KNOW I'm not the Best Of the Best Of, that's fo damned sho!!!

Ok, the weekend officially begins for me in t-minus 30 minutes, and although there is no USC football to be enjoyed this weekend, there is still a Notre Dame game to watch tomorrow, as well as that wonderful match-up between Texas and Ohio State. Man, that's gon' be fun! And the Chiefs will be playing Cincinnati on Sunday, and it'll suck to lose our first regular season game - at home, no less - but that's the way the cookie crumbles, right? FOOTBALL SEASON!!! WOOO!!! Have a good one, everybody...


statia said...

Was it like a 15"er that just kind of swirled around the bowl, but just wouldn't break?

Faith said...

It was actually one of those little ones...kind of in a tear drop shape, as I recall. I felt kinda bad for it, but it really just needed to go. Poo can be SUCH a pain sometimes!

lyn said...

congrats on being included in the pitch. blog love rules.

Xavier Onassis said...

So, let me get this straight. One of the best blogs KC has to offer is one that routinely covers the frequency, consistency, and buoyancy of Lincoln Logs?

Don't get me wrong Faith! I luv ya! I keep coming back!

Just wonder what message that sends to other Major Metropolitan Areas about our comparative populations. LOL!

"Back here in KC, we really LIKE reading about other people's poop."

In closing, I'll paraphrase an old hippy buddy of mine from about 30 years ago. He made the observation that when you REALLY, REALLY NEED to take a dump, finally letting go feels so good that sometimes he didn't know which he liked better...cumming or going. LOL!

FaithsTwin said...

XO- I think The Soup covered that this past week only it was P. Diddy who was taking a piss and he literally looked like I imagine him (ok, I don't imagine Sean Combs and all that, but you get me right?...) when he releases after waiting to release the snake.

In fact, I have only imagined one black dude in my dreams and that was Will Smith. Man. He's SUCH a hottie!

*tapped on shoulder* Oh, excuse me..."yes?"

*whisper from Faith's drones...* "Ma'am, you are recklessly off topic."

*me whisper back* "ummmmmmmmmmm...fuck off?"

*drones checking each other for twins use of language...* "can she DO that?"

Tony said...

Good for you Faith!!! I wouldn't dare poop on your good fortune and I think local bloggers should get even more press.

I gotta say that I'm addicted to reading about your adventures (of all sorts) so I don't know why other people wouldn't be.

Kristine said...

Congrats! You deserve it! I always enjoy your blog. (And that tagline up under your name and location.) lol.

Faith said...

Well, I have to say Kristine that although I've never seen you, I'm sure you're one person to whom my tag line does not apply. :)

And just to satiate all the issues folks might be having with my over-posting on certain, eh-em, *topics*, I'll go ahead and refrain from and and ALL poop talk this week! There you go...early Christmas for all...

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