Friday, September 01, 2006

Going backwards...

Today is just gonna be a fucked up day, I think. I'm not used to the fiance needing to get up early on Fridays, and today, he sort of switched back to doing that so I'm all thrown off. Now I need to go home and take care of letting the dog out at noon, only I remembered while I was putting on makeup that I have a haircut appointment at noon, so that's fucked. Now I'll have to wait to go home to let the dog out until after my hair appointment, and since work will likely let us all go at 3 (they usually do this on holiday weekends as a little treat for all of us hard working folks such as myself...), I've decided to make it a half day because there's no goddam point in going home at 1:30 only to return to work at 2:30 and have them let me go home early at 3.

So yeah...fucked. Which is fine because I went out to meet with friends last night at the Moose and wound up staying out and up later than I usually do during the week, had a GREAT time catching up with them, and then went home to crash at about 12:20. My head is very tired and a bit sore today.

Ok, I need to go weigh in at eDiets, and get started on some work. Yay! It's Friday! Yaaaayyy!!!


FaithsTwin said...

I realized at midnight that I hadn't taken my nightly I was wide awake. I ended up toning it down and going up to try and fall asleep as soon as the mood hit me while reading a trashy mag. It only took until a quarter to 1 before I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer. Due to the regular exercise I've been putting in I think I am finding ease in sleeping again...yay!

Kristine said...

I hope you ended up having a good Friday - and I'm glad your blog is here. I came by earlier and it wasn't, though it was probably my own computer messing with me. :-/