Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I love my pillow and the cool, comfy night air...

I got sleep last night. It was fabulous. This morning, I could have slept another 5 hours, but the fact that I got 8 hours of sleep (that's right...I said eight goddammed hours of sleep baby! Read it and weep!) has helped tremendously with my mood, my ability to handle projects, and my general alertness thus far today. I'm looking forward to it continuing throughout the afternoon.

Ok, so last week, I was gonna tell a story and I never had time to, so now I will. (Even though I don't have time to today, either, but I'm alright on projects, and I've been kicking some ass at work as of late, so I think I can find the time to fuck off a bit...)

So the fiance has a few issues with our requirements to marry in the Catholic church. I won't go into them here, but it's not fun. It has, however, spurred a few very interesting and introspective conversations about religion between the two of us, that's for sure. I like it when we have conversations like that. Especially when they don't seem contrived. Anyway...

So we have this amazing, like, 2 hour conversation about religion and the wedding and the stuff we have to do before the wedding, and then I go to bed, and he followed pretty soon after. (Talking about religion - especially when you talk about it with someone like me - can be pretty exhausting, I've found. Interesting, but exhausting.) So the next morning, I wake up, do my usual morning routine of shower, eat breakfast/play with dog, and then go to wake him up so he can do whatever routine he's chosen to follow for that morning. Sometimes, it's tough to wake him up. Sometimes, he wants ten more minutes, and it's kind of a pain because I need to stop whatever I'm doing and go in and wake him up - again - and then go back to what I'd been doing before I had to interrupt myself. That morning was unusual. He was lying on his back, and when I touched his arm to wake him, he kind of slowly opened his eyes, and then he started talking right away. "I had a dream that we were at church, and the priest was holding up the 'body of Christ', and I went up to him and told him it was too dry, and took it from him and replaced it with a piece of french toast." I kind of cocked my head, like I tend to do when he says stuff that is both interesting and funny at once. Then he continued, "And when people were coming up to the altar to get communion, they were asked if they wanted powdered sugar or maple syrup..."

I'm pretty sure I just walked away laughing and shaking my head. Can't remember exactly since it's been about a week. But I know it made me laugh. The whole thing did...the way he woke up, the way he launched right into the dream re-cap, the dream itself. I have myself a gem of a guy, it seems.

But you all already knew that, right?


Heather said...

I slept for 12 hours. Ahh...the power of Ambien!

I also dreamt that my parents were going to blow up their house.

Xavier Onassis said...


Ya know, if communion consisted of a bite of french toast and a shot of espresso instead of a stale cracker and some grape juice, I'd probably be a much more devout person.

In fact, I'd be at Mass every morning. And I'm not even Catholic.

"Hit me again Padre. I'm feeling especially repentant this morning. Make it a double espresso, double whip latte and how about blessing the sacrament with some extra powdered sugar this time. Here's a little something extra in the collection plate for ya. Amen."

Apparently I just can't get to Hell fast enough.

Kristine said...

HAHAHAHA! He's definitely a keeper. ;)