Thursday, September 07, 2006

Um, can you walk AND scratch your balls at the same time??

So yesterday, I’m on the phone with the Twin chatting about mishmash, as per usual, and I was doing this while on my way home at lunchtime to let the puppy out for a pee and some play time. As the weather has changed here in KC to a regular 80 – 83 degree day on average, apparently, this is a sign to all construction crews and other crews of the sort that WINTER IS COMING OH MY GOD GET EVERYTHING DONE ASAP WE MUST PAVE ROADS AND FINISH BUILDING THINGS AND GET THE WATER MAINS IN THE RIGHT AND GENERALLY FUCK WITH TRAFFIC ALL OVER THE METRO AREA AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE BECAUSE SNOW! SNOW, PEOPLE!! IT’S COMMIIINNNNG!!!!

So I’m on the phone with the Twin, and there’s this big truck blocking the right hand lane of Wornall at Ward Parkway, as well as blocking my turn into the right hand lane once I got onto Ward Parkway, so I needed to turn right from a left-hand lane into a left-hand lane. (The diagram should help a bit…see below), so I start my turn around this big truck as my light is green, and there’s a pedestrian who is in the crosswalk BEHIND said big truck that hits the spot of street I need to turn into at the very same moment I hit it as well. Basically, I almost hit this dude.

But, here’s the deal, ok? I was going maybe 5 MPH…I had just started into the turn from a complete stop, so it wasn’t tough for me to stop quick and not hit the guy when I saw him emerge in the crosswalk from behind the big truck. But HIS deal, when he saw that I was on my cell phone, was to automatically freak out and yell at me (I could only see his mouth moving…couldn’t hear him as my windows were up) to "Get off your cell phone!" I looked at him quizzically, and then pointed at the ENORMOUS TRUCK that had blocked my view of him while I was in the process of turning. Had I had more time, and had I not been so shocked by the event, I would have rolled my window down and said, "Yeah, I can pretty well drive and talk on my cell phone at the same time, as I’m just that talented. But the big truck that you so non-chalantly walked out from behind was kind of the reason why I didn’t see you and properly prepare for your presence. Asshole."

I have no problem with pedestrians on the Plaza…gotten rather used to them, actually, and as I am one myself now and then, I try to give them as much right of way as possible. But when I CAN’T SEE THEM, I guess I figure that it’s sort of their responsibility to be just as aware of their surroundings as I’m expected to be as a driver. Is that so wrong?

I hate it when I think of come-backs after the fact, you know? That guy pissed me off for a good 10 minutes yesterday, gosh darnit!


sheri said...

heehee ... the graph made me giggle :)

(& I took time out of watching Grey's Anatomy to read this post. That's sayin' something, kid!)

othur-me said...

Based on the diagram alone, I think this post deserves more than one comment.