Thursday, October 26, 2006

Amazingly Fascinating Update # 1,435,987

I've been sacked*.

I probably won't be posting much for the next couple of days. Not much in the mood, as one might imagine.

*sacked = fired. Or rather, in my case, "asked to resign" based upon untruths and nasty tempers and just generally old farts getting their facts wrong, when the only right thing they should do at this point is fucking retire already. I'll be giving my two week's notice tomorrow, and moving on forevah...(from the job, I mean. Not from anything else!)


Dan said...

I'm so sorry to read this. Hang in there - take care of yourself and good luck in finding something much, much better.

"The D" said...

Send me an email and I will send you a link to our company want ads. We are hiring like a mo-fo!!

Xavier Onassis said...

We are also hiring constantly.

But I have no idea what you do, where you did it, etc.

email me.

I can send you our company job postings.

We also have REALLY GOOD benefits that you don't have to go out shopping and paying for on your own.

lyn said...

yep, i was gonna say, we have a freaking office in your town, the company i work for is boss.

i'll send you stuff in your email.


FaithsTwin said...

Holy crap! You guys kick ass... You have no idea what a fantabulous person Faith is and how kick ass she is as an employee. She knows her shtuff, guys. She is the person I modelled myself after when I did my assistant work.

*tearing up* I am so happy to read this...

Tony said...

Oh what the fuck!!!!! Damn girl. I'm not as connected as these peeps but if you want a hire faith jpeg on my blog then you got it. Hang in there lady!!! And be sure to dish all the poop.

One blogger love! (no orgy)

Heather said...

That totally sucks.

Yay for the Blogger Network! Works just as good as the Mormon Mafia. Hopefully, we can get you hooked up with a job that offers insurance.

I'm rooting for you!

Ex-co-worker said...

See how many folks love ya! Yeah for friends!!!!! Just like Dan said, you will find somethign much, much better. You will have something in no time. Remember when one door is shut another one is opened.

Hi Faithstwin!

Ex-co-worker said...

The preview button would not work and I did not notice the spelling error until AFTER I posted. I know how much you hate misspelled words. Love YA!

FaithsTwin said...

Howdie Ex-Co-Worker!

Mona Buonanotte said...

Aw shit.

OTOH, you deserve a better with health care and good bennies.

Go out there and kick ass!