Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I'm a fan of the store/catalog Anthropologie. They have my kind of clothes - the kind I wish I could be skinny enough to fit into. We're fortunate to have a store location here on the Plaza, so wandering in now and then to drool over the home decor and pretty dresses and sweaters and jackets makes me happy. Makes me long to be skinny, too, but whatever. Sometimes, they have stuff I can fit in...knit tops, certain sweaters, even skirts now and then. So that satisfies my closet quota every year, really.

They send catalogs with a regular amount of frequency to my home...not as bad as Vic's Secret (because, really, do I need to look at the same shit just rearranged in a different way every other week? No. No I don't. And yes, I know XO and the D...I know you guys would probably be fine with it, but as I am a girl, I kinda look at Vic's Secret catalogs for other reasons...), but usually at least once a month I get one, and I flip through it to drool in the privacy of my own home.

But the last two catalogs I've received have confused me. Their models...they aren't, well, right in my opinion. The last catalog before the one I received yesterday had this girl in it...not a woman - a girl. Chick can't be older than 13, and if she is, then there's something wrong with her. See the pics below and tell me if I'm wrong on this.

To me, she looks like a child playing dress-up in her older sister's clothes, and it bugs. Doesn't make me want to look at the clothes, but rather to call Anthropologie to ask them what the hell they're thinking.

The other catalog I received yesterday has, as always, great stuff in it. But again, the chick...I don't know what they're trying to pull off with this one. There are kids posing in the pics with her, and I can't figure out if she's supposed to be their mom or their nanny or wtf is going on. Nanny is more believable than mom, that's for sure. I couldn't get any pics from the site to paste in this post, so you're just gonna have to go look at the online catalog link here to see what I'm talking about. (And I don't even know if that link works, to be honest...whatev. I tried!) Why have the kids in the pics at all? I'm looking for the clothes or the home decor...children aren't necessary to me, since the store doesn't sell children's clothing. (Well, unless they're dressing 13 year old models, that is...)

Am I wrong on this one? Anyone else get irritated with their mailers like I do?


FaithsTwin said...

I don't get the kids in the pics either. But I definitely subscribe to the idea that the chick is supposed to be a nanny or something...

The young looking one doesn't look as young to me as she does to you. She would be perfect for the decoy on that Dateline show they do- the predator one.

"The D" said...

2 reasons to live with a girl.
1. Sex
2. Vic Secret catalog.

Xavier Onassis said...

1 hazard of living with a girl too long:

You start to look forward to the catalog more than the sex.

OH STOP! It's a joke! I'm kidding!

By the way, did you know that Playboy is coming out with a special edition that is targeted at married men? Yeah, every month, it will have pictures of the SAME WOMAN!!

Oh c'mon! That's funny! The guys are all laughing (if thier wives aren't around...the ones whose wives are around are loudly saying "What a shallow asshole!" Pussies!).

Xavier Onassis said...

By the way, I neglected to mention it in my previous comment because I was basking in my own cleverness, but...


You rock girl!