Monday, October 02, 2006

Dear Monday

Ever wish you could just, you know, win the lottery or something? So you could tell everyone in your office just what you think of them and how they should treat/think of their admins in the future, and you'd never have to deal with weird customers (but rather, could become one yourself, if you so desired...) again, and you could travel the world without a care and see all the things you always wanted to see and go all the places you always wanted to go, and just generally be on your own without having to rely on anyone but yourself and your (hopefully trustworthy) financial advisor?

Yeah. Me too...

(p.s. Dear Monday,

Piss. the FUCK. off.

Love, (yeah, not really!)


lyn said...

i'm having a monday too. blah.

Xavier Onassis said...

At work we all talked about whether or not we would quit our jobs if we won one of those $300m Jackpots.

We decided, nah we wouldn't quit our jobs.

We would hire some poor fucking schmuck to go in and quit for us! Maybe carrying a few personal messages for some coworkers and managers:

"I'm looking for a Jon Black? Oh, hi Jon. Yeah, XO wants you to know that you're a pencil-necked, limp-dicked, bean-counter and your wife is having an affair with that homeless guy that's always hanging out in the lobby. How about a Suzanne Shawl? Are you here Suzy baby? XO's got a little sumthin' for ya. Come to papa."

"The D" said...

XO nice. I tell eveyone at the division christmas part what I think of them. I get all wasted piss my self and start fights it is GREAT!!! Good times Good times!!

Xavier Onassis said...

the D - We have a name for those sorts of Career Limiting Moves (CLMs).

We named them after the co-worker who made them famous by telling our bosses boss the "goat fucker joke" after a few too many Jaegermeisters (actually it was just two Bud Lights...pussy).

Discretion prohibits me from divulging his name. But it was Irish. Started with a "Q".

That's all I'm sayin.

Heather said...

It would almost be mandatory for my to quit my job, otherwise I spend all my free time defending myself against frivolous lawsuits from patients who thought I didn't kiss their ass enough. Meh.

I don't think I'd have an issues telling folks off before I left. Oh wait, I already do that routinely.