Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Echoing in my head...

Nothing major has been happening lately, and not much happened over the weekend that I wanted to note down to write about. I think it was that little bug I caught, though. Made me feel really, really apathetic towards most things, and even as I watched the Chiefs game with my friends at the Moose, I remember thinking to myself, "Why am I here? I want to go home, lay down on the couch covered in a blanket and just stare at whatever the t.v. chooses to show me!" But I pushed myself. I stayed for the whole game, went grocery shopping afterwards with the full intention of making a yummy dinner for the fiance and myself, and then went home, covered myself up with a blanket as I laid on the couch staring at whatever the t.v. chose to show me. I was so still at one point that the dog didn't even know I was laying there when she'd come running back in the house from the yard. I watched her for a bit as she ran over to the bathroom (where she usually finds me, of course), and then came running back through the living room to the kitchen where she looked at the stove (the second most popular place to find me, if I'm not in the bathroom), and then she looked at the door that leads out to the garage and cocked her head as if to wonder out loud, "Could her lazy ass be doin' the laundry?" That was when I felt I'd tortured her enough (and I also didn't want her to start barking madly, or whining, or some shit), and I said, "Hey dumbass, I'm over here." She turned quickly and ran over to join me on the couch. She was very happy I hadn't abandoned her with the laundry and cooking and all the shitting duties around the house, it seemed...

Here's what did happen over the weekend that is staying with me in the early part of the week: Texas got lucky; Cal got lucky; Notre Dame kicked some ass (and got lucky). Those were the 3 games that had me riveted on Saturday afternoon, and they definitely didn't let me down in the end! Well, except for when Cal and Texas both won. That sucked. But I do love me a close game (I like the excitement of it, really...), and I think that most people are lying if they say otherwise. Sure, it's nice to see your favorite team leading by 20 or more points...but isn't it awesome when it comes down to the last 6 seconds, and you have to count on a kicker that already missed one field goal and an extra point, and he's either gonna send you into overtime or end the game with a win with a 48...no, no - make that a 53 yard field goal??

Yeah, that was pretty fucking cool, too.

So it was a good weekend, with some tinges of icky in it, but it appears as though most of the ick has finally gone away, so hopefully I'll be able to start noting the interesting things as they happen again. I'll keep you all posted. As usual.

(Oh, and in case some hadn't noticed, Alli has her next installment up over at 63 Days. She put it up last Thursday, but I only noticed it today, and it doesn't look like many others have noticed it yet, either, judging from the comments section...she's almost done with her story. Go check it out when you get a chance.)

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