Tuesday, October 03, 2006

My Breakfast

Anybody else ever try those apple dipper things from McDonald's? On my eDiets board, someone suggested that eating an egg mcmuffin and just the apples from the apple dippers thingy will give me a balanced meal on the go. And this morning, needing just that type of breakfast, I stopped through a Mickey D's on my way to work from the gym (where my trainer laughed at me as I left after I told him that my legs already hurt...it had only been about 40 minutes since he stopped torturing me. Yeah, I'm thinking I'll be in fun pain by the end of the day! And let's not even think about tomorrow...sheeit), grabbed my famous egg mcmuffin with no cheese or butter and an order of the apple dippers, and here I sit at my desk unable to put my taste buds through the same sort of torture my legs had to go through this morning.

These things are NASTY! They're sort of ok at first, but then there's this aftertaste that happens that tastes all bitter and gross. I just saw the ingredients on the bag, and it makes more sense, but I still ain't eating them. (Ingredients being: Apples and calcium ascorbate, which apparently is a blend of calcium and vitamin c.) There isn't any fiber in them, I'm assuming because they remove the skin from the apples before putting them into bags first, which WTF? And while they do have a hefty dose of vitamin c for their amount of substance, it's not worth it. IT'S NOT WORTH IT, I SAY!!!

I'm throwing the things out. I think we still have some dried fruit left in the snack drawer here at work that will work out the balance I need in my breakfast.

Blech! Don't buy apple dippers. Unless you're curious and wanna see if I'm just a nazi about the types of "fresh" fruit I put in my mouth. They only cost a buck, so it's not a huge deal, money-wise, although I really can't afford to waste it these days like this. Hey, live and learn, right? Maybe the caramel dip they serve with it is supposed to cover up most of the nastiness. Bleh.


FaithsTwin said...

The girls get those every now and then. Maybe you should just leave the 'eating food obviously covered in preservatives' to the kids.

Heather said...

Anything with calcium added makes it taste like ass.

I didn't even know McD's had apple dippers. They have great coffee, though.

I had a tortuous trainer sub for my regular trainer once. He was a little douchebag.