Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The saga continues...and ends.

Yesterday, I received the new package of information from the insurance company, showing the new start date for my medical coverage as 8/29 instead of 6/29, and all that good stuff. I flipped through it quickly, not really looking for anything specific, but happened to notice that my premium was now $616 instead of $587 for 3 months.

Yeah, I called and cancelled it today. I'm tired of this shit. It didn't make sense to me before, and it sure as hell doesn't make sense to me now that they want an additional $10 a month for no fucking reason at all whatsoever. My insurance guy looked it over quickly, and he sighted the change as being the 20% increase they add for me being too short and fat for their taste. I told him that was already a part of the old premium they had originally charged me. He apologized and asked me what I wanted to do, move forward or just cancel it? I told him it's been more trouble than it's worth, and with the limited coverage to doctors in Johnson County, Kansas they have on the plan, I just don't even want to deal with it any more. I did tell him that I appreciated all of his hard work, and said I was very sorry for wasting their time like this, which he brushed off of course. It's his job, he said. I still feel bad, though. It's not his fault that the medical provider that got chosen for me, or whatever, is stupid and assholeish.

So I'm back to needing to be ultra-careful, avoiding buses, and driving like an old lady, eating as healthy as possible, and willing my internal organs to just be good to me for as long as they can. Hopefully, I'll have insurance coverage some way or another within the next year or so.

It'd be infuriating if it wasn't so fucking tiresome to deal with...


FaithsTwin said...

If you ever feel lonely, go ahead and give your information to one of those "MLS-insurance finders" and they will make damned sure you have plenty of people calling and emailing 24/7.

You're always covered, though. That's whats so silly. I mean, it would suck if anything happened (don't go and die or anything, please? Ok? Good) but you know we are 'taken care of' in case of anything major. And for cryin' out loud, if you need to pay for certain prescrips and don't want it to come out of a monthly budget? Take it out of the waste-of-a-car-payment you make as it is, would ya? What can the guy do- take the fuckin' car away from you!?

Faith said...'s not like the car can be repossessed, or what have you, but I can lose the respect and appreciation from someone that's very important to me, of course. THAT is worse than losing the car, IMO.

The car has been doing a weird shuddering thing when sitting idle at some intersections over the past week, actually. Along with the perfectly LOVELY noises that the heater in the house is making, I'm thinking that this winter (possibly just the next few weeks, even) will be absolutely stellar in the debt categorie.

FaithsTwin said...

Dude, he will not lose respect for you- he will understand. It's just a suggestion of where you can find the money for your monthly prescrip needs instead of having to tap into your funds that are already tight as it is.