Monday, October 30, 2006

Update to the gruesome progression...

Ew. It just looks...well, gross now. The puffy has gotten really bad, the pressure from the puffy is rather uncomfy, and I even came home early today to elevate it and ice it properly. But what to do the rest of the week, eh?

Just...bleh. It's starting to get itchy in places, too. That's gonna suck.

Notice the way it's a blueish color up by the toes. Just an FYI, that isn't normal for my feet. Hope it isn't normal for yours either. If it is, you might be a zombie, or perhaps just totally dead. Just sayin'...

For the record, here's what a normal foot looks like for me. Note the unusual boniness and sinewy musculature of the foot. You'd think this would be indicative of the rest of my figure, but no. Hell no. Just my feet are boney, thanks. Aren't Slavic genes the best??
Time for bed. I get to get up early tomorrow to work out the top portion of my body. Awesome.

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