Tuesday, November 14, 2006


This morning is starting off just lovely. Got here early to compensate for the time I'll be out for lunch and an interview today, and was greeted with an e-mail from a coworker asking me to print every document in the world that ever existed for this open house thingy we're having...which is tomorrow, mind you. Yeah, I'm getting it done, but not without severe difficulties. First, I printed out all the copies from my computer, to save myself the trouble of having to loiter around the machine itself waiting for it to complete my print job. (The printer is about a 2 minute walk from my desk...not a big deal, but when going back and forth and back and forth, it gets old, is the thing.) But when I got up there to collect the print jobs, the printer had run out of the kind of paper I required for my job, and had defaulted to using the letterhead paper that is in another tray. Which has a big red line down one side of it, thereby ruining my print job. Which was only, oh, about 250 pages of stuff, dammit!!! Nah...no biggy. Only costs us $.79 per page, and all. (Shit...$200 worth of copies into the recycling bin. Ouch, ouch, ouch...)

Anyway, then I printed out my next batch of stuff, but I was smart this time...I reloaded the proper paper, and printed one copy to the machine, and then went up there to print off the next 34 copies. Failed to notice that Adobe had done it's weird disappearing line act that it pulls every so often, and so several of my copies came out as phantom floor plans. That's ok...just another $165 into the recycling bin, is all.

Good morning, good MORning! It's a beautiful day today...good morning, good morning to you!

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Alisha said...

You, Lloyd, and I are all having some shitty days. Just wanted to let you know you are not alone!