Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Leaving room for sammiches?

Ok, I can understand being down and out. I can even understand being so desperate to help one's family that stooping to robbery seems like the only way out. But this story about a guy that robbed a fucking Subway in Overland Park last night is just sad. Sounds like he was a mess. And while he decided to hit up a place in a more swanky part of town than, say, the area I live in (it's not crappier, it's just older...), it still makes no sense to walk into a Subway to steal money, and to be prepared to carry it out with a duffel bag!

A duffel bag? Really? Aren't we being strangely optimistic for being in the situation we're in, now? Or did this guy have Subway confused with a bank, d'you think?

All I can figure is that he had planned on also getting a few sammiches to go on top of the cash he was gonna get, and he forgot to ask. He was probly about 1/2 a mile away when he thought about it, I bet. "Shit! I forgot to get those footlong italian subs the wife asked for! Now I'm really gonna get it!!"

In my case, I am not down to being desperate enough to need to rob a Subway yet. I've been testing WAY above average for all the companies that have asked me to test my skills at Excel, Word, and Powerpoint for them, and even typed 59 WPM (100% accuracy!) yesterday when I was tested for that. Not bad. I have several interviews going on, and even a possible part-time thing that I can do next week (and possibly even after that, if time allows) to keep the cash-flow going. Today is still busy, though, so I'm gonna get back to it. Thanks for all the good juju y'all have been sending my way! Seems to be working...keep it up! :)


FaithsTwin said...

A couple of the horoscopes I have read for this week say to hang in there as far as our careers go- I take that to mean as far as my shop goes and as far as your job search goes.

Don't get too down because apparently it all shifts into positive on or around the 17th. woo!

Faith said...

Yeah, but the 17th is *Friday*. Of course everything shifts into positive on Friday! :P:P:P:P

I'm feeling good about the search. It's nice to know that I can offer myself as a valuable placement "product" to these companies that find jobs for people. It's good for everyone...they get a commission, the company that hires me gets a good admin, I (hopefully!) get a good income and a nifty job...win/win/win, if you ask me!