Monday, November 27, 2006


The job search is miserable. I'm seriously considering looking into selling sex toys from home on the internet. I'm not kidding. I don't even use the things, but apparently, the mark-up is unbelievably high on them.

I need to go contact the guy I'm supposed to be working part-time for over the next few weeks, but honestly, I have to find something permanent and full-time soon so I don't lose anymore sleep over it, dammit. AUGH!

Firstly, I will be transfering money from my savings so I can pay my mortgage on Thursday, thankyouverymuch. I'd better head over and do that right now, so I don't have to worry about it any more. Ta for now!


Kristine said...

Not to sound like your mom or anything, but didja get that money transferred? I'm sending GOOD LUCK wishes that your dream job (or something close) shows up soon! :)

Faith said...

Um, yeah...I got distracted by a phone call and forgot to transfer the money. I'm the coolest of the coolest.

Thanks for the reminder, mom! I'm gonna go do it now instead...:)

Anonymous said...

One doesn't sell "sex toys" from home on the internet.

One sells sex toys at "tupperware-like parties" where all sorts of debauchery ensues.

Or so one is told.

One wouldn't know of such things.

Ms. Pants said...

I use 'em. Can write you a damn fine review of anything you probably sell (within reason, dude).

Heather said...

I'd totally buy a sex toy from you.