Monday, November 06, 2006

Monday, it is!

Ugh. Exhaustion. Hunger. Pain.

Not a stellar afternoon, it seems.

Worked out this morning at the gym after a hiatus that lasted over a week...felt weird being back there, actually. Which really goes to show that I took waaaay too much time off, dammit! I spoke to my trainer on Friday night, and he suggested that I try to come in and then show him my ankle/foot and we'd decide if it was a good idea for me to hop back on any cardio equipment. The bike was what he suggested, I gave it a go (at a lower intensity level, but for a longer period than I usually spend on it as I tend to end my cardio workouts with the bike after first starting on the treadmill or eliptical for 20 - 30 mins...), and while my heel started to get a bit of a dull pain in it about halfway through, the ankle actually felt pretty good until the final 5 minutes. And now, it HURTS! Ow, ow, ow...just, OW! Last night was the first night I was actually experiencing any sharp pain in the ankle area, which is weird. My only thought on it is that now that the swelling is going down, the blood is freely flowing to areas it hasn't been able to get to very easily for the last week, and it's causing it to freak out, or something. Dayum, it hurts.

Anyway, returning to the gym meant a return to the ladies' locker room. I don't know if I'm the only person who goes to my gym that actually is able to think logically and reasonably early in the morning or what, but when I pick a locker, I try to choose one that is at least one locker away from any other lockers that have locks on them (which means that someone has already arrived, put their stuff in said locker, and likely will be changing/showering/dressing in that same area after they're done working out), so that I have a bit of space to get undressed/dressed in after I'm through with my workout. This is also me thinking of those around me, in a back-asswards kinda way, when one thinks about it. I'm concerned about my personal space as well as the other people I share a locker room with. I'm considerate, yo.

So when I finished my workout and found a woman who had chosen a locker right next to mine sitting there, digging through her shit, blocking my locker door with her locker door, I got a little irritated. I said, "Pardon me, I need to get into my locker please." And she was apologetic and moved the door out of the way, but fuck me it that hard to figure it out? IS IT??? I know this bothers me more than it might bother the average human being, but it's kind of the same thing to me as people riding my ass when driving behind me, or people edging up all close to me in line at the supermarket. Or random strangers sitting too close to me at the bar when there's tons of room for them to spread out. Hate that shit.

It all worked out fine, I suppose, except more women might have gotten a good look at my boobies as I struggled to put on my bra in a discreet manner after my shower, but that's just fun for them I figure. I'm not modest. Not as much as I used to be, anyway. I'm not all naked-walking-around-putting-on-makeup-for-20-minutes, or what have you, but I'm not so concerned if someone gets a flash of my ass as I put on my underpants, or happen to catch a glimps of my boobies as I remove a sports bra. I just don't care.

I'm trying to eat less as well, trying to stay on the diet, trying to maintain or lose as I workout a bit less with this injury and everything, so I'm really hungry right now. I had soup and crackers for lunch (homemade hamburger soup and Triscuits, no less...), but I had to eat it earlier than usual since I had a meeting with a placement firm in OP at lunchtime, and I was already starving when I scarfed it down at about 11:30 as it was! I found a random rice crispy treat in our snack drawers (which are almost completely bare at this point in the month...) at about 3:30 and I had to eat it, but I'm ok with that. Better to actually give the body some sort of fuel than none at all, I figure. Even if I do wish it was better than a rice crispy treat, dammit. Need to buy more Triscuits on the way home, I think...

With what money, though? Thank goodness the fiance gets paid tomorrow, because I need some cash, dammit! (We share with each other. I buy food and pay bills and put certain decided upon amounts of money into savings when he asks me to...he gives me money when he gets paid. It works out pretty well.) I really, really, really wish we could afford to get sushi tonight, but we'll eat chili and we'll like it, dammit! Fuck...

I'd better go. I sound like my grandmother with all this complaining about shit. Jeezy...

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Xavier Onassis said...

I'm with ya on the personal space issue.

You know what else I find weird? You're in a public facility, sitting in one of a long line of stalls, taking care of some personal business. Lots of empty stalls. Someone else comes in and occupies the stall right next to yours. Sorry. That creeps me out.

But then, I do require a lot of personal space. Like, REALLY a lot. OK, my rule of thumb is, if I can email you...YOU'RE TOO FUCKING CLOSE!! BACK OFF, SPARKY!!

But that's just me.