Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Rant - by Me

On being an admin…

One thing that’s always gotten my goat about my "chosen profession" is that we are always the go-to people for getting most everything done in the office.

We are the ones that order the supplies, so people have pens and paper always at the ready. We are the ones that make sure people get paid properly and on time. We are the ones that fix it when people DON’T get paid properly and on time. We are the ones that make the coffee, answer the phones, type the letters, create the filing system, put the presentations together (at the last minute, usually), order the lunches, prepare the trip itinerary, fill out the expense reports, and deal with the customers while the boss is away.

No, we don't sell anything. We don’t bring any money in for the company. This is true.
But can a company…a SUCCESSFUL company…exist without a decent and proper admin of some sort helping out and getting the little things done?

The answer is no.

So why is it that when we’re stressed, we have to pretend to be happy anyway? Why do we have to always do our jobs with a smile on our faces, no matter what happens? You had to put your puppy to sleep? Tough shit. Your grandmother died? Too bad. You might have cancer and won’t find out for a week? Grin and bear it, sweetie.

If the boss has a fucking hangnail, we’re expected to walk on eggshells and make sure not to upset him further. Why? Because he had the ability, money, and wherewithal to start the company/get into a management position in the first place? So. Congratufuckinglations. Go home and eat the steak you can afford because you don’t pay your admins enough to do all the shit YOU don’t wanna do, while they eat Top Ramen out of the pot they cooked it in, asshole.

The double-standard bullshit gets old after 10 years. Having someone pass along a "good job" or a "well done" every now and then gets old, too. Why are we considered to be a substandard species within the office walls? Because we don’t go out and sell shit like the sales guys/gals do? Well, that’s why they’re the sales people. We’re just the ones that make it possible for them to do their job with a little bit more ease. If we weren’t here, would they be happy doing all the shit for themselves? Especially if they had no one to give them a pay check every week? Yeah, didn’t think so.

I don’t have the time to finish this post…too much stuff to do for everyone else, and no time to do it in. Such is the life of an admin, though. I’d advise against it, if anyone ever asked me, to be quite honest…


Ms. Pants said...

We're the women behind the curtain, hon. We're supposed to move in, do everything, and then move out just as swiftly, silently, and invisibly.

I will prevail said...

Amen sista's! Yet how do we change careers after being an admin for 10 plus years.

Xavier Onassis said...

I'll just preface this by admitting that I have no idea what I'm talking about. Never been an Admin, never had an Admin.

But, I have seen many fast-track execs who blow into a position, stay for 18 months, make sweeping changes (which later fail miserably, but they are long gone by then) and rise rapidly to VP or CEO positions. And everyone of them brought their own Admin with them and took him/her with them when they moved on.

I don't know how you make that hook-up. I don't think it HAS to involve, ya know. But I know that once you do, you go from being an Admin to an Executive Assistant whose fate and salary will rise right along with the that of the pompous ass that you make look soooo good!

Faith said...

Nah...I worked with one of those types at my last job, and all he was able to do was try to make changes that failed miserably while he was still there, lost a damned good admin (i.e. Me), made himself look like an ass, and the funny thing? He'll probably *still* breeze right on through to the next level position with that company due to the friends he has in upper management, and his ability to charm people as he blunders along. I can't imagine following an asshat like that anywhere. Takes a special type of admin to do that. Usually, they aren't really bright people, in my experience. I'd rather be a life-long temp than a sell-out like that.

SmedRock said...

Hte to say it, but sometimes sell-outs make some decent money. Not advocating the level of sell your soul, but a kiss up once a year or so make make financial sense. But alas, I myself have never been or had the desire too be an admin, mainly because of the the way they are treated. The admins that handle my paperwork are treated like the Queens they are, by me anyways.

Good luck, and hope your future gets a bit brighter. The military is always hiring. (10 year vet here, so waaahhh).