Friday, November 10, 2006

Well, that's nice then.

Just got the bill for the x-rays for the ankle fun...$111! Not bad, my friends. I can handle that shit.

Didn't say anything about how much they were charging me for the ankle brace or the ice pack, so for now, I'm pretending that they included it in the cost of the ER visit, and am hoping my entire trip up there two short weeks ago only set me back a total of $310. I was imagining much, much worse than that, so I'm having a beer for KU Med tonight, baby! (But I'll be staying off the steps, thanks very much...)

Today is a slow day...but a busy day. I'll take it.

I got a reference to a very cool shop downtown that does photography shtuff that's looking for an administrative something or other, and have a call in to one of the owners to see if he wants to meet anytime soon, so that could be interesting. It might not pay much (I'm gonna pitch for $18, which is still lower than what I really want/deserve as an admin, but they seem to want to only pay $30,000 a year which, ouch. Can't really do that...), but it's uber-cool, and would definitely be different and fun and all new to me. Plus they have a dog that they let run around the place! Neato. I'm up for anything at this point. I'm tired of the every-day administrative gig, I think. When I start considering waitressing again, you know my wanderlust has truly kicked in. Because, oh holy hell, I hated waitressing! I didn't mind the customers so much...especially when they gave me money at the end of their stay with me. It was the bastards I had to work with...the 16 year old something or others that all climbed right up the wrong side of my ass every day. The ones that had a roof over their head for free, and didn't understand what it was like to have to rely on good tips in order to pay rent, bills, and for groceries from week to week. Assholes. I bet half of them are still living at home, smoking pot with their buddies on their days off, and not taking life seriously at all even now. Jerks.

It's Friday, as you might have noticed, and I'm just trying to finish up the little tasks that have been given to me so I can get out, buy some beer, head home to make red beans and rice for dinner, sit down and relax with the puppy on my lap, and not worry about anything except getting my car in for servicing tomorrow morning, being able to hit the Moose for a bit tomorrow afternoon, and watching the Oo-Ess-See game tomorrow night, which I can do at home as it will be on FSN, and since it's on at 9:15, that's gonna be a good thing. Because I can drink for much, much less in my own living room I've found!

Startling how the mood can upswing like it does, eh?

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