Monday, December 31, 2007

Interesting ME anyway.

I'd heard about the voting that was done for the Top 10 KC Blogs that Eolai had popped up over at his blog recently, I think because XO had posted a link to it. Or maybe it was Emaw. I can't remember really, and I'm pressed for time, so I'm not bothering to look. (Nyah.)

Today I was fishing through the Sitemeter crapola, and saw that someone had clicked through to me via a link from Present magazine, whatever that is. (To be honest, I'd never heard of it until the whole Eolai having me as a runner up on his top 10 list. Color me surprised, because I thought I was pretty savvy when it came to local KC media, but I guess not!) Sho nuff, they had a little Top 10 Lists section in their latest issue that they polled local bloggers about. Here's the Top 10 Bloggers portion. (What I love was the way they garbled up some of the beginnings to the latest posts from those of us who were in the running for some of the Top 10, and used it as the "cover" for the story. The post they pulled from for me was the one from week before last when I was caught with my pants down by a call from my boss as I looked for some new jeans to fit my hughjass at Old Navy. Awesome!)

So out of 7 bloggers, two of them picked me to be on their Top 10 list. XO and Cate, I'm buying all your drinks at the next meet up...ALL OF THEM! (See what all you other voters missed out on? Der! :P)

Frankly, I cannot begin to express how grateful I am for the way the community has come together over the last year, and how absolutely fabulous it's been to get to know you guys in person, and not just through your blogs. I couldn't really put a finger on what I felt I was truly missing for those two years I was blogging before Spyder and her knack for being a Ms. Moneypenny came along...but it turns out I was lonely, dammit! (And seriously, someone has to explain the Ms. Moneypenny thing to me, because I don't get it. And again, too short on time to look it up. Make my life easy, eh?)

Ok, not really. But still, I have some updating to the roll to do (again!) and look forward to meeting more and more of you guys in the future. (Except for that Katie Stover person from the Reader Services section of the KC Public, Katie, 10 blogs, hon. Not 4. Maybe you're a busy gal, and you don't really get around to reading a bunch o' blogs, but in that case, I don't think you were the greatest choice of people to choose something for a top 10 list. I'm a picky bitch like that though.)

Happy New Year, everyone!

The Last Day of 2007

Obvious post title, but it's what's on my mind right now, so there you have it.

I'm in a pisser of a mood...again. But there are several reasons for it, so it makes sense. Firstly, I woke up at 3:30 this morning after getting about 4 hours of intermittent sleep, and couldn't get back to sleep again. I went to the couch to lie down at about 4:10, and tried to finish watching Love Potion No. 9 (a bad movie from the 90's with Sandra Bullock and that guy who played "Joshua" in some Friends episodes at the end of the 90's/beginning of the 00's) but the fucker is just too long, so I'll have to finish it tomorrow, I suppose.

Then I had to go work out, which is not my favorite thing to do lately, so that sucked. Working out made me feel a bit better, and there wasn't anyone else getting ready when I was, so that was nice, but the gas I have from the brussels sprouts we had with dinner last night wasn't. It's so the opposite of nice, actually. Beano wasn't powerful enough to control it, apparently. My gut hates me as well, so there's that.

And then there's the ever-popular fact that I'm a fatty mc fatterson. I hate it. I talked to my trainer about how odd it is that as I get fatter, the less motivated I feel about working out. I don't get it, and his suggestion is that I haven't really gotten back into a proper pattern for working out since the wedding, and he thinks that's affecting things more than I realize. So he told me I need to get back to going on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, and then use Saturday as a fun do-whatever-I-want-to workout day, and take Wednesdays and Sundays off and see how that helps. He also told me to try to steer clear of alcohol. Oh, ok!

So I'll work on the pattern thing. But I'm afraid it has more to do with the winter doledrums than anything else. I feel like hibernating...not working out. It sucks.

In order to try to pull out of this nastastic mood I'm in, I thought I'd share some pictures with y'all today. (By the way, I still see more people than I'd like spelling that out "ya'll" and it really has got to stop...) Yay for pictures! We took a few of different situations and activities when we were home at dad's for Christmas last week, so here's the first of the bunch I wanted to share. On Tuesday, my brother-in-law and my sister (not married to bro-in-law...that's a different sister) and Leo and I went for a Christmas hike. Twin wasn't feeling healthy enough to join, since she'd wretched her guts out the night before thanks to the flu that quickly spread through our family throughout the week. My older sister wasn't there either...can't remember what she was up to. Anyway, the first hill just about KILLED me, and really put my "health" into perspective. I thought I was in good shape. Oooh-hooooo no, the hill said. This hill laughed at me, did a dance around me, fucked me in the ass - TWICE - and then chewed me up and spit me out, it was such an asshole. I HATED that hill. I thought I was going to die right in the middle of it. I felt so bad for all the horses that had been on it and had to carry people up it on their backs. Poor, poor horses...

Anyway, the trail apparently led up to some mysterious water tower that my father had heard tales of. Our weird (but still very cool) neighbor had somehow taken a bench up there and set it on the edge of the area that overlooked a neighboring neighborhood (called "Marbella") and the freeway and ocean beyond. Once we got up there, things weren't much better for me and my health. I was coughing like a mad woman, and felt as though I needed to take my lungs out of my chest in order to get them the proper oxygen they needed. But Leo snapped pictures of us, and I took some of the water tower and the area around it to show my dad when we got home so he could see what it was like up there.

This is a picture of my dad's house from the top of the hill. You can't see it all that's the white thing behind all the trees smack dab in the center of the photo. The house in front of it is one of the newer ones in the community. It sits right above the little pond that all the houses surround, which I dubbed "Okeyfanokey" long ago when we first visited the property before we even built a house on it. "Okeyfanokey 2" was on our property, but got drained and disappeared when the land was leveled for the building of the house, so it doesn't exist but in my mind any more. They're grading the hill right up the street from the house for more houses to be built, which you can see pretty clearly in the photo. Overall, I love the community, and only wish the neighbor that put the bench up by the water tower would extend his offer for his chateau in France to people in the family other than my dad and stepmom...they aren't ever gonna go to France, so he really needs to open it up to people who will, dammit.

Yes, they're a rich bunch of sons of bitches, but I've never pretended otherwise. So yeah.

HERE is a picture of Okeyfanokey! There's lots of wildlife down there...mostly ducks and stuff, but we did have 2 cranes down there when Leo and I were taking pictures, and there was a small heron on the small pole that sticks out of the can kind of see it if you look really hard. The crane is on the back edge of the pond, and then the heron is about left-center in the photo. Whatever...if you can't see it, just know it's there. It's not on top of the big pole that sticks out of the pond...that'd make it really obvious. I'm tired of trying to explain where it is, so let's move on, shall we?
Here we are after we'd finished walking up the mother of all hills. I was trying to keep up with my infitnitely more in-shape relatives, but wasn't very successful at it. They continued their walk after we left the top of the hill, and my only consolation was that my brother-in-law came home with a face that looked ready to explode, he was so red. Mwahahahahaha! Healthy motherfucker...that's what you get for showing off! (Really, I wish I hadn't felt like dying at the top, so I could have continued on with them. That's jealous mwahahaha-ing up there.)
Here's Leo on one of the hills as we made our way back down toward the house. Hm...just noticed those tractor tracks. Maybe that's how the neighbor got the bench up to the top...
Ok, these pics are all out of order, but I don't care really. Here's a view from the bench. That's Capo Beach in the distance's essentially the same view we have from dad's house, except a bit higher, and with more crap in it, what with the golf neighborhood and everything being right there...
Later this week, I'll share pictures from Dad's condo in Laguna Beach that I successfully fenagled the keys for, and also of the bouncy house madness that we had on Christmas day. Hope everyone has a great New Year! Be safe.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Foulness in mah belleh

I've got the flu. I'll be down for the day, it seems. The Twin and her kids had it earlier this week, and it seemed to move through pretty quick, so I'm hoping it'll work out that way for me, too. Wish me luck!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Eerie similarities...

You could hear a pin drop, it's so quiet in my office right now.

Why am I here again?

The friendly skies...not the "smart" skies.

Back from the Christmas holiday, and in the office today. Had a weird dream last night that the new management decided to come in and take down all the cube walls between our desks. Even my boss wasn’t in an office any more, but was in this weird cubby space around the corner from my desk sitting at a strange marble desk thing. At least he had windows…but it was still weird. I got all upset and wandered around saying that they couldn’t DO something like this to us! I’m a loud talker, and my coworkers would all wind up hating me without the cube walls there to buffer the sound!

I don’t know what it was all about.

Here’s what I DO know something about, though: We aren’t going to be traveling via Southwest again until hell freezes over. Seriously.

The airline itself is fine. Actually, the planes we were on were great. The crew on the way out to LA was awesome…asked us 3 times if we wanted anything to drink, kept us informed of the travel time and the conditions in LA, and went above and beyond to help us feel comfy, really. Leo and I were in the first boarding section on the way out, so we were able to obtain exit-row seating, and he had lots of room to stretch his long legs in front of him which made him happy. We had an extra seat in our row since the plane wasn’t completely full, so that was nice.

The ride back wasn’t terrible, but the crew wasn’t as attentive. And we forgot to check in right when we were able to the day before (you can check in online as early as 24 hours prior to the flight), so we were in the second boarding group and didn’t get the exit-row like Leo would have preferred. But the seating is still comfy enough for his long legs even in the regular rows, so that was helpful. And even better? The plane was supposedly completely full, but we wound up being the only two on the entire plane that had an extra seat between us, somehow. Yay!

The problem with flying Southwest isn’t the plane or the crews or the delays or what have you. No…the problem is the other people that are flying with you.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that on both of the flights, we had serious mental pigmies flying with us that made me feel more concerned than ever about the general population’s ability to function properly in scenarios involving driving cars, having children, and even just picking up a coffee from Starbucks.

Here’s the set-up for those of you who aren’t familiar with the way Southwest works these days with their boarding procedures: As I mentioned before, you can logon to their website as early as 24 hours prior to your flight in order to check in. On Saturday, Leo and I logged on at 5:20 p.m. on the dot, and were in group A (a.k.a. the first boarding group), and fell in at numbers 28 and 29 respectively. So when it was time for the boarding procedure to begin, we were supposed to line up accordingly in the special boarding area that Southwest has at all it’s gates at this point. At KCI, they had electronic boards right by the gate door that displayed which boarding group was on que at the time – A, B, or C. When it was time for the A group to line up, we stood between two columns that designated our particular numbers, so we could line up in numerical order. There were several poles that all had our numbers listed on them to show us where to wait. The other side of the poles had the numbers 31 – 60 on them in the same manner. So basically, between each set of poles would be the few people in that numerical group. As Leo and I were in the 28th and 29th spot, we went ahead and stood behind the last pole.

I’m not shitting you when I say that the procedure couldn’t be more simple. You line up where you’re supposed to, you board when they call your group of numbers (we boarded in groups of 30, so Group A 1 – 30 went first, then Group A 31 – 60, then they boarded any families traveling with children under age 4, and then they boarded Group B 1 – 30, and so on and so forth), and then the plane takes off and everything is hunky-dory, right?

Soooo not right. While we stood there at the end of the Group A 1 – 30 line (behind a kid who had squeakers in the heels of his tennis shoes, so every time he took a step they squeaked…and I so wish I was kidding), we had a couple that came up to us looking very confused about what they were supposed to do. They finally asked us, for some reason, where they were supposed to line up. They were 34 and 35 in line. I told them they needed to go to the front of the line on the other side of the poles. They stood there looking at me, and then looking at each other, and then looking back at their boarding passes, while still looking confused the entire time. I kept saying over and over, “They board in groups of 30, so they’ll call for 1 – 30 to board first, and so we [motioning to our side of the poles] will get on the plane, and then they’ll call for 31 – 60, and that’s when you guys will board…you’re at the front of the line on the side by the window. Over there,” as I literally pointed and gestured over and over about where they should be in line. They finally went the fuck away, but I’m not sure if they went to the right place. I didn’t care. Another woman then approached me (I wasn’t even wearing blue and orange ) asking if I could help her understand what to do. English wasn’t her first language, though, and the Southwest people speak faster than I do when they make announcements, so I didn’t mind helping her. I hope I did, in fact.

After we bonded with the other people in our little numerical boarding group over the squeaky shoe annoyance and confusion over why a mother would do that to herself, I overheard another woman nearby that was saying she “just didn’t get it. Why does it have to be so confusing?” as she and her husband tried to find their way to the proper place in line. I looked incredulously at the back of her head, as they were apparently in the middle section of the 1 - 30 group, and tried to keep my brain from popping over all the exposure to the dumbness.

Then it was time to board. Oh, holy hell. We all started to move forward, but there were 4 people in the front section of the line that wouldn’t move. They just stood there. Then they kind of moved to the side, and we were able to get past them a bit, but then the line stopped again. Then a couple more people joined the four that were just standing there (who clearly realized they weren't in the Group A boarding group, but didn't move out of the line either), blocking the way even more for those of us in the back part of the line as we tried to get through. In the meantime, woman who “just didn’t get it” and her husband were standing at the front of the line. Just…standing there. Not moving toward the boarding agent or anything. There were at least 4 of us behind her all yelling (we were a bit frustrated at that point) for them to get on the plane. “It’s time to BOARD!” I called out. The guy in front of me and behind her was yelling at her as well to go toward the big open door that led to the jetway. She was looking around with this oblivious look on her face, when she finally said with a start, “Oh, is it time for US to board?” YES!!! we all yelled behind her.

Did I say Holy hell already? Yes? Ok, then read it LOUDER to yourself in your head this time, because that's where I was at right about then.

We finally got on the plane and had a reasonably lovely trip to Cali, except for some minor bumps and wobbles around the bottom of the Rockies, as is the usual regardless of the time of year with those mountains.

As we waited in the boarding area for our flight yesterday at LAX, we revisited the nimrod end of the spectrum with our fellow passengers. There was a guy standing behind us, surveying the poles with the numbers, trying to wrap his teeny, tiny brain around how it all worked. They had poles with the letters A, B, and C written on a three-sided box on them there, though…not digital displays. So the poles were showing the letter C from the last flight they’d boarded out of that gate, and one of them was caught between A and C, as someone had bumped it as they’d passed by, or something, and this guy was all, “Where’s B? How do they board the B group?” I couldn’t help but turn around and say, “I know it’s a shock, but there’s a THIRD side to those signs that have the letter “B” on them. Kind of handy like that, I think!” He didn’t seem to appreciate my interjection. I don’t care, though. He then said, “Could they make this process any more difficult?” Which made me want to cry.

We hadn’t remembered to log on at exactly 24 hours before our flight on Tuesday, though, so we were in boarding Group B, but we were numbers 6 and 7, so it wasn’t too bad of a spot to be in. As we waited our turn, the boarding agent called for any families traveling with children under the age of 4, and this family stepped up to board…but their kid was obviously older than 4. Dude had to have been at least 13. So the boarding agent looked at their boarding passes and told them they had to get in line in their group. They were at the end of the 1 - 30 section of B, so it wasn’t bad, really. But then the mom tried to board at the beginning of our group anyway! All of us at the front of the line were all, “Um, we board first, ma’am.” And I even said to her specifically (to her more-than-confused face), “We board in sequential order,” to try to help her out, but I think the word “sequential” might’ve been too big for her. The boarding agent told her AGAIN that they needed to line up in the area that their numbers corresponded to, and then the husband got all pissed off and said, “This is the lamest fucking thing I’ve ever heard of. I’m never flying this stupid fucking airline again!” But I thought it was pretty lame of them to try to board during the family boarding time, myself, so I figure it all evened out in the end.

It was unbelievable. And after typing all this out, my head hurts just thinking of it, so I need to go get a nap now, or something. Just a fair warning to you all, really. Watch out when you fly that airline. Hope everyone is having a good week! Yay, it’s almost over!!!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Haaaaaappy Christmas Eve!

Well, Leo and I arrived safely at our desitination of My Dad's House in Orange County yesterday, and I couldn't be more happy to be here again. I'm so grateful his job let him have the time off they did, and that we were able to come out here like this...

However, I can't sleep. Which is a sucky side effect of being overly tired, in a strange bed, dealing with pillow issues, and having Leo deal with all that right next to me at the same time. He's a snorer and a weird breather, so it's only amplified in the strange bed. Which happens to be a full size bed, dammit. (My brother took my original bed out of "my room" a few years ago when he bought a house. He told me about it in a way that implied he was asking permission. But he was probably going to take it anyway. It was a lovely queen size bed that I miss a great deal right now. Everyone else in the house gets a queen or even a king sized bed, so I feel a bit second-rate right now. It's a comfy bed, at least. The pillows are a different matter entirely...)

I needed to set my out of office for my work email anyway, so I laid in bed starting at about 4:30 telling myself that at least it's really 6:30 my time, and so it was kind of like sleeping in. I don't have to be up until about 7, is the thing, so I thought I'd set up the computer and drop a note to my blogosphere if I was going to be awake anyway. I'm going to the gym in a little bit, so I can get that out of the way and move on with things.

I'll take a nap later if I need to. :)

There's a really large bug in the kitchen flying around one of the lights. If I didn't know better, I'd say it was a June bug. Weird...

Leo bought me (really, us) a video camera for Christmas (we had our Christmas on Saturday afternoon before we went to the bar to hang out and watch bowl games), so I'll be taking some video while we're here, and also at home so I can show the house a bit better to those who are interested in seeing it better (i.e. Kristine)...I can't wait to figure out how to use it! Alas, I am an idiot when it comes to complicated electronic equipment, due to my laziness when it comes to learning about them, and even though I tried to read the manual the other day after I opened the present, it promptly put me to sleep (seriously, I took a nap after I put it down), and so I told Leo that he needs to learn about how it works, and then he can just tell me about it. It was what he brought along on the plane to read yesterday. Hopefully he picked up on the important basics, and we can move along from there with it. It looks awesome, so I can't wait to give it a go!

Alright...I'm really boring when I'm running on 6 hours of "sleep" and have a sinus headache. (Did I mention the sinus headache? I don't think I did...well, I have one. I've had one for 3 days now. It needs to fuck right off, dammit...) So I'll let you kids go now. I'll just wish those of you who celebrate it a Merry Christmas right now, in case I don't get on tomorrow. And those of you who don't celebrate it, Happy Tuesday! Ta...

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Finalizing things

So there was that painting and rearranging thing we were doing around here starting a few weeks ago. And we just finished it all up this week, so I thought I'd show y'all how it shook out.

Here are the new curtains that I ordered to go in the small room that we turned into our office. They are perfect and I couldn't love them more. (Well, maybe a teensy bit more if they were able to steam themselves and not look so damned wrinkled. Oh well!)

Here's the side of the room with the desk and printer table in it...without Leo in the shot. :)
And here's the other corner of the room, complete with the Suedehead painting the Twin did back when we were in high school, and which has traveled with me from home to home since then. I have another painting of her's in the front bedroom.
Which is right there on the wall! This is the front bedroom with the new paint job. I have pictures of the painting job process that I plan on posting next week, so you can see just how hard we work for our home. Dammit. Right now, the room just has our old couch and a dresser and a t.v. in it. It's also where the dog lives when we aren't home. The color on the walls is the same as the color in the living room and hallway. We were going to paint it the same color as the small room, but changed our minds and decided we'd save that extra paint for a room in the next house we move into. We had a LOT of the paint left over from when we'd painted the living room (remember that fiasco? If not, read 'bout it heah...) so it only made sense to continue it into the front bedroom, which was our original plan anyway.
Here's the snazzy new t.v. stand we bought from Target for the room. We'll switch it out with the armoir one in the living room when we stage the rooma s a bedroom, because they'll just work better that way. (Why don't we just do it now? I don't know! Just lazy asses, I guess.)
So there you have it! The only other step we need to take is to have the floors refinished, and we can pop this puppy on the market. I'll start getting bids in January for that job, but let me know if you have any referals you can send to me. I love giving people business via word of mouth.

Ok, off to see if I can slip and slide my way to the gym! Latahhhh...

Friday, December 21, 2007


Of course my boss called me while I was trying on pants at Old Navy. Of course he did.

And then he told me that he was coming into the office. During his vacation. So something big must be up.

I'm so happy!

Luckily, I'd already tried on the jeans I knew I wanted to buy, and was able to try on 2 other pairs of what turned out to be not flattering pants at all (why are pants still being made with pleats in the front? Flat front, dammit...FLAT FRONT ONLY!!!!) while I juggled the phone, and was able to get out of there within a couple of minutes, and STILL managed to grab a sweater and comfy pants for Leo on my way to the register. Multitasking at its best, my friends.

Since I got back a half hour ago, I have gone over all the meetings that I needed to review with him, reserved a room for another meeting we need to have on the 14th, talked to my coworker about how they're handling their version of that meeting which they're having on the 16th, and then dropped a note to the VP's admin about what we're expected to pull together for said meeting, just to make sure.

To top it all off, I reserved some time for the boss at the Sprint store near by so he can pick up some Christmas presents for his fam last minute, and then I fenagled a conference call with some vendors that the boss needs to speak to 10 minutes before it needed to happen.

And now I need some lunch. And for my head to quit with the splitting headache. Meh.

Airborne to the rescue!

(Am I spelling "Airborne" right? I dunno...)

I took an Airborne last night, and had one this morning when I woke up (after sleeping in past my workout time...again. Dammit.), and am feeling reasonably good right now. Except for the Airborne shits that hit me this morning (does anyone else get those? They seem to cause gas, too, but that's not as bad as the lovely pooing that occurs to me sometimes when I take them), and a teensy bit of a stuffy head, my throat feels fine, and my chest issue from yesterday was likely just heartburn from the salad I ate at lunch, as I had originally predicted.

My hair does look like crap though, which we all know is a common symptom of many, many illnesses. Mostly the kind that make me wake up late and have to sit on the toilet for 10 minutes more than I should need to, though.

Anyway, thanks for the tips yesterday. My cube neighbor appears to have stayed home today, and I plan on hitting up Old Navy a bit later to pick up some new jeans that actually FIT my fat ass right now (and make it look cute, of course! I like their "flirt" style...very cool jeans), so that should get me out of the office/cold-incubator for a little while later on.

Have I mentioned that I've gained 10 pounds since I got married? I got measured yesterday at the gym, and it's been written in stone now. The sad thing is that I actually didn't gain so much weight within a couple of weeks of the wedding...I had stayed about the same, give or take a pound. So it's really been in the past 5 weeks that I've put on that weight. Wow.

I blame the uninhibited consuming of beer that's happened since then. I need to go back to refraining from it so much and having some vodka sodas instead when I want something other than Diet Pepsi at the bar. I also need to get my ass into the gym more than 3 times a week, but I'm working on that. (Got in 4 workouts last week, so that was good...I should this week as well. Happy happy.)

Ok, I'm off to get some work shit done before heading out to run errands. Happy Friday everyone! Hope you're all cold free!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Go the hell HOME!

All the coughing in the office around makes me a bit uncomfy. If I could go home and "work" from there for the next two days, I seriously would. So disturbing to hear everyone hacking so much!

Several sources on the web would have me believe that I'm not in any real danger. Like this story, which states that the common cold is best caught at home...particularly in a home where there are children. So I'm good there.

This webmd article says that it's easier to catch at work than we might realize...but as long as I avoid licking my cube-neighbor's keyboard, phone, and pens, I should be in the clear. (I told him yesterday to not lick me at all until it goes away. He agreed to keep his tongue to himself for the time being.)

Wikihealth explains the important part of the question of how bad the common cold can be, though - the incubation period. People pass it on before they even know they have it, seeing as you can have it for a good day or two before you even start showing symptoms of it. And then after the first 3 days have passed, it's not as contagious as it was initially.

So. Here's to hoping that my neighbors' colds aren't as contagious as they could be since we (a) don't share our blocks, (b) abstain from licking each other or blowing snot on one another as much as possible, and (c) don't shake hands all that often any more. (We don't like one another very much...)

Wish me luck! And let's hope that the tightening feeling I'm having in my chest is more food-related than possible-cold-related, mkay? I really want to be able to stay in the same house as my dad when I go home in a couple of days, dammit...

**Update: Shit shit shit shit fucking shit hell! My throat is starting to hurt now! All I had to do was type it, and it came true. FUCKING HELL! At least this would mean that the incubation period is over, I'm going to get whatever it is I'm going to get tonight, and have it for at least 3 days before I see dad.

Or, I amp up on the Airborne for the next two days, like I've done in the recent past, and it does it's magic and nothing ever materializes to its fullest extent. That'd be nice...

Tooootally forgot...

I forgot I'd wanted to talk about this! So glad I remembered. (Getting old is fun!)

So the other night, I settle in to watch an episode of Paranormal State that I'd recorded on Sunday night, since I'd forgotten that they started the week before with the show on A&E, and then a bartender at the Moose reminded me on Sunday, so I checked and there it was being replayed! (I love upper-level cable channels for their replay action. Although I have to say, I'm pretty well over Kimora Lee Simmons and her so-called fabulous life. That woman is ridiculous. Bugs the shit out of me...) So I set the Tivo to record the episodes that were being repeated at 10 and 10:30 that night, and went to bed. On Monday, I pulled them up to watch them. And of course, Tivo had pulled it's ever-so-clever "I'm just a VCR today" move, and didn't change the channel like it was supposed to. So instead of recording Paranormal State, I got an episode of "What You Get for the Money" and and episode of "Living with Ed" on HGTV, which was the last channel I'd been watching before I went to bed on Sunday night.

Well, the "What You...Money" show wasn't that interesting, since they were going over million dollar homes and I couldn't care less about what I can get for a million bucks in 3 different parts of the US as I don't exactly have a million dollars to spend on a house, dammit! But I'd never watched "Living with Ed", and I decided to give it a go.

I like the show. Ed Begley talks funny, but his wife is a hoot, and they were visiting their friend Cheryl Tiegs at her house which was absolutely gorgeous, and giving her tips on how she can make her home more environmentally friendly. She's going to go all out, replacing materials in her kitchen with more environmentally friendly created ones, and putting in solar panels, and all that crap. Which is awesome of her, but I wonder what her homeowners association will say when she gets to the point of actually doing it.

But at one point of the show, when they were visiting another friend of theirs that was trying to make an effort to live more green, she showed them her recycling bins, and they stopped to take a moment and explain that we should remove the lids from plastic bottles before we throw them into the recycling bin, since they aren't recyclable in most cases. (Here's the Wiki page on recycling plastic. It's long and convoluted, but about 3/4 of the way down the page there's a section titled "Consumers" that explains the removal of lids thing.)

Am I the only one that didn't know this? ALL THIS TIME, I've been throwing my plastic bottles into the recycling containers at work (we don't have recycling at home yet), and I've left the lids on them! You know what they do when they have the lids on them? They sort them out, and just throw them into the normal garbage!

So there's no point to putting them into the recycling bin if you leave the lid on.

Take the lids off. And recycle, dammit! I need to get on that at my house...

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

An hour with my special therapist...

Ok, the Sprint store did NOT go well. That's all I'm gonna say 'bout that.

But I did get my car washed! Hoorah!!! I hadn't washed it for over 2 months. Bad bad bad bad bad...

(Sorry D and other boys who don't like all the girlie-talk that might be reading these posts lately. They've been very female-oriented, and that's not fair to you, I know. Hang in there...something interesting is bound to happen to me sooner or later.)

And then...THEN I went to White House/Black Market, as promised. And found some things...

Like this little's very cute on. I've never tried a neckline like this, but the store was riddled with shirts and dresses that had them, so I figured it was time. It'll look great with jeans.
I don't plan on looking so skanky in it, though. (That model shouldn't make that face, I don't think.)

And then I also got this...

Comfy, wear-around-the-house-on-weekends-etc...kind of a top for me. I told the salesperson that I like to challenge my family sometimes by wearing stuff like this around them and seeing what kind of response it gets. Since I'm going to be seeing the family next week, it was perfect timing! My dad will probably think I look pregnant in it. He wouldn't be wrong, though...I kind of do look pregnant in it. I don't know why I think that's ok, though. (No, I'm NOT prego. I just don't care if I look prego, ok? I have a poochy belly. Deal.)

I also picked up this dress, although they call it a "tunic" on the website, and I found it under the shirts section. I don't get that, because I don't think I'd wear it as a shirt. What, with jeans? Definitely with leggings, I suppose. So that might make it tunic-y. But the fact that it comes down to my knees and when I sit down my ass won't show makes it a dress to me. So there's that. It is WILDLY comfy, and also surprisingly flattering. I like a big girl in a bubble dress, though. Especially if the neckline is flattering on her, like this one is on me, it works out well.
And my original reason to go in the store was this shirt. Which fits wonderfully and will be a new favorite for the next year or two, I can already tell. Love!

So I feel a bit better, my car is clean, and Sprint can suck it right now. That about sums it up, I think. Ta!

I don't care that the Spears family doesn't know what birth control is...

This is a challenging week thus far. There are a lot of changes going on at my company, and it's all happening at a time of year when everyone pretty well takes the last of their vacation they can, since only 40 hours can roll over into the next year. (I can't even imagine being at the point where I have more than 40 hours of vacation time saved up and thus must use it before it gets taken away from me, but I certainly don't blame the folks that are doing so.)

My boss is one of them. He's out starting today, and I didn't start clearing his calendar for the next week and a half until yesterday. Woops! (Doesn't matter...everyone he has meetings with this week and next are also on vacation, so I'm sure they're cool with me pushing things out the way I am.) But his boss for some reason wants to call a meeting for all the managers tomorrow morning, and there are only 2 of them that aren't on vacation right now, and they leave as of Friday. And then he wants to have a teleconference with everyone (like, on the whole team - all 100 of us) on Friday. During lunch hour. Which, WTF? I don't get it. (Neither does the guy who's setting it up. We just talked a little bit ago, and he sounded just as befuddled by it as I am. Bless his heart.) No one is heeeerrrre. Makes no sense.

I'm looking forward to a trip home next week to see my family, to relax a bit and not worry about having to be anywhere at any particular time, to see some friends I haven't seen in a long while, and to hopefully show Leo around some more of that lovely place we call Southern Cal that I lived in and wandered about for a good part of my life growing up. It's a short trip, but it will be lots of fun, I'm sure.

I'm stressed, though. I don't sleep well after about 4 in the morning any more, and I still don't feel motivated to go work out on the days when I don't have to meet my trainer. This morning, for example...I was just lying there after 4:15, and then my alarm went off at 4:35, and I stayed in bed for a moment, then went to pee, and then got back into bed and reset the alarm for 5:45 for Leo to get up. And then I laid there, pretty much awake, until I got out of bed at 6:15. Why didn't I get up and go work out? *sigh!* I'd have felt better if I did. Dammit.

Also, that friend that I talked about a few months ago that declined the invitation to our wedding, and I wasn't sure what the deal was? Well, I don't think I said anything about it, but she sent me an email right before the wedding saying she wished us the best, and was sorry that they couldn't come. Again, no explanation why...just a random email that was sent. They also sent a present (which I need to get the thank you note out for!), which was totally kind and lovely of them. And then I received a Christmas card from them in the mail yesterday. With a picture of the kids, including the new baby I haven't met yet.

I'm so confused about that situation, it makes me want to cry!

And so today, I plan on going to the Sprint store to change my name. (They're pretty serious about identity theft, or some shit, and won't do it over the phone like most every other company does. I have to actually show their customer service reps my marriage certificate. Jeezy chreezy...) And then I'm going to wash my car because its gotten to the point where it looks like I'm trying to hide a whole Rwandan community under the dirt on it, and that can't be healthy. And then I'm going to White House/Black Market because they have some oh so cute things right now, and I'm sorry...I can't resist. Plus, I'm pretty sure retail therapy is the only thing that will save me at this point in time.

It's Wednesday, right? Yeah...happy Wednesday! This week had better get ramped up, dammit...

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Harry & David. Look it up.

I just received a box full of "perishable" (HA!) beef logs, cheese "food," and some of the creepiest looking torte...things...I've ever seen as a gift for one of the groups that works under my boss. It's from The Swiss Colony.

Yep...I've looked it up, and I'm pretty sure it's this little gem.

For future reference to anyone that orders this sort of thing for a group you work with? Don't. Send something like this tower from Harry & David. And who can hate on the good old fashioned popcorn barrel of fun? I know I can't!

But the weird triangles of cheese that come in flavors like "swiss n' ham" or "cheddar 'n carraway"? Or the beef logs that come in either garlic or regular ol' summer sausage flavor? And the strange small tubes of processed cheese spread? Ugh. They're soft. Just...ew.

This is so not a happy holiday thing to send. Bleh.

I need a break.

A call to a customer service line this morning that took an hour and a half of my time totally deflated me.

Thank goodness for the interdepartment pot luck we're having today...that should help boost my energy again!

Except we currently have meat, rolls, and my sourdough bread stuffing to serve, along with 80 gazillion desserts. We ordered a salad, and have people picking up some other items to help even things out a bit, but it looks like we're gonna be serving meat, bread, and sugar for lunch. Yum!

Maybe more later. I'm exhausted right now, so I'm not sure if anything else will come.

Monday, December 17, 2007

What better than ghost stories for the week before Christmas?

I received the tag from Spyder on this meme, and as I don’t really have much else that I want to talk about this morning, I thought it was a fitting time to get hit by it. =)


You should post these rules:
Recall and relate a time when you experienced a "paranormal event"
Explain it rationally if you can
Inflict this meme on 5 other people

Ok, I’m kind of a paranormal freak o’ nature. Being a twin, an Aquarius, and having an interest in most all things paranormal, it hasn’t been hard to see when it happens to me, for the most part. So I’ll tell 3 stories this morning. I’ll try to keep them concise…

Story number one: Our houses have always been haunted. I don’t think it takes much for any place to be haunted, to be quite honest. A spirit will be where it wants to be, especially if it has the proper portal.

When the Twin and I were little, we lived in a large hacienda ranch-style house in Whittier, CA. Dad had built the house for our family, so it wasn’t an old place by any means. But that didn’t mean it didn’t have the ability to be haunted. We all had experiences in that house. But the one that stands out the most in my mind was the time the Twin and I were in the “maid’s room” above the garage (it was more of a bonus room where we kept our big toys, the Atari, and had a pull out bed for guests. I think I remember a maid living there for a short time, but it didn’t last long), and suddenly the sink in the bathroom started running all on its own. Weird, but not completely out of the norm, since now I know that certain types of faucets can do that sort of thing if their threading gets fucked up…happened to me in my house when I first moved in, and I had to get a totally different type of faucet because the dual handle kind simply doesn’t work on my vanity, or something. I have to have a single handle type that’s ugly, but much more functional.

Anyway, one of us turned off the water, and then we went back to doing whatever it was we were doing. I believe our oldest sister was with us at the time, and she might’ve been the one that turned it off.

So next thing we know, the water in the bathtub has turned on. And my older sister went in to shut it off, but was a bit upset by what she saw. She told us to get downstairs, and so we did. I can’t remember exactly what happened then, but the water did get shut off eventually. My older sister said that it wasn’t water that was coming out of the spout, so that was intriguing to say the least. A little later, the Twin and I went back up to see what had happened. The bottom of the tub was full of an orange/brown slimy-looking water. Apparently, when the faucet had turned itself on earlier, that’s what was coming out of it instead of water.

Faucets turn themselves on, like I mentioned before, due to loose bolts and that sort of thing. If things aren’t tight enough, they’ll just turn themselves, and you’ll have a water-wasting situation. Again, I’m familiar with this as an adult because of the faucet issue I had when I first moved into my house.

But I don’t really know how to explain the fact that the water turned itself on in the sink, we turned it off, and then it changed to turning itself on in the bathtub. And while rusty water will often come out of a pipe that hasn’t been used frequently enough, the orange/brown slime that had come out of the pipe in the upstairs bathtub faucet wasn’t what I’ve seen in those kinds of situations. So that was weird fo sho.

Story number two: Everyone has déjà vu now and again, no? That feeling that you’re experiencing something that you feel like you’ve already experienced? Shit, I had one last a good 10 minutes once, which was a funky feeling.

But as Spyder explained in her paranormal post, sometimes we get a pre-cognitive message that settles into our brain someway, somehow.

When I was in junior high, we lived in the San Bernardino mountains in a community called Lake Arrowhead. We also were heavily involved in school activities at the time, like choir and school plays/musicals. One afternoon, mom came to pick us up after our play rehearsal had ended (I think we were doing Phantom of the Opera that year…I can’t remember exactly. Might’ve been Cats…), and she asked us if we’d felt it. “Felt what?” we asked. “The earthquake,” she said. We hadn’t felt it at our school, for some reason. Maybe we were really involved in something that had us moving around at the time, or something, but I don’t remember anyone feeling it, actually. So that was odd enough in itself.

But then I started asking my mom questions. “Were you in the kitchen when it started?” Yes, she said. “And Big Brother was downstairs, and so you ran to the top of the stairs calling for him to come up?” Yes. “And so he did, and then you grabbed him and held on to him and stood in the doorway between the family room and the hallway to the kitchen?” Yep! That was exactly how it happened, she said!

I told her that I’d seen that exact thing happen in a dream I’d had a couple of nights before. I still remembered the dream very clearly, and could see the whole thing as though I was there watching it happen. It kind of freaked me out and made me think I was psychic at the time, but it’s happened so rarely since then…maybe 2 other times…that my special powers are clearly not as special as I’d wanted them to be. *sigh!*

So my “rational explanation” for that is basically the same on that Spyder gave for her’s. Astral projection, or what have you. Maybe that’s still considered to be paranormal, though? I dunno. It was strange, but it wasn’t like I predicted 9/11 or some shit.

Story number 3: I’ve seen a ghost before. Yes, yes…I know it sounds very silly to some, and I’m sorry about that, but it’s true. Here’s what happened…

We were in the mountains for some reason or another…after we moved to Orange County, we held on to the mountain house for a while, and then even once we’d put it on the market, it took a while to actually sell it. So we had it for around 6 years after we’d moved out of it as our main home. We’d go up there for Christmases sometimes, or Thanksgiving holidays. Other times, I’d use it as a place to crash for a ski weekend, or whatever. My brother lived there for a while when he was trying to figure out what to do with his life after graduating from high school. Anyway, we visited it quite often. And it was by far the most haunted house we’d lived in throughout my life.

So one night during this particular trip, I had gotten up to use the bathroom (like ya do) in the middle of the night. When I was finished, I shut off the light, and opened the bathroom door. And right then, I saw something – not sure what – coming up the stairs from the level below me, which then took a detour through the wall, which went into a hallway I was facing that was directly across from the opening to the bathroom, and then it went through the next wall and INTO MY BEDROOM!

Ok, I know that we all think our instinct would be to run far, far away from something like that when we see it. Hell, before it happened, that was exactly how I expected myself to react. But instead, I felt very strong all of a sudden, and my main instinct was actually to walk straight into my room, and look for this thing, whatever it was. And so I did. And my room was empty. So I flung open the closet doors. Nothing. It had disappeared! (Even thinking back on it now gives me goosebumps!)

And just as easily as if nothing had ever happened at all, I turned from the closet, got into bed, and went back to sleep without any issue.

The best way I can describe what I saw was a white form. It was glowing softly, and it moved FAST. It wasn’t in the shape of a person, per se, but it was as tall as a grown up. Maybe slightly taller than me, if I had to specify.

And my only “logical explanation” for it was that I’d just come out of a lit room into an almost completely pitch black space. So maybe it was a trick of light with my eyes? But the problem I have with that is that (a) this thing went through walls…2 of them, to be exact; and (b) I had done that same thing (i.e. come out of the lit bathroom into a dark hallway space), many, many, many times throughout the years, and had never seen anything like that before, so why would it do it that one time? (I’ve never experienced anything like it since then, either.)

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, my friends. I think I’ve told the story about the drunk boyfriend that was being hugged by an unseen force once in that same mountain house. I don’t know where it is in the archives, but it’s there. Not to mention the stories other family members have with that same house, as well as the one in Whittier. And the Twin has some doozies when it comes to the house my dad currently lives in in O.C.

So let’s see…I don’t know who’s been tagged already! So I’ll tag the following, and if you already did it, then ok. If not, write your story!

Lyn (I know it’s not what you usually write about, but whatever!)
Joelle (Not that she has time to read this, usually, but one never knows...)
Coley (If she isn't busy having a baby...)

Friday, December 14, 2007

I think I just figured it out...

It's "would-be" PMS. See, I take my birth control in a consecutive manner, so I only have 4 periods a year. This week would be my last cycle before my period, except that I start right up again with my next set on Sunday instead of having a period next week. I just had my period the last time around, so my body's thrown off a bit, is the thing.

It's not the weather...I love the cold and snow and stuff. I even prefer gray skies to blue a lot of the time.

And like Coley says, it just sucks. And I have to ride it out and deal. (At least I'm not 2000 months pregnant, though, right Coley! Hahaha!!)

Happy f-ing Friday

I just went through my checkbook to balance it with the online statement. Since today is payday, it kind of makes sense to get everything reconciled and then just pay the bills from there. But the problem is, I haven't reconciled since the last payday 2 weeks ago, and for some inane, retarded, fucked up reason, I failed to enter all the bills I paid on that payday into my checkbook.

So I had about $170 LESS in there than I realized. (There was a receipt from Whole Foods I failed to enter as well. WTF?)

It only caused my account to go into the red by $14...some magical luck on my behalf there. But it hasn't been fully processed by the bank yet, so I don't know what they'll charge me for it. And I'm not going to call them and ask them to refund me the fee this time. I deserve the hit. Such an idiotic move on my part!

I'm also fat again. Like busting-out-of-my-comfy-fat-jeans fat. I haven't been working out as rigorously as I was before the wedding, but I haven't been going nuts with the food either, so I don't know what's up here. It's frustrating that it takes so little for my stomach to expand soooo much, and it made me want to cry as I got dressed this morning.

Between money, fatness, and wanting to cry every time the thought of my dad even enters my brain, I don't know if I can take much more. Oh, and then there are the wedding photos that came in this week. *sigh.* The photographer is lovely. She's a wonderful person, and I think she has serious talent, really. But a bunch of the photos look like they could have been taken by random guests at the wedding. Several of them have the angle thing going on (where the subject of the photo is on an angle...which I hate), and I specifically mentioned that I hated that style of photography every time we met with each other to discuss stuff. I took examples to her to show what I liked and what I DIDN'T like. And it's as though those examples were a complete waste of time on my part. And like an amateur photographer came and took the pictures instead of a professional one.

And then there was my make up. Christ! I don't know why people told me I looked good that day. I would have rather had the truth than to have my face look like that forever in photos of me and my husband on a very important day in our lives.

And I know that people will say that I DID look pretty, and I need to shut it, and they would have told me if they thought I looked crappy, etc, etc...but the thing is, I just don't understand why I thought I looked ok, and why other people thought I looked ok, and I just didn't. I looked like a clown. With a lazy eye, no less.

So I'm a bit in the doledrums today, I'm afraid. Maybe it's from that caffeine high I had yesterday. Maybe its because of my lack of working out. Maybe I'm coming down with something.

Maybe I'm just down, and I need to accept it and move on. Fuck...

Thursday, December 13, 2007

I don't know what's wrong with me...

I feel a I don't feel like writing, but thought I'd at least drop this note to let you know I don't feel like writing, if that makes any sense at all.

I don't feel like reading, either. GAH!

I think I had too much Diet Coke at lunch, perhaps. I went to a place that brings you glass after glass, putting the new one down right after you finish the last one you had. It was lovely, but now I think I've OD'd on Diet Coke!

I need to go run in some circles now...later.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bjork can call me anytime!

Please, someone, please tell me that the news conference was for something else. Something more important than a teenager being arrested in Iceland for no fucking reason. Read the article. It's quick. I promise. And then come back and tell me that they were having the news conference to cover the issue of the car bombs in Algeria, or something like that, and the teenager was just brought up on the side for some inane reason. Please.


Well, I did it now. I ignored my car for the last few months, knowing I really needed to get it into the shop for an annual review and an oil change*. This morning, it didn't want to start. So I forced it to start. And it repaid me by trying to kill me with toxic fumes. So I very gingerly put it into reverse and backed out onto the driveway and then let it sit for a bit to warm up and stop making that horrible shuddery thing it was doing, and then I drove ever so carefully to my auto repair place, which happens to be on my way to work and only about 3 miles from home, and am letting THEM have a go with it.

They're checking the battery, and giving it an oil change, and hopefully making it happy again. I need new tires in February, too...I'm sure they'll be mentioning that as well.

*sigh!* I feel so bad that I was so nasty to it! Hopefully it will forgive me...

*It's one of them newfangled cars that only needs an oil change every once in a while. I generally get one once a year...But as it ages, I really should consider getting one every six months, I think.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Valerie Bertinelli needs to mellow out.

God I hate daytime television.

Ice Storm 2007!!!!!!!!

Well, its not as bad as they thought it'd be, it seems. the roads are passable, when it comes to their slickness. I texted my boss this morning at 6:30 letting him know that Leo was able to get to work and said the streets were driveable, and that I was going to make my way in. I got showered, dressed, and was ready to head out the door and down to the bagel place to see if they were open when he texted me back that his roads around his house were awful, and he encouraged me to work from home. So I pulled the computer back out and sent a couple of emails, and then the tree in the front yard started falling apart, so I'm glad I didn't go in after all!

This is the tree in the backyard that hangs over the power lines that lead to our house. It's the evil walnut tree that I hate, but it's in pretty good shape and we've kept it trimmed and happy over the years, so I'm hoping that it will bear up well in this storm. (My power lines have fringe! Don't they know how out that is? Ew...)

This is the tree in the front yard that has started falling apart. It's not a particularly healthy looking tree even when it isn't bare of its leaves and covered in ice. But the Ryan Lawn & Tree guys that take care of our lawn and trees assure me it isn't dead, and we've been trying to water it and keep it happy all year, but it still worries me. I wanted to tear it out over a year ago. It drops the most amount of branches and twigs in every storm we have, regardless of whether there's ice involved.
Here's a shot to show how far it is from the house...
And yet this big branch was somehow able to hit my house and slide down the roof before it landed on the lawn about an hour ago. THAT is what freaks me out.
The little branch to the right fell down pretty early last night. Weak-ass tree...
So I'm holed up in the house, keeping warm, keeping the puppy company, and working intermittently. (Kind of like when I'm at work! Except without the puppy in that case...) The weather is supposed to get bad again later, and it's not exactly nice out there right now, even. The last time I stepped out to take the pictures, it was a very cold, cold rain that was falling. And the ice is not happy. At least since it was on top of snow in the backyard, it's just crunchy and not so slippery. But the driveway? Forget it! I'm glad my boss told me to stay home.

And so far so good with the power situation! I'm glad for that. It's dark as hell outside.

Ok, hope everyone is having a safe day! I'll post more later...Leo and I started the painting project last night in the front bedroom. I plan on continuing with it today, but I showered and want to smell nice for a little while first. :)

Monday, December 10, 2007


We cancelled our meeting due to people freaking out a bit much over nothing. Was it worth it? Um, NO. Just like I thought. We're all still here, working hard, finishing up the day and trying to prepare for working from home tomorrow.

I don't doubt that the weather is going to get shitty. In fact, I'm pissed it's supposed to happen as early as they say it is, because Leo and I were planning on getting dollar sushi tonight. But I just think that people who get all freaked out about this shit are doing the rest of us a disservice. One manager flipped out. Like to the point where he was bringing me print outs of the hourly forecast from and saying, again, (as if the first email he sent me wasn't enough) that people would need time to get home and to possibly stop and pick up supplies.

I, for one, picked up supplies yesterday knowing that this weather was being predicted. But maybe I'm weird like that. (Plus, I shop for staple groceries on Sundays, so perhaps that was just lucky of me.) I also don't think that a forecast of freezing fucking drizzle is something to get so worked up about. I have a shitty car for driving in any bad weather, and I'M not freaking out. It's called lower gear and moving slowly...if you live in the midwest for more than 2 years, you should be used to it, I think.

But I also don't have to drive home on a highway, and I live about 7 miles from work, so I can't really complain. I just think it was bullshit that we had to cancel the meeting because ONE guy whined about it. It's ok...we'll have a call later this week instead.

Anyway, stay safe, all. Hope your power doesn't go out. I came up with the brilliant plan to blast the heat tonight in preparation for the possibility that the power go out, so the house will be full of warm air to begin with and hopefully will maintain the higher temps longer, since we have all new windows and everything this year. The last time I lost power in an ice storm was 3 years ago, I was single, and I didn't know what to do. I huddled under several blankets while wearing many layers of clothing, and got up about every hour to check and see what the thermostat was reading at the time. It was down to 48 degrees by the time morning rolled around, and I was a miserable mess. My hair needed washing, I was sad I didn't have anyone to cuddle with and go through the difficult night with, and I needed to go to work in order to warm up.

I certainly hope it doesn't happen again, but at least this time I have Leo and a warm puppy. Yay for warm puppies!

Need a little break...

Ok, after last week's open-toe shoe shenanegans, I'm still a bit blogged out. I know it's been two days, but it's just the way it is! If I come across anything that changes my mind throughout the day, I might update, but as it is, I just want to read, watch the weather report (we're due for an ice storm in KC over the next 24 hours, and we have a big meeting this afternoon that people are already all, "Are we still going to have the meeting? With the ice storm on the way, and everything?" and I have to remind them that the storm isn't predicted to even get started until 7 p.m. tonight, and the meeting should end at least 2.5 hours earlier than that, so yeah, we're going on with the meeting, unless the forecast changes...), and drink hot tea.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Must it actually be said?

Ok, here's the deal:

No matter how pretty you think you can whistle (and how pretty others find it to be), it's still fucking obnoxious to do it around the office, mkay? Wait until you get into your car, or something. Hell do it on the way to your car, but wait until you're fairly distanced from the cubicle area, if you would. Thank you.

(Ok, if you HAVE to whistle something, then at least whistle this. Dammit. You can thank Dan for kicking up your afternoon a few notches.)

You probly thought I was kidding about going home...

Alright, all ye opinionated ones. I did, actually, go home at lunch. And I took pictures...LOTS of pictures. Unfortunately for you, I'm not a link-to-my-Flickr kinda girl, but I like to post the tangible, see-them-NOW-dammit! photos right here in my blog post for ya to see! So you only get 5 of them. (Which is all you really need, right?)

Lookie here. Cute shoes with tights, yeah, yeah, yeah...but would you get a load of those gams? Holy hell, I am HOT! (from the mid-thigh down, anyway...)

Here they are with me standing up in them. (The skirt is from Anthropologie, and it just came yesterday, and ohmygod I think I wanna marry it!

SHIT! I just got married! Damn.)

Anyway, this is the mid heel peep-toe I wore yesterday. It survived the snow just fine, thank goodness. (And that is the dog's kong bone, as well as the top portion of said dog in the bottom part of the photo. She was very happy to see me home in the middle of the day like that!)

And heeeere is the high heel mamajama that I wear when I'm feeling particularly kicky. I am in love with all t-strap high heels now. They make me feel so retro 40's!
Here they are with me standing in them. I'm trying to be all Target-model-in-a-"Ladylike"-dress and shit...
And here's the whole outfit I was wearing. This is NOT a good picture of it, and to be fair, I don't think I'd actually wear the top with that skirt in Real Life, or anything. But I was being quick about things and didn't change into a cardigan that I probably would wear with the skirt. So there ya have it...
Ok, hate the peep-toe with the tights? I love it. And we shall now agree to disagree. (Unless you changed your mind due to this post and all. You should. Why put all those shoes away for a whole season?? That's just wasteful, you sillies...)

More evidence for my case...

Found more photos to whet the appetite for the peep-toe with tights fight. This is fun! :D

Ok, I SOOOO want this outfit now...

I, personally, do not have the type of style it takes in order to carry off the fishnet look. But here's a pretty snazzy example of the fishnet with the peep toe look that I thought looked ok...if only at foot level! (How cute are these shoes???) I wish we could see the rest of the outfit...
This picture is pretty cool, so there's that going for it. And while it isn't super-obvious, the girl is wearing red peep toe pumps with her red tights. (And a very cute dress, I might add!) That's another way to "do it right" according to the article I found on BlogHer that I included the link to in the comments to the last post. Again, I'm not so much into any color other than black, but I'm also 33, going on 34. If I were 22? I might give it a go...
You guys are making my day.

Pushing me...

Ms. Pants brought up a point in the comments on my last post about me wearing open toe shoes with tights. And I argue that it's actually cute, or else I wouldn't do it...I think I have the attitude, not to mention the style, to be able to pull off a lot of things, but I don't usually push it too far out of the comfort zone, especially at the office. The girls I get ready with at the gym on Tuesday and Thursday mornings have been oohing and aahing over my outfits for the past two weeks since we have gotten to know each other better, so I know it's appreciated by some. :)

Anyway, I will have photographic evidence of said cuteness on myself soon, but in the mean time, here are the shoes I was wearing yesterday with tights. Note how small the peep toe portion actually's not like I'm wearing sandals with stockings/nylons, here (like one of my coworkers actually does throughout the year...but she's in her 50's, so it kind of makes sense in her case...even though she and I often do wear the same shoes - she's an Aerosoles freak too!). I'm wearing opaque tights with shoes that have a relatively small amount of openness in the toe region. These are called "Gingerbread" and they're on sale right now, so hop over and buy a pair! They're cute and comfy! (And I bought them full price, dammit! GAH!) I have them in the all black leather version, as seen in the back right of this photo:

Ok, I also wear tights with this shoe that I own from Aerosoles. Wore them on my bachelorette party night, in fact, but alas, I didn't get any pics of my feet at that point. Again, I'll take some soon so I can share. In the mean time, here's what they look like. And they're also on sale for a ridiculously lower price than I bought them for...they're the style called "High Demand," and I have them in the black color, as seen in the top of this photo:
And here's a picture of a random girl (Zooey Deschanel, it appears...) I found in Yahoo Images when I typed in "open toe shoes with tights." It's from's Slaves to Fashion section. I think it might be from 2006, but I don't care. It's cute, dammit.
Again, I will post photos of myself sporting the look very soon. Unfortunately, I'm at work right now, or I'd totally do it ASAP. Just to prove my point. Because I'm in that kind of mood...if you couldn't tell.

Thursday, December 06, 2007


I went to bed last night promptly after watching Project Runway. (Incidentally, I've thought for the last two weeks that Ricky should be sent home, and both times, I've been wrong. Damn those judges for being so contrary! The guy clearly has talent, but this isn't the competition for him, I don't think...)

What I failed to do was watch the late evening news to see what the weather was going to do today. So when I blissfully arrived at the gym this morning at 5:30 a.m. and saw that it was due to snow 1 - 2 inches throughout the day, I was a bit disappointed in myself. I packed my bag last night before PR had started, and plopped in my open-toe cute Aerosoles to wear to work today. (With tights! Don't think I'm crazy or anything wearing open-toe shoes in 30 degree weather, now!)

Usually I keep a pair of rugged work-type boots in my car for occassions such as these, but last year, after the wintery season was behind us, I guess Leo got tired of my boots sitting in the kitchen near the door to the garage, and he just put them out IN the garage instead of telling me I should put them away in the closet already. So they sat out there, under a step ladder where I couldn't see them, until halfway through summer when I moved the step ladder and saw them there. By then, they had already been covered in dirt and spiderwebs, and the insides had spiderwebs in them as well. When I informed Leo that he needed to please clean them up and vacuum them out for me since he was the brilliant mind that put them out there in the first place, he didn't really do anything. He certainly didn't bring them in to clean them up!

So there they are...still sitting in the garage waiting to be vacuumed and cleaned up.

And here I am at work, watching some of the biggest snowflakes I have ever seen fall to the ground and pile up, and gearing up for an evening walk to the car in my open-toe shoes. Which probably don't have a whole lot of grip on the bottom of them, I might add.

*sigh!* At least we're having lunch delivered in today. Sheesh!


"She regarded him so benignly that when he showed her an SKS semiautomatic rifle the night before his attack, she thought little of it, the Omaha World-Herald reported."

I seriously hope that was something the reporter made up. But the thing is, I don't think they did. I saw the woman on t.v. this morning ("the woman" being Debora Maruca-Kovac, the woman who took in the troubled young man that decided it was better to kill a BUNCH of people just before he took his own life instead of just killing himself and being done with it) giving a statement to reporters last night after the shootings, and she said something about how this kid wasn't the type to go on a shooting rampage like this. He was more the type to, and I'm paraphrasing here because I can't remember exactly what she said, "...lie in a corner, curl into the fetal position and bite his nails."

Um, that might have been a sign that he didn't know how to handle the demons that were fucking with his brain. But maybe I'm wrong about that.

She also said that she liked him because he was, "...better than [her] kids." That helps me figure things out a bit, but it still isn't entirely helpful of a statement.

I'm not blaming this woman or her family or anyone other than the gunman here. She shouldn't feel guilty about what happened because she's not the one that did this. I'm just saying that the fact that he showed her a rifle the night before might have been a teeny, tiny cry for help from this kid. I remember before I attempted (in my own fake way) suicide when I was 17, I asked my older sister (who is a pharmacist) what an overdose of Advil could do to me...whether it could actually kill me or not, like Tylenol and asperin can. She explained what it could do, but I don't remember her being particularly concerned about my question. Again, not to say it was her fault that I did what I did a few weeks later (since that was more the Twin and my dad's fault...*), but still, that was one of my attempts to let people around me know that I was planning stuff in my head. I was thinking of doing something drastic, and I didn't know how to stop thinking of doing something drastic, and then a few weeks later the catalyst for the attempt occurred, and we just happened to have a mostly full Costco-sized bottle of ibuprofen in the cupboard. So there it was.

The gun thing seems a bit more of a warning to me, though. Did she ask him why he had it? Wasn't she aware of the fact that he'd been dumped 2 weeks before by his girlfriend and then fired from his job a week after that? Didn't she see how those two events could cause an already unstable brain to jump right over the edge it had been standing on for what seems to have been quite some time? And NOW it had a gun, of all things, in it's possession? Sometimes, the answer to 2+2 should be more obvious than others, is all I'm thinking.

I don't envy her or her family. I offer my condolensces to them on top of to the families and friends that lost someone in this senseless event.

* I keed, I keed...I know I was solely responsible for my stupidity that day. So, soooo dumb...

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Its a long and involved process...

We're in the process of remodeling some things around the house in order to make it more buyer-friendly in the near future when we put it on the market. I know I've mentioned this before, but you never know when you might have a random visit from a stranger in Tennessee that isn't all up to speed on the blog and it's goings on, so I thought I'd mention it again just in case.

And can we really call it "remodeling" if all we're doing is painting and moving furniture around? I mean, we are replacing the plates on the outlets and light switches, too. So there's that.

Anyway, we took a trip to old trusty Home Depot on Sunday after the dismal Chiefs game in order to pick up some paint and supplies and get started on this puppy. Here's Leo painting the room with the color he picked out...

I cut in the corners and then painted one wall, but he took over from there. I'm not good at painting, particularly with darker colors, and dinner had to be made, so I stuck to that and he did the thing that tall guys are good at doing, namely painting the entire height of the wall without the need of a step ladder. We're all about gender stereotyping in our house, yo.

We noticed that in some of the pictures we took in one particular corner, we had an issue with lots of light spots (or "orbs" as some who are interested in the paranormal call them) popping up in our pictures. Didn't happen in any other corner, we noticed, so Leo went ahead and said he wanted to see what happened when he jumped into the picture, too. Well, there's the one on his arm that you can see, and then look down at his left (on your right) leg. THAT is an orb if I've ever seen one! We were thinking it was probably just dust until we got the shot of that one, to be honest, but that's a fucking orb. It's almost opaque for cryin' out loud! (That's my towel hamper in front of him. It lives in the little bedroom...)

Feel free to save the photo and zoom in on the orb a bit so you can see what I'm talking about. Fascinating...

Alright, done with playing with our ghost, we moved on and started getting the desk and the computer moved into the room. I had wanted to try to fit a small couch we currently keep in the bedroom/office that we're turning exclusively into a bedroom into this small room, but it didn't fit. Shit! I should have taken photos of that! Dammit...anyway, we felt the smaller chair worked better in here, and I have new curtains on order from Target that I hope will arrive toward the end of the week so I can get them hung this weekend. The old curtains that I had in there didn't match the new paint Leo picked out. Fortunately, the rug we bought a couple of months ago for this room matched the paint perfectly! Very happy with that outcome...

Here's the side of the room that we put the desk and computer on. It all fit perfectly where we wanted it to go! Leo was a primadonna last night, and wanted to be in all the pictures.
I took this one of the old office before we started moving the computer and stuff out of it. Granted, it doesn't usually look this messy, but we'd piled all the stuff that usually sits in the small room in there while we painted and re-set the room. But we plan on painting this one as well, moving the art to the small room (I don't know if Leo knows that part of my plan yet...), and then buying a blow-up mattress eventually to "stage" this room as the bedroom it's intended to be. In the meantime, we have a new t.v. stand that we plan on putting in here, and will use it as an extra t.v. room for those times when I need to watch America's Next Top Train Wreck, and Leo really wants to catch up on the latest DVD of "My Name is Earl" that he's gotten from the Netflix account. THEN, when we put the house on the market, we'll switch the t.v. cabinet in the living room with the one in the bedroom because it looks more like an armoir when it's closed, and that will look much more like something that belongs in a bedroom than the t.v. stand we picked up from Target a few weeks ago.

It's a very elaborate plan, I know. Ok, maybe "elaborate" isn't the word, but there are a lot of parts to it, is the thing. And the end of February (when we intend to contact the real estate agent) will be upon us before we know it, and I still haven't even started looking into having the floors refinished. *sigh!* I'm just so excited about spending MORE money in preparation to sell this lovely house o' mine. (And let's not start another conversation about how one must spend money in order to make money, blahblahblah, etc, etc...ok? Because I'm not in the mood. :P)

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Out of the blue

Do any of you remember workout clothes from the 80's and 90's? I don't know why I started thinking about them today, but on my way out of the gym the thought popped into my head. We used to go to the gym in just sports bras, biker shorts, and some sort of leotard bottom (they could be an entire leotard, too, but I remember owning a few pairs that were just the bottoms) that either was a thong or a full-coverage type thing, depending on the ass (or the confidence level in certain cases...I definitely remember seeing asses in thongs that should NOT have been in them). I never had the confidence in my body to go in just that clothing alone, personally. Back in high school I thought I was pretty fat, when in all honesty I would KILL to have that body back today! I always wore a big t-shirt over my sports bra and biker shorts and full-coverage leotard bottom, is my point. My best friend in high school would wear the thong. She could, though, so it was ok.

But I can't believe we went to the gym in that stuff!! In the 80's, I wore shorts and t-shirts to the Jazzercise class that I joined my mom at now and then. I didn't know what "workout clothes" were at that point in time. And I'm glad they've evolved to what they have, to be quite honest.

I mean, there are still the people that wear things they shouldn't wear...the guys that wear the tank tops that are mostly just front and back material, but the arms are cut out to the point that the material barely covers their nipples (those are actually not allowed at the gyms I attend, as far as I know), or those supertight shirts that show off their physique so we can be jealous of them, or whatever; the people that shouldn't wear shorts, but they do, and then they have to deal with them riding up throughout their entire workout; the people who wear gray pants (or some other lighter color) that then sweat so much in their ass region that it looks like they had an accident along the way during their workout. (I'm one of those types of sweaters, by the way...which is why all the pants I wear are black.)

But thank GOD we've moved past the thong with the biker short era! It just seems so strange that we ever went there, really. And I don't know why my mind went back there to visit as I left the gym this morning. But I thought I'd share. Since I don't really have anything else to talk about.

I will have a post about the home improvement project we're currently working on in the house right now sometime tomorrow or the next day, though. We painted and will be rearranging some furniture in an effort to start staging the house for when we put it on the market in a few months. Can't wait to see it with furniture in it! As long as Leo and I can come to some sort of agreement on the arrangement and all. It's been hard to figure out without putting the actual furniture in the room, but he had only just finished the painting of the molding along the floor when I got home last night, so we needed to wait for that to dry. Tonight should be fun! I'll post pics as soon as I have the chance.

Thanks for the comments on yesterday's post, everyone. Sometimes, I get to feeling so very lonesome out here all by myself...:P

Monday, December 03, 2007

Equivalent of cement shoes in Tennessee? Strapping me to a Dodge?

Over the last few hours, I've had a sudden influx of visitors from Tennessee. They appear to be directed here via an email of some sort, and all are clicking in via this post.

Weird? Maybe not. But I sure wish some of them would make a comment like the anonymous person did the other day. That was fun. Apparently NO ONE is interested in commenting lately. Which is sucky. You guys suck.

You heard me! :P

UPDATE: Ok, I'm not I was discussing this with the Twin on the phone, looking at my stats and all (we were trying to figure out how she shows up on the stats...), another Tennessee visitor stopped through! And they're still on! (Taking them a while to read the post, but whatev...)

What freaks me out a bit is the IP addresses for these folks. They started out innocuously enough...just a cable company here and there. And then there were the folks coming in from universities (like Vanderbilt and Middle Tennessee State University), and a random person from the Middle Tennessee Association of Realtors. One of the first ones to visit was from the Tennessee Board of Regents, so the university visitors make sense after that one.

But the one that's on right now is from the Metro Government of Nashville! It's getting kind of creepy when I have visitors from the actual government of a city based on a post I put up to make fun of a girl that might not know the earth is actually round, and everything.