Monday, December 17, 2007

What better than ghost stories for the week before Christmas?

I received the tag from Spyder on this meme, and as I don’t really have much else that I want to talk about this morning, I thought it was a fitting time to get hit by it. =)


You should post these rules:
Recall and relate a time when you experienced a "paranormal event"
Explain it rationally if you can
Inflict this meme on 5 other people

Ok, I’m kind of a paranormal freak o’ nature. Being a twin, an Aquarius, and having an interest in most all things paranormal, it hasn’t been hard to see when it happens to me, for the most part. So I’ll tell 3 stories this morning. I’ll try to keep them concise…

Story number one: Our houses have always been haunted. I don’t think it takes much for any place to be haunted, to be quite honest. A spirit will be where it wants to be, especially if it has the proper portal.

When the Twin and I were little, we lived in a large hacienda ranch-style house in Whittier, CA. Dad had built the house for our family, so it wasn’t an old place by any means. But that didn’t mean it didn’t have the ability to be haunted. We all had experiences in that house. But the one that stands out the most in my mind was the time the Twin and I were in the “maid’s room” above the garage (it was more of a bonus room where we kept our big toys, the Atari, and had a pull out bed for guests. I think I remember a maid living there for a short time, but it didn’t last long), and suddenly the sink in the bathroom started running all on its own. Weird, but not completely out of the norm, since now I know that certain types of faucets can do that sort of thing if their threading gets fucked up…happened to me in my house when I first moved in, and I had to get a totally different type of faucet because the dual handle kind simply doesn’t work on my vanity, or something. I have to have a single handle type that’s ugly, but much more functional.

Anyway, one of us turned off the water, and then we went back to doing whatever it was we were doing. I believe our oldest sister was with us at the time, and she might’ve been the one that turned it off.

So next thing we know, the water in the bathtub has turned on. And my older sister went in to shut it off, but was a bit upset by what she saw. She told us to get downstairs, and so we did. I can’t remember exactly what happened then, but the water did get shut off eventually. My older sister said that it wasn’t water that was coming out of the spout, so that was intriguing to say the least. A little later, the Twin and I went back up to see what had happened. The bottom of the tub was full of an orange/brown slimy-looking water. Apparently, when the faucet had turned itself on earlier, that’s what was coming out of it instead of water.

Faucets turn themselves on, like I mentioned before, due to loose bolts and that sort of thing. If things aren’t tight enough, they’ll just turn themselves, and you’ll have a water-wasting situation. Again, I’m familiar with this as an adult because of the faucet issue I had when I first moved into my house.

But I don’t really know how to explain the fact that the water turned itself on in the sink, we turned it off, and then it changed to turning itself on in the bathtub. And while rusty water will often come out of a pipe that hasn’t been used frequently enough, the orange/brown slime that had come out of the pipe in the upstairs bathtub faucet wasn’t what I’ve seen in those kinds of situations. So that was weird fo sho.

Story number two: Everyone has déjà vu now and again, no? That feeling that you’re experiencing something that you feel like you’ve already experienced? Shit, I had one last a good 10 minutes once, which was a funky feeling.

But as Spyder explained in her paranormal post, sometimes we get a pre-cognitive message that settles into our brain someway, somehow.

When I was in junior high, we lived in the San Bernardino mountains in a community called Lake Arrowhead. We also were heavily involved in school activities at the time, like choir and school plays/musicals. One afternoon, mom came to pick us up after our play rehearsal had ended (I think we were doing Phantom of the Opera that year…I can’t remember exactly. Might’ve been Cats…), and she asked us if we’d felt it. “Felt what?” we asked. “The earthquake,” she said. We hadn’t felt it at our school, for some reason. Maybe we were really involved in something that had us moving around at the time, or something, but I don’t remember anyone feeling it, actually. So that was odd enough in itself.

But then I started asking my mom questions. “Were you in the kitchen when it started?” Yes, she said. “And Big Brother was downstairs, and so you ran to the top of the stairs calling for him to come up?” Yes. “And so he did, and then you grabbed him and held on to him and stood in the doorway between the family room and the hallway to the kitchen?” Yep! That was exactly how it happened, she said!

I told her that I’d seen that exact thing happen in a dream I’d had a couple of nights before. I still remembered the dream very clearly, and could see the whole thing as though I was there watching it happen. It kind of freaked me out and made me think I was psychic at the time, but it’s happened so rarely since then…maybe 2 other times…that my special powers are clearly not as special as I’d wanted them to be. *sigh!*

So my “rational explanation” for that is basically the same on that Spyder gave for her’s. Astral projection, or what have you. Maybe that’s still considered to be paranormal, though? I dunno. It was strange, but it wasn’t like I predicted 9/11 or some shit.

Story number 3: I’ve seen a ghost before. Yes, yes…I know it sounds very silly to some, and I’m sorry about that, but it’s true. Here’s what happened…

We were in the mountains for some reason or another…after we moved to Orange County, we held on to the mountain house for a while, and then even once we’d put it on the market, it took a while to actually sell it. So we had it for around 6 years after we’d moved out of it as our main home. We’d go up there for Christmases sometimes, or Thanksgiving holidays. Other times, I’d use it as a place to crash for a ski weekend, or whatever. My brother lived there for a while when he was trying to figure out what to do with his life after graduating from high school. Anyway, we visited it quite often. And it was by far the most haunted house we’d lived in throughout my life.

So one night during this particular trip, I had gotten up to use the bathroom (like ya do) in the middle of the night. When I was finished, I shut off the light, and opened the bathroom door. And right then, I saw something – not sure what – coming up the stairs from the level below me, which then took a detour through the wall, which went into a hallway I was facing that was directly across from the opening to the bathroom, and then it went through the next wall and INTO MY BEDROOM!

Ok, I know that we all think our instinct would be to run far, far away from something like that when we see it. Hell, before it happened, that was exactly how I expected myself to react. But instead, I felt very strong all of a sudden, and my main instinct was actually to walk straight into my room, and look for this thing, whatever it was. And so I did. And my room was empty. So I flung open the closet doors. Nothing. It had disappeared! (Even thinking back on it now gives me goosebumps!)

And just as easily as if nothing had ever happened at all, I turned from the closet, got into bed, and went back to sleep without any issue.

The best way I can describe what I saw was a white form. It was glowing softly, and it moved FAST. It wasn’t in the shape of a person, per se, but it was as tall as a grown up. Maybe slightly taller than me, if I had to specify.

And my only “logical explanation” for it was that I’d just come out of a lit room into an almost completely pitch black space. So maybe it was a trick of light with my eyes? But the problem I have with that is that (a) this thing went through walls…2 of them, to be exact; and (b) I had done that same thing (i.e. come out of the lit bathroom into a dark hallway space), many, many, many times throughout the years, and had never seen anything like that before, so why would it do it that one time? (I’ve never experienced anything like it since then, either.)

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, my friends. I think I’ve told the story about the drunk boyfriend that was being hugged by an unseen force once in that same mountain house. I don’t know where it is in the archives, but it’s there. Not to mention the stories other family members have with that same house, as well as the one in Whittier. And the Twin has some doozies when it comes to the house my dad currently lives in in O.C.

So let’s see…I don’t know who’s been tagged already! So I’ll tag the following, and if you already did it, then ok. If not, write your story!

Lyn (I know it’s not what you usually write about, but whatever!)
Joelle (Not that she has time to read this, usually, but one never knows...)
Coley (If she isn't busy having a baby...)


faithstwin said...

Ohhh! I do have some doosies. I'll post them later this afternoon. There will even be aduio/video in mine- to back up one of my stories. Because we all love A/V moments. Wheee!

Spyder said...

#3 it going into your room....freaky!!

Alisha said...

Can I email you my 3, since I don't have a blog nor was I tagged but you know I love this shit!? I don't think we ever traded stories of our experiences....

Faith said...

I'd love to hear about your experiences, Alisha! And I made it into a 3-parter...since it was hard to nail down just one in my case. And I'm such a wordy bitch. :)

Alisha said...

Good, I was gonna anyway! ;P

Chunsundo said...

Hey, there! I stumbled upon your blog tonight. I've been having feelings lately; nothing really concrete, just feelings.

I just built and moved into a brand new house. My first couple of nights here I didn't have tv, just radio while I moved in. I know all new houses, and old ones, settle and make noises. But some of the noises I hear are not normal house noises. At least twice during the first week I would hear voices while I was downstairs in the media room. The voices were coming from another open room as you come downstairs. It wasn't one voice or two but sounded like a bunch of people chattering; like they were excited. After the third time of hearing this, I just said, "I know you're hear." I haven't heared them since. I live here alone except when my two teenage sons come and visit every other weekend.

I've been looking for people to talk to about this and other experiences I've had in the past. Your comment about the new house you lived in caught my attention!

Nice to meet you all!

Faith said...

You might want to check out a site like Ghoststudy, Chunsundo. This blog isn't paranormal based...I was just telling some stories from when I was growing up for the meme that's going around right now, is all. I don't usually talk about paranormal stuff out here, for the most part.

But it sounds like you have interesting things in the house! Join the Ghoststudy boards...or just read them for a while (which is what I do to get my online paranormal fix). They're fun! And the people on them seem really supportive.

lyn said...

this was my best shot.