Thursday, January 31, 2008

Acting while drunk.*

*Just a disclaimer: sometimes the titles of my posts have absolutely nothing to do with the content. It's just something that's in my head to kick things off, usually. Let's just call it a late rebellion for all those papers and shit that I had to write in high school and college. The title today, for example, refers to the thought that I often have in my head when I watch old movies with folks like John Barrymore, Spencer Tracy, and the like, and have a hard time reconciling myself to the fact that they're basically absolutely blotto as they're doing their job. Spencer Tracy was pretty successful at it, not so much for Barrymore. Anyway, that's what that's about.

Leo and I discussed things a bit further last night with regards to the house. We're probably going to give up the dream of having a 2 car garage, and just add on the bathroom and then do a fairly modest kitchen redo, from the floors up. We can easily do all that within our budget, and it would add significant value to the house that we will have returned when we sell it, and all is happy and hunky dory again. (If the contractor we want to work with would just call me back, that is.) We're also going to finish the garage, which is something I've wanted to do since I moved in, so it'll be nice to finally get that done. We need actual walls in there...the former owners just put up some thick plywood on two of the walls, and one of them is just exposed insulation. I have to do laundry out there, and I HATE IT. So finishing it off will be nice, and hopefully we can get better insulation out there in the process, and put up proper storage. I'm looking forward to it.

I've gotten used to the muscle relaxers. I felt pretty sick at the end of the day on Tuesday, like I mentioned yesterday, but felt fine last night, and feel good today again. I don't know if I'm pain free because I constantly have Advil flowing through my veins, or if it's because my muscles are releasing their clench, but either way I'm quite pleased for now. I really need to look into different pillow options this weekend so I can start to fix the cause of the problem as best I can. We're already adjusting the workouts, and I'm working on my posture, so the pillow is the last step. I love the pillow I currently have, but I need another one under it to give a bit more support. I've always been a fan of multiple pillows, though, so this shouldn't be a tough change I hope.

I'm boring as hell today, so I'd better run. Hope you didn't fall asleep while reading!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Is evil just something you are or something you do?

I've been pain free for almost two days now. I'm trying to work on the posture, but it's tougher than I gave it credit for. Curling up in bed on my same ol' lovely pillow was the norm for me last night, and I gave in to it. Although not for long, as the dog decided to have one of her coughing attacks all night again. I really need to figure out how to help her out with her hairballs. If for no other reason than I'm worried about her choking on one at some point. They're really big sometimes!

Anyway, I'm getting used to the relaxers...I felt a bit nauseous yesterday afternoon and through dinnertime, but today has been successful thus far. I really hope they do the trick.

Leo and I are in a quandry with the house issue. I got news back yesterday from the one contractor that we were interested in working with that the plans from the architect are going to cost a good 10% of the total maximum amount we wanted to spend on the project, and I'm pretty sure it's not included in the price of the actual job, so it would be in addition to the building of the new space. Yikes! I need to talk to the contractor so I can better understand what the cost covers and what the advantage (if any) is to paying that kind of money to someone to draw up plans for the house and the addition onto the house, and all that. Also, it's just a ballpark figure right now, since the architect hasn't even seen the house. It could be less than what he's guessing at...but it could also be more. Double yikes!

I called and spoke to my dad about it and got his advice. He changed his mind about the idea of it, though (he originally suggested the remodeling project when Leo and I were home for Christmas), and started talking about Leo and I looking at an already existing house that has what we want for the amount of money our house will be worth after all the work. This isn't unlike him...he's good with information, but when it comes to his opinion on stuff I have to forget he's my dad and remember that he's just another dude that doesn't live in my house. (Example: He advised me to keep my old furnace and AC units last year when I was so intent on replacing them, because he felt that if they were still ok enough to be fixed when they broke, then why bother with replacing them? In the meantime, I went ahead with the project and am enjoying lower gas and electric bills thanks to the combination of the new thermostat and units along with the completion of the window replacement job we had done last spring. I'm really glad I didn't listen to him in that case. Plus, calling out a repair guy every few months gets tiring and just stupid after a while. Yeah, it would have been cheaper than replacing the units with our goal of moving out of the house and all, but it was not a selling point to any potential buyer, and seriously, having to call those repair guys got old.) I tried to explain to him how much better it will be to stay where we are and add maybe another $200 - $250 onto the mortgage payment each month as opposed to moving into an entirely new house, have to deal with all the costs associated with that, and then take on a mortgage that makes me uncomfy because it costs more monthly than I earn in a bi-weekly paycheck payment, and it seemed like he was seeing my side. But only for a minute. *sigh!* It was good to talk to him, though. I miss him.

So we're having a hard time figuring out what to do. Will the tandem garage be attractive to buyers? (In 5, 10, or even maybe - *gasp!* - 15 years down the road?) Or would it be better to have the yard space on that side in order to make up for the lack of it on the other side where we plan to install the bathroom? Should we expand the kitchen, or does that just add on additional costs that could easily be avoided since it functions pretty damned fine as is? If we do the tandem addition along with the bathroom addition, but make no change to the kitchen space, it creates a funky "U" shape to the back of the house that closes in the openness of the porch. How weird would that be?

All of these questions could be answered by looking at plans from an architect, but seriously...prohibitive pricing on the plans scares the shit out of me with regards to what could happen to the rest of the project if just the PLANS are going to cost that much.

I would gladly sit through a month of junior high again if it meant that I didn't have to deal with decisions like this anymore for a while. Gladly.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Very, very dumb...

I saw the news flash across the gym tellie this morning that some folks are willing to pay anywhere from about $2,500 - $19,400 for a superbowl ticket.

Um, do they know it's on t.v.? Just thought I'd ask because who the FUCK would pay so much for a stinking TICKET to a game? Why?


So, so very dumb, IMO.

Ok, as you were...

Is this what 'shrooms feel like?

Well, it’s official: my neck is fucked up. This wasn’t news to those of us that have my neck or have heard me complaining about the pain it’s been to me and my head for the last 5 weeks or so. But I just thought I’d state it clearly in case anyone had any doubts. It’s messed up, and needs fixing.

Apparently, the x-rays that were taken showed that my muscles in my neck are all “straight” which isn’t a good thing according to the doctor. She said something about how it proves that they’re in a constant spasm mode, and when they spasm, they push the bones all out of whack. Pleasant, no? (Umm, in case you were wondering, that would be a resounding "no.")

So she prescribed a mild muscle relaxer (called Skelaxin, for those drug nuts among you) that I need to take 3 times a day for the next week, along with 3 doses of Advil every day as well. I was trying to get away from that, but I guess one more week won’t hurt.

Ooh…my first dose of the muscle relaxer is starting to kick in right now. Wow. Weird.

Anyway, since the drug isn’t supposed to make me drowsy, but it probably still will (as with all drugs, it effects people differently), my caffeine dependence will last one more week as well. I went the whole day yesterday without it. But I don’t need any help feeling sleepy in my Tuesday afternoon staff meeting I have to attend today, and feel the rest of the week will benefit greatly from my being on the caffeine to help with the awakeness. So I’ll give it another go with kicking the habit next week after the muscle relaxers are gone.

Seriously…this feels so weird. Geez.

I have been successful in the no alcohol rule, though, which is a good thing because I definitely need to avoid alcohol while on the drugs. It hasn’t been too hard…there were some moments on Saturday night when I wanted to crack open a bottle and make myself a refreshing vodka soda, but I bought juice at the store and mixed a small amount of that with soda instead. Not only did that help with the alcohol thing, but it helped with the avoiding Diet Pepsi thing, too. Yay for Juicy Juice!

My personal trainer and I are going to work on fixing whatever it is that’s led me to this point of strain on my neck, too. We think we identified some of the moves that cause it to happen today, but will keep working on it over the next week or so. But he’s also going to take it easy with me for now, so that sounds good. A lot of it is the slumping forward that’s caused by my boobage and heavy belly. We worked on my posture during workouts, as well as my chair posture while at work (which I’m consciously making an effort to focus on right now, but lemme tell ya…the muscle relaxers aren’t helping with that much. Woo!), and it’s become increasingly apparent that I really need to look into getting the reduction within the next couple of years. It’ll be a good thing, I know it will. But I need to make sure I have plenty of time off from work built up, and of course plenty of cash to be able to spend on the surgery. Neither of those things are in abundance at this point, what with the time off I took last year creeping into my store of time off from this year as it was, and then the addition on the house looking to cost a fairly significant chunk o’ cash and all (duh, right?). So the boobs will have to wait. And in the mean time, I must work on posture in general, which I thought I was doing pretty good with, but I was off on my thinking there. I’m currently tucking my hips so they’re more under my waist, pushing out my chest and pushing back my shoulders and engaging my belly so that it’s supporting the posture better. Doing all this while sitting and keeping my feet flat on the floor is hard. For me, anyway. I’m kind of a tuck-one-foot-under-my-ass-and-sit-on-it kinda girl while at the computer. So this makes me feel like a tool and it’s hard. Blech.

But if it’ll help the neck, I’m all for it.

I need to find a new way to sleep, too. I’m hunching while I sleep on my side, and it’s finally taking a toll. The trainer suggested two pillows if I can’t get used to sleeping on my back. I HATE sleeping on my back…it gives me nightmares, and I don’t wind up with a good night’s sleep. Besides, sleeping on your back is a great way to get yourself snoring. I would hate to be a snorer, so I try to avoid it due to that reason as well.

So that is the update for now. No alcohol, back on caffeine after a one day respite, and I’m a druggy. Awesome.

Also, what is it with people looking at me, seeing my 190 (ok, ok...193) pound frame and assuming that I'm some weak-ass loser that doesn't work out and have any strength at all? I can understand...the facade o' boob doesn't help. And my belly is a significant one, and is the main reason I push myself to workout like I do since I don't want to wind up being a statistic with the whole apple-body-type-having-heart-disease dealio. But he-llloooo! Feel the arm! Challenge me to a sit-up contest...I dare ya! The doctor yesterday was all, "Well, when you work out, you're probably over-compensating by tensing your neck up due to a lack of core strength, blah, blah, blah...weak belly muscles, etc, etc..." And I said, "Well, first of all, I'm actually quite strong. I've been working out with the trainer for a year and a half, and my core is my good point. So if I'm tensing my neck, its incidental and not consciously done, so I need to look into that." I figure that somehow, my form must suffer when my trainer isn't there with me on the days when I work out without him. Also, the way I work out at home probably isn't helping. When I have presses that I usually do on a bench at the gym, I actually lie on a floor cushion to give myself some elbow room, and hang off one edge of it with my head and shoulders suspended in the air. Yeah. Now that I think about it and say it "out loud" I realize how stupid it is. I need to get a bench, dammit.

Ok, I'd better get moving. Agendas to create, computers to kick the ass of (if my Outlook keeps giving me trouble, I swear I'm going to ignore it all day! Let's see how it likes that!), and people to help. La la la...

Monday, January 28, 2008

Old news...

I finally went through and loaded a bunch of photos that my best friend had sent me that she and her hubby took at the wedding, so I thought I'd share. I think this first one is actually one that my older sister took, but I can't's one of me and dad walking down the aisle.

Here we were at the hotel in his room taking pictures before the wedding. He's so handsome...
And this is one that I'm so glad that my friend took! Otherwise I wouldn't have any way of sharing the photos of the decor with you guys, since my photog owns the rights to the photos she took and I can't save them to my computer to even just share them online with everyone. Anyway, this is what our tables looked like. Any other seriously anal bride might have been bothered by the fact that the chair ties were all uneven, and that the napkins were placed somewhat crooked on the table. But not me...nuh-uh! I didn't notice it until I saw the pictures. Which goes to show how important shit like that really is to me at the time it's happening. What was important to me right then was (a) having a drink and getting some food, and (b) greeting our guests and hanging out at the cocktail reception. By the time the dinner/dance reception started, all of the people in the room distracted me from the mess that the decor was (look at the wrinkly way the table cloth is on the table! GAH!), and it didn't really matter any more since we all just wanted dinner and then to get on with the dancin'!
Before all that, though, Leo and I cut our cake. We had no idea what we were doing, so our coordinator gave us some pointers and we let rip through the second layer there. See our cute jack-o-lantern groom's cake? It was was the only thing that survived as leftovers from all the reception food that was packed up to go home with us.
Unfortunately, we didn't go home-home that night, so the food went with the Twin to her hotel room, where it sat out and rotted all night because all she had in her room was a little fridge that comes with standard hotel rooms these days. All those delicious meat balls and the hummus from the cocktail reception were wasted. Sucked, but what could we do?

And here are the Twin and our best friend from junior high, relaxing in the limo after the wedding as we drove around and took pictures at Loose Park and on the Plaza. Actually, judging from the scenery behind them in the window (which includes the Bentley that Leo and I were in - that's it right above best friend's head!), we were done with photos at that point, and were on our way to the Boulevard Brewery for the reception.

They both looked gorgeous that day, and looking back, I wish I'd asked one of them do my makeup instead of having it done professionally and everything. *sigh!* Ah, the things we would change if we could! (Not that they would have been able to help much, since they both have kiddos and everything.)

Ok, today I'm dealing with a low-lying headache that I'm trying to put up with since I'm going to the doctor today and want to be able to better pin-point the pain that I have from my shoulder issue. It's not as bad today as it was yesterday, I must say. That's definitely a plus. Wish me luck with figuring out what's up!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Moments in the mind of...

Updated to include the picture plundered and stolen from the Celestial Seasonings website of the ever-so-graphic drawing depicting their version of honeybush tea. All I can say is, of all the bushes, honeybush definitely sounds the most pleasant to me. (And it tastes delicious!)


I'm making iced tea for myself this morning. Yummy "Peach Apricot Honeybush" teabags from Celestial Seasonings are caffeine free and after I've made regular tea in my mug at work, I just dump it into my Bubba Keg filled with ice and voila! Iced tea. Takes a couple of mugs to get it done, but it's worth the wait. I'm not in the mood for Diet Coke today, but I'm not in the mood for flavorless water, either.

I'm going to try giving up the caffeine, by the way. I'm thinking that it isn't helping my head any, and what with all the drugs I'm taking lately to try to stave the head and neck pain (Advil Cold & Sinus = my vicodin!), I'm figuring it can only help in the long run. So I'll finish off the bottle of Diet Pepsi w/ Lime I have in the fridge at home this weekend, and then I'll attempt to go caffeine free next week. Wish me luck!

I've had something on my mind for the past couple of months since the wedding. It comes and goes, really, but it's a thought that's there at times, and I don't know how to process it. When I was dancing with my father to a longer-than-expected version of "La Vie en Rose" as sung by Edith Piaf, he looked at me at one point, and then hugged me close and said, "I'm so proud of you!" I, of course, told him I wouldn't be the person I am without him in my life, and we continued to dance and chit chat until the song ended. It was a great moment that I'm so happy to have the memory of!

But ever since then, I get the thought creeping into my head that he said that because (a) the song was going on for longer than we expected it to - I would have chosen a different version than what the DJ chose, although they're all very pretty of course, and (b) it's just one of those things a parent says at a moment like that.

My dad's not an insincere man, though, so why the hell would my brain get stuck on something like this?

I'm broken, dammit. I need fixing...

Thursday, January 24, 2008


My neck pain is seriously starting to get to me. Anyone ever go to the Headache and Pain Center? I might need to check them out. (I'm anti-chiropractor, so thanks in advance, but I'm not interested in that as a solution.) At this point, I'm thinking shock therapy is one of my only options. Hell, I might just have my neck removed and not worry about pain in that area ever again!

We're supposed to have fish that I bought the other day and have been planning on cooking up. It will be ok if I wait until tomorrow or Saturday to cook it, but I feel bad about ignoring it the way I have. I want sushi instead, though. Still fish! Just not fish I cooked. Or made. Or...whatever.

I lost my hairbrush, and so my hair has looked like shit for the past two days. Yesterday was I wrangled it into ponytails, which I usually try to avoid at work seeing as I'm 34 and kind of beyond the ponytails in the office stage of life, but it looks infinitely better than it did yesterday so I'm hoping people will look past the ponyness of the hair and just appreciate the effort I made to look better than I did without them. Where the fuck is my hairbrush, though? It was a nice brush...hate to have to shell out money to replace it when it couldn't have gone far, really. It's a fucking brush. What, did it sprout legs and run away? Didn't it know how fucking COLD it is outside right now and how good it had it in my house?

Speaking of which, when the weather channel reports the temperature as "bitterly cold," you know you don't have much to look forward to when heading outside. The sun is taunting us from the sky..."Hi! I'm heeere! You can't feel me, but I'm here. See? I'm all bright and fun and sunny - duh! Anyway, sorry about the coldness! Not my fault, really..." In weather like this, I just wish it would dump a shit ton of snow and be done with it already. But no...we just get cold. Mutherfuckin' cold. With no other side effects except a crappy looking car that you can't wash unless you want your doors to freeze shut. Sucks.

Ok, I'm off to take another dose of Advil. And to look up a doctor that might be covered by my insurance that can possibly help me fix whatever the hell I did to my neck to make it hate me like it does. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Along those same lines...

Sizzle had a post from Sunday (hey, the week has been SUPER busy, so I'm just catching up, ok?) that kind of brought up nasty feelings in me again when I read it just now.

Over the weekend, Leo and I were able to make it in to the Moose for some football and a fun visit with our friends on Sunday afternoon. While I wasn't in the mood for the place on Saturday, by the time Sunday rolled around, I was back on the socializing horse, and made my way down there at about 1:45.

I met up with my friends Dave and Robert at the bar, as usual, and immediately took notice of a really obnoxious group of people at a table not far from where we were sitting. They were playing quarters, yelling loudly, laughing annoyingly, and in general just really out of place for a Sunday crowd at the Moose. The morning host passed by me and said, "They were singing a while ago, so they're actually getting better, believe it or not. They've been here since 10:30." WTF for? I asked. He didn't know.

A little while later, we found out it was a birthday celebration, as they had decided to sing/slur "Happy Birthday" to the one girl that was with them. Ah. Mystery solved, then.

Most people in the bar were annoyed by them all along with us. The management was doing nothing to quiet them down. (Apparently they had already tried that a couple of times earlier in the day, but they would only calm down for about 5 minutes and then get gradually raucous again. So there wasn't much use to trying.) At one point, the single guy in the group got amorous, and started wandering and trying to talk to ladies he thought were single. The first one I saw was a really pretty blond in a red shirt. I was on my way to the bathroom when I noticed he had plopped himself down next to her at her table. She complained immediately to management, I heard, but it wasn't long before the guy she was meeting showed up - a big, burly, handsome guy that could kick the single asshole's ass from there to downtown if he wanted to - and she was safe from his advances.

He tried again with another girl that came in and sat unfortunately within the sights of the drunk bastard. She, too, had a guy friend show up a short time later, which was apparently the only thing that managed to get this guy to shove off. (Ever run into one of those types, ladies? The kind of guy that just won't go 'way, even though you've said to them in no uncertain terms "I am NOT interested!"? God, they suck.)

At one point, this guy was sitting at the end of the bar, obtaining, for some inane reason, even MORE drinks for himself (and possibly one of the other people...that wasn't entirely clear to me, actually). Leo was talking to a coworker of his that came in to join us for drinks, and they were discussing pilates vs. yoga. He turned to me to get my help in explaining the difference in the two to his work buddy. I kind of gestured with my hands and explained that to me, pilates is much more GRRR! [hand motion of a claw in the air], whereas yoga is much more aaaahhhh...[hands fall down to side as head lolls back with a sigh]

Jackass was at the end of the bar, as previously mentioned, and decided it was time for him to join the convo. He said, "Oh, so you're a hater," to me.

*blink, blink*

"Um, no. Not hating. Just explaining the diff..." He interrupted me there to say, "I just felt like joinin' in the convessashun wasn invited to. Sorry 'bout that. But so you're hatin' right?"

"No, I mean, I'm hating on your general group of friends that you're with, but I'm not alone in that hate [sweeping arm gesture through the bar area], as we all wish you would leave. But what I was talking about was the difference I feel there is between pilates and yoga. Not hating on it, though." I felt I needed to further clarify that for this dimwitted asshole. Don't know why. I was trying to remain jovial, I s'pose.

Then he said, "Well, you need more of both of them, that's for sure."

I just kind of stared at him wondering if he really just said that to me. In the meantime, he again slurred a bit about being an asshole for interrupting the conversation, and wandered back to his table with his two drinks in hands...(All I could think was that he at least knew he was an asshole, not that that was very soothing really.)

As they sat and sang and laughed and bugged us for another 45 minutes or so, I tried to forget that I wanted to kick that guy in the nuts, and had another beer and enjoyed unencumbered-by-depression-time with my friends as best I could. The bartender started making more beers for them. I complained. They were drunk enough as it was. The bartender said he'd heard what that guy had said to me, and he was sorry, but management hadn't given him the go ahead to cut them off. I said, "You heard that? Could you believe that guy?" He just shook his head and said he was a big asshole.

About a half hour later, they were cut off. One of them had thrown up in a urinal in the men's room, so no more alcohol for them! (Gee, good idea guys!)

I was still bothered by the comment as I got ready for bed that night. I yelled a bit at Leo for not defending me, but he was so caught up in conversation with his buddy from work, I didn't blame him much. Plus, fighting with a drunk asshole is a big waste of time. They don't know what they've done, they aren't worth the energy, and it'll all come back 'round to bite them in the ass anyway, so one really should just be the bigger person in those cases.

But it still bothers me. That this guy thought it was his place to say something about the state of my body. As if he KNOWS what I do on a daily/weekly/monthly basis to try to stay in shape. He doesn't know that I'm battling depression and aches and pains and getting out of bed in the morning is a feat I tackle every single day. He doesn't know that I get my ass kicked by a personal trainer twice a week and probably have stronger core muscles than his drunk ass could ever dream of having. He doesn't know that most of my facade is boob, and under that boob is one HELLUVA strong chest, which is connected to some very strong arms, and I don't have very happy nails right now, so breaking one in the process of punching his face? Wouldn't have been that bigga deal to me, really.

So to those of you who are "disgusted" by fat people, or who think they should speak up when they feel someone might benefit, in their oh-so-honest opinion, from some pilates or yoga, or who think that it's appropriate in any way, shape, or form to express their thoughts on a perfect stranger's state of being just because they happen to share a room with them for a few hours of an afternoon: Shut yer traps.

You DON'T know me. And you don't wanna.

No offense...

Ok Heath baby...we're moving on now. Because, um, well...we don't know you. So we wish your family the best, and are very sorry you're gone. (We loved you in 10 Things I Hate About You, btw...we wish that movie had called for partial/full nudity in a scene or two, in fact.)

On to things that are actually happening in my life now...

So. We painted the kitchen a lovely blue/lilac/lavender color which we picked out because of how well it went with our cabinets and the white trim and the black appliances (which I have since decided need to be upgraded if we're gonna be living in this house for another 5 years, dammit, so we'll be getting a new oven after the new floor goes in...), as well as the new floor "tiles" we'd picked out for our kitchen. See the pretty blue?...

Ah, getting into that soffit above those cabinets is soooo much fun! Next time I do it, I'll make sure to get video or at least pics of it, because it's gotta be a flattering angle of my ass that gets exposed. Plus I get ceiling in my hair while I'm up there, so that's always neat to see.
Here are a few of the floor tiles I layed out to see how they looked when there were more than just one of them lying in our kitchen. See, the middle has some blue in it, which was what we were matching the paint up to initially. But then I laid them out and looked at them and felt like they made my kitchen look like a Shakey's Pizza Parlor, and I didn't like it. (And don't ask me why I think of Shakey's when I look at them...any pizza place would do, really. But it's what popped up in my head when I saw it, is all.)
So I tossed and turned that night (no, really...), and then I thought that maybe a diamond pattern would work better, and make it look less pizza parlorish.
Nope. *sigh!*

So we decided that we're probably going to give up on the peel-and-stick vinyl tiles, and talk to the guy that we're thinking of using for the wood floor refinishing about tiling the kitchen with actual, real live tiles. Like grown-ups use in their big fancy houses. We looked at some the other day at the 'Po, and found that there are plenty of affordable options out there. But I know it will probably add on a ton of cost labor-wise, since the old peel-and-stick floor probly needs to come out and all that before they can lay the real tile. I dunno...we're meeting the guy tonight, so we'll see.

Here's a gratuitous shot of me as I helped paint in the front bedroom. No reason for it really...I had called Leo over to get a shot of how the dog was behaving as I tried to cut against the trim, since she was totally staring me down nose-to-nose as I leaned over to do the painting, but she ran over to see him when he grabbed the camera because she's such an attention whore, and then Leo liked the cleave so he decided to get a shot of that and I was making some comment to the dog about how being an attention whore is SOOOO unattractive, and just thought you guys might like to see the resulting shot. Don't I look pretty? Isn't my cleave awesome? (I hate it, but to each their own. I know some people like that sort of thing, so there ya have it.) And look! I'm really painting! So I'm not just saying I'm doing it all this time! Got pretty good at the cutting thing on that project...

So there's that. The "new" kitchen will be complete once we get the new oven and dish washer and floor, and I'll take more pics then. In the meantime, I'm gonna go, as I have a pressing meeting with Mr. Brown.

Ok, ok...

So the death of Heath Ledger is a tragedy, and I don't want it to seem like I was making light of it by mentioning Tom Crazy, or following what the initial reports were about where he was found and all that stuff. It was a quick blurb in the news that surprised me, not that there was any reason for that surprise since I don't even know the guy, but as we all know, when it comes to movie stars passing, they hit us in odd ways because of how we're exposed to them and their lives, etc, there's that. I saw the news literally minutes before I was planning on shutting down my computer and heading out of the office at the end of a terribly busy day, and just wanted to share that I was surprised by it, was all.

Sounds like a truly sad case, after what they reported on GMA this morning about it. Like the Twin said, not being able to sleep can make one absolutely buggy...I used to experience long periods of insomnia every summer when school was out while in high school. And the older I got, the worse it got. It wasn't as noticeable in college, but I think that's because I had it more often rather then just in the summer when I was out of school. But it wasn't ever bad enough for me to try to drug myself for sleep, and for that I'm grateful.

Anyway, sounds like he was really, really stressed, and had a lot on his mind. And however it was that he passed (whether it was suicide or just accidental - which is what I'm thinking happened), it's really none of our business, and I hope his family is able to grieve in peace and find a way to cope with the suddenness of it all. It's always sad when someone dies young.

More on the house stuff later. Just wanted to say this first...

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ok, you guys are so lucky Tuesday is a dead night for t.v...

(Oh...sorry Heath. Didn't mean it like that. Jeez...)

One thing I learned long ago when I first moved into my home and started the job of painting the kitchen was that the area around the oven/stove is often a place overlooked when it comes to the standard cleaning process week to week. I'm all over cleaning the top of the stove. Or the front of the oven door, of course. (And that's the 2nd time I've started to spell "of" the wrong way, dammit...when talking about ovens, one's natural tendency makes one want to spell it "ov" apparently.) But moving the oven away from the wall and cleaning in between it and the cupboards isn't high on my priority list. And I remember all those years ago when I moved in and found that it really should be. But then I forgot. And so this is what happened...

Ho-HOOOO! You think that is bad? Look at the crap that gathers at the bottom after it slides it's way down...
Seriously, how do we not have mice, rats, or roaches?


So, painting behind the stove/oven makes one realize how very important it is to keep things clean again. And here we are back at the starting point...
Here's a gratuitous cutting-in shot. Wanted to document what color the walls were when I first moved in (I never painted the area behind the oven because, well, why?) and then the color I painted it when I moved in (a lovely skin/putty color that kind of matches the countertops more than I ever realized now that I look at this photo), and the lovely lavender/blue color we chose to go with our new floors. Which we're now re-thinking. But I'll post more about that tomorrow...

By the way, the other day, I was recounting a story to my boss about how every time I think of the vendors that are trying to get in and have appointments with him, I can't help but have the sound of PeeWee in my head as he says, "Aaahhh! Salesman!" And when I started telling him the story, I was all, "Wait, did you ever watch PeeWee's Playhouse?" And he got this excited look on his face and said, "I LOVE PeeWee's Playhouse! Hell yeah, I watched it!" And then I told him about my inner voice issues when it comes to the vendors, and he giggled, and all was right in the world again.

My boss loved PeeWee's Playhouse. He is so awesome...


Holy cow. Well, looks like my week is going better than at least one person's thus far. Heath Ledger is DEAD? What. The. Fuck, dude.

Jeezy, and it just gets more weird by the minute...he was found in M.K. Olsen's home? I'd better get my ass to the supermarket before they tell us that they also found Tom Cruise there attempting to intervene with his corpse and get him to convert to Scientology...

Before my head explodes...

Ok, quicky update for now, and then I have pictures and fun stuff later this week for those who are interested in the new paint job in the kitchen...

- Due to changes at work, Leo and I will not be searching for a new house at this point in time. This has added a considerable amount of heaviness to the depression I was already dealing with prior to now, but I'm trying to shake it as best I can.

- What we WILL do instead is add on to the house. Know any good contractors? Drop me a note. (We'll be adding a bathroom to our bedroom, thereby creating a "master suite" which will involve the removal of a large and mess-producing, albeit beautiful, tree in the backyard. We're also trying to figure out how to make the garage a 2-car garage, so that should be interesting...)

- I'm quitting drinking as of yesterday. The alcohol does NOT HELP with the depression (duh), so I'm letting it go, effective immediately.

- I'm considering taking some time off that I don't have to take. I don't care....I need another weekend visit with my dad and stepmom, which has become increasingly apparent over the last 2 weeks or so. I'm thinking I'll be heading back to Cali the weekend after my birthday, if my boss gives me the go ahead on taking the Friday and Monday wrapping around it off. He has so many other things to deal with right now, I'm sure he'll be fine with it. (I'll have my laptop with me, dammit...) I have yet to discuss this plan with Leo, but hopefully he'll understand. I just came up with it this morning, so I'll chat with him about it tonight. Seeing as I've been treating him like dirt lately, I'm sure he'd welcome the time away from me.

That's it for now! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine was productive, as you'll see after I post the pics of the kitchen redo tomorrow...

Friday, January 18, 2008


Alright you were.

Friday, schmiday

Well this day is getting off to a rip-roaring start. Let me just say at the outset that I'm having a shitty morning. Thank you.

However, that might be because I wish that I was still at the meet up, drinking beers and chatting with everyone. We had a great time last night, all! So good to see you guys, and wish more of the familiar faces were there, although I'm not sure where we would have all fit had there been more of us. :) There's discussion about the next one possibly being held on the Kansas side (*gasp!*), in JoCo no less!! (*gasp!gasp!*) We'll see...I'm just hoping we can get together in a relaxed place that maybe isn't so brightly lit. What's with all these restaurants being so bright and shit lately? It does nothing for my complexion, so I apologize to those of you who had to see me lit like that. Blech.

Tonight, Leo and I will be tossing back several glasses of wine and some random dinner as we finish the painting in the kitchen. It's near done, but the spots above the cabinets, and possible little touching up that needs to happen is what we have to complete. Its very exciting to all of you, I'm sure, so I'll just go ahead and leave you on the edge of your seats on that one. (I did take video the other night of it's if Leo and I could just figure out how to load it into the computer, we'd be golden.)

I've gotta go...meeting about to happen. Later!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

It's true I never run, but I always wear mascara!

You Are Pink!

Tough. Sexy. Tough. Soulful. Tough.
Guys are both attracted and scared of you.
"I've been the girl with her skirt pulled high
Been the outcast never running with mascara eyes"

Holy crap! I never woulda guessed that I had 'er in me. But the tough, sexy, and soulful bit? Oh, hell yeah.


This story reminded me of this Far Side cartoon...a fave of mine from long, looonng ago...

I actually was just thinking about that cartoon when I was in the shower yesterday morning. Coincidence? I think not.
It's muthafuckin' COLD outside. The poor decision to go to the gym this morning led me to a steering wheel-gripping drive down I35, where I thought things were going rather well until I hit 119th Street, at which point my car started to lose control at all speeds above 30, and I was very grateful I only had 2.5 miles to travel on that ice rink instead of having to continue on to further destinations down the freeway. It was AWFUL. There weren't too many cars off the road up to that point, but as soon as I noticed the lack of grip, that was when I also noticed the increase in cars that were on the side. Tsk, tsk! Need to slow down out there, people!
I went for my massage last night, and feel like I've been given a good beating today. My neck is still hurting, but I now have the added benefit of being a bit swolen and bruised in some places. I'm sure it's going to help in the long run, but even having my trainer touch my shoulder hurt this morning, so I don't know how I'm staying so positive about it all.
Tonight is the Blogger Meetup downtown, though! Cafe Al Dente in the Rivermarket (at 4th and Delaware) starting at 5 p.m. Leo and I won't get there until around 6, but we're planning on having dinner there, so we'll stick around until at least 8, I bet. Looking forward to seeing a lot of you bitches out there! Don't let the snow getcha down...I'm hoping that the roads will be treatable by midday (part of the problem with them this morning was that it was too cold for salt/gravel to have any effect on them...yikes!), so by tonight things should be clearer, right? Hell, I want a calzone, dammit!
And do not ask me what is up with the spacing in this fucking post. I put the picture in first, which usually keeps this sort of shit from happening, but it's not in the mood to be nice today, apparently. I've tried to fix it 3 times now. I give up!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Well that's a shocker.

Breaking news on MSNBC: Clowns Scare Kids

Short article that speaks to a study they did on children in hospitals and how they respond to visits from clowns meant to cheer them up while they heal, or what have you.

Clowns SUCK. I cannot figure out what kind of person grows up and wants to BE a clown. The whole lot of 'em just need to evolve out, already, dammit...

Holy smokes, as my boss would say...

My boss is so funny. He says things like "holy smokes" when he's expressing surprise at something, and he openly states his desire to get rip-roaringly drunk at the end of a day like we had yesterday in this super-calm, wouldn't-know-he-had-a-bad-day-otherwise kind of tone of voice, but then admits that he has to pick up his daughter from gymnastics after he watches his son's basketball game, so he'd best avoid the drunkeness if he can. When he needs me to do something (something pertaining to my job duties, mind you), he asks, "Hey, can you do me a favor?" It's been a year now, and I can't believe how much I get paid for doing simple favors for my boss like setting up meetings and getting his expenses submitted. He really owes me, dammit!

My neck is JACKED UP! Really, really bad. It's been hurting for about 3 weeks now, and it's finally gotten to the point where its stiff to certain movements. Until this point, it hasn't been worse than just giving me a low-lying headache that I treat with a few Advil in the a.m. and then again in the p.m. But today is the day I say ENOUGH! I called my spa, and they fortunately have someone who has 45 minutes she can devote to my fucked up neck tonight! It's not my favorite masseuse, but I don't care. At this point, anyone devoting any kind of tissue rubbing on my left shoulder should help rub the knot out that's causing me so much fucking discomfort all day and night for the past 3 weeks. This chick is apparently their deep tissue specialist, so even better. Get down on it, I say. Get down ON IT!!

We're painting the kitchen today. And by "we" I mean Leo, of course. (Don't look at me like that...he's home at 3:30 today, and I don't get home until 5:30, if I'm lucky. It's just the way the cookie crumbles, yo!) His fabulous ass cleared out the kitchen yesterday in prep for the job, I cleaned the big bad spots on the walls that needed to be cleaned, and then he'll start in on the painting when he gets home from work today, he said. Yay! We haven't decided 100% on the new floor we bought. I laid down around 9 of the tiles over the weekend, and decided it looked suspiciously like a floor in a pizza parlor, or something. I tried diamonding the pattern so it wasn't just straight across the room, and I can't tell if it helped or not. We have a floor guy coming over on Monday to give us a quote on the refinishing of the wood floors, and he also does other flooring, so we're going to look into how much it would be to actually tile the floor in the with actual TILES and everything. No matter what, the new paint color is lovely (blue!), so as soon as that's up, I'll take some pics and share with everyone. Seems like it's been too long since I've posted any pictures...

Ok, I'm off to do some favors for my boss! Later...

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Damned straight!

Alisha was right in her comment on my last post...Leo and I don't give a flying fig about schools. Unless you're talking about obedience schools for our dogs. But even then, we aren't too choosy.

We don't plan on having children. I'm MUCH too selfish for that sort of thing! (Don't you know me at all???)

Actually, I was one of those women that was born without the nurturing instinct. No ticking clocks, no babies on the brain, no wondering how/when/where I'm gonna get knocked up already! (I was born without tonsils, too, but that possible correlation has since been put to rest as the Twin - also born without tonsils - was a ticking clock since we were about 7 until she was able to have her two girls. I think they've pretty well silenced the clock for her at this point, but I could be wrong...) Fortunately, I was able to convince Leo to marry me anyway. He's never been sure about whether he wanted kids, and we do talk about possibly adopting at some point, but it would be further down the line and he'd have to be Mr. Mom in that case. (He'd be GREAT at it!) I personally think we'll be puppy owners forevah and that's it. But who knows?

There is something flattering in the fact that you guys want us to move to your neighborhoods, or what have you. Again, have you met me? Hi. I'm a pain in the ass. (Although we do throw a mean party or two come spring/summer. Leo makes margarrritas and has a bocce ball set that seems like fun.)

My head hurts today, and it's Tuesday Meeting Day, so things are busy. Just wanted to drop by and say hello and see what everyone else is up to. Anyone catch the latest on Britney and her lil' sister? Such a nice family there...such fine, upstanding young women. *sigh!*

The Twin does a rockin' impression of Britney, by the way. Cracks my ass up.

Ok, really, I'm gonna go now...

Monday, January 14, 2008

Um, excuse me?

Another thing that happened yesterday that I found a bit irksome was when we were going through our third open house...a place on Mission Road that is well within our price range, has a huge yard and an oversized 2 car (albeit detatched) garage, and a reasonable level of cuteness to it. But it's on a busy street and has a fugly view and some very odd layout issues that make it slightly less than attractive overall.

The current owners decided to put what looks like wood flooring on the ceiling throughout the main living and dining space, which looks much cooler in person than it did online, but still...weird. (Leo said later that it looked like they were trying way too hard when they rehabbed what they chose to rehab, and it didn't work. Like the addition of the tiny half-bath in the former has a folding door on it like you'd find on a closet instead of a regular and real door. And no offense to any of my friends, but if you're over at my house to watch a game, I don't need you peeing that close to the chips and dip, mkay? It was weird and out of place and they really should have just sprung for the real door when they created the space.) So I mention the wood floor stuff on the ceiling to the realtor...just sort of small talk because she's one of those clingy types that won't let us wander and look around on our own, and I say something about how it's kind of an interesting treatment for the roof.

And she immediately corrects me by saying, "Ceiling." That's it. Just says the word "ceiling". And then she went on to say that she's not sure what it actually is, but it does look like wood flooring materials, that's for sure.

Um, bitch? You're trying to sell a house that was GROSSLY overpriced in the first place (they apparently were asking $260,000 or something for this 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath originally), and even though they've added their nifty little touches (including the oversized 2 car garage) and all, the $214,000 they're still trying to get for it...well, good luck as long as they're leaving things like old sweatpants and weird shit like that lying around in the basement for chrissakes. And if a prospective buyer wants to call the ceiling the wall, just let them call it what they do, ok? Because they sure as hell aren't going to forget that you fucking CORRECTED them when they were attempting to walk through the house you're showing. Dumbass.

It's mossy and gross down here.

I’ve slipped into a pretty deep funk again. I found it tough to come into work today, that’s how bad it is. And now Outlook is fucking with me, which isn’t helping!

We met a Newf over the weekend as part of the approval process for me and Leo adopting the dog we want. But after further discussion, and more and more thought on my part and further discussion with Leo, I’m going to back us out of the process today. I’m not in a place emotionally or physically right now to work on training a new dog to our environment. And I really, really don’t want to do that to Sophie or any other dog…we’re going to be moving soon, so having her move in and try to get used to things only to be up and moved again within 2 or 3 months? That’s not being a good adoptive parent, in my eyes. I’m sad about it for many reasons, but being level-headed about it all right now is the most important thing. Sophie is in a good foster home where she’s loved and cared for. Perhaps she’ll still be waiting for new parents in a few months when we’re in our new house, and we’ll be able to look into taking her in again. Who knows?

Leo and I went and did some open houses yesterday, which kind of weren’t as fun for me as they were last week when we went out and did them. The houses that are in our price range are…ok. But they’re all weird layouts, or there’s a washer and dryer in the kitchen, or the “master” bedroom doesn’t have a closet in it, and the bathroom is ridiculously tiny. We stopped by a house yesterday that we were unable to find any info online about prior to visiting. It’s not too far from our current house, and it’s a stone cottage, and it looked cute from the outside when we drove past it. But it wasn’t pulling up online at all, so I couldn’t find out how much it was or what it looked like inside or how many bedrooms it even had before we decided to drop by on Sunday. And oh, holy hell. There wasn’t even a garage. There had been one at one time, but they’ve since sealed it up and made it into more basement space (it was a tandem basement garage before), which isn’t exactly where I’d spend my money if I were the owner of this house. First off, it’s out of our price range, so wandering around inside of it was just done out of morbid curiosity on my part really. The next issue was the wallpaper…EVERYWHERE. Even on the ceilings. Except in the kitchen, which had a quaint tin ceiling going on which was nice. But that’s where the niceness ended! The bathrooms needed updating, the stove made the house smell like gas, and the floors need refinishing. The yard needed to be fenced in before we could consider moving a dog in. And no garage = no house for me. I need a garage, dammit!

Anyway, Leo thought that it was a workable house, and kept saying it would take some work but he could see fixing it up. He kept mentioning what he wanted to do with it, as though it was even close to being on a list of possible purchases for us. I lashed out pretty quick (thanks to my black mood and all), and reminded him that it wasn’t even in our price range, and no fucking way would I even want to live in a house like that if it WERE in our price range! Our ideas of what we want seemed to be miles apart, until we stopped at the last open house about 5 minutes before all the open houses became closed again. It was a lovely place in Fairway, on a quiet street not far from Shawnee Mission Parkway. It’s owned by an architect, and it is perfect. The kitchen is awesome, the space in the main living area is awesome, and the entire second floor had been finished as the master suite, with a fantastico bathroom…it was a dream house for us.

Too bad it’s about $200,000 outside of our price range! But we did meet a great realtor there who we might want to work with in our house search/the selling of our home. He gave me the number of a mortgage broker he trusts that he thought might be able to help me with my search for the perfect mortgage, too, so that was keen. Overall, it was far from being a wasted visit. Even though it makes me long even more for a house in a price range that just isn’t feasible for us right now.

The mood is dark and biting, though. I don’t know how to pull out of it, and feel like crying whenever I think of trying. I’m going to go get some work done now and see if that helps me at all. Looking forward to Thursday and seeing everyone again, though.

Friday, January 11, 2008


I'm having an absolutely horrible time with my sinuses right now. Yesterday a sinus headache started blooming in my head at around lunchtime, but I ignored it, and didn't have any meds with me to take for it anyway. By the time I was headed home (after having to stop at the supermarket for burger buns for our buffalo burgers we were having for dinner), I was crying, the pain was so bad. In the store, my eyes were just tearing up without me having any control over it, thanks to the bright lighting and the pain combined.

I got home, immediately took some Advil Cold & Sinus (my drug o' choice for my sinus attacks), changed into jammies, and crawled onto the couch to lay down under a blanket and wait for it to go away. Leo was there trying to sooth me...helping me with things like keeping the t.v. turned down and turning on the fan in the kitchen to help clear out the smell of the burgers he'd already cooked before I got home. (Usually I arrive home famished and tell him I wish he'd gotten dinner started already when it's his turn to make it. Last night, I was so nauseaus from the headache, the smell didn't help at. all.)

The headache went away for the most part within about a half hour. This morning, the weather guy said that a high pressure system is moving in, and specifically mentioned that people who tend to get migraines or have sinus issues will probably be feeling it right now - which I found odd, since they never really mention that sort of shit that I can recall. He also said that the system will stick around for a few days, so the issues those of us suffer from should subside as our heads adjust to the new air pressure, or whatever. I hope it's done with me by tomorrow...I still have it today, and already took my dose of Advil after I was done with my workout this morning.

I haven't had a headache that bad in a was to the point where I wished I could stick my fingers into my brain to relieve the pressure. Not that that makes any sense, really, but it did last night when all I could do was press my fingers against my temples and the bridge of my nose to try to give myself any kind of relief from the pain I was feeling.

So here's to hoping everyone else is surviving the weather ok wherever they are! We should be getting an update on my dad today, as he went to get his 2 months evaluation yesterday to see where his lung capacity is at...while I know it's probably gotten worse, I'm really hoping that means they can move him up on the lung transplant recipient list, or something. We'll see! (The Twin should be updating, I'd think. She's usually in the know on that sort of shit.) I've gotten a call about our application for Sophie, so looks like the next step will be a phone interview, and then hopefully a house visit, so they can continue to evaluate us as possible adoptive parents. Statia had mentioned in the comments on that post about how she had wanted a Newf for a long time, and then had the chance to visit with some friends that had one at one point. When she got home, she realized she was covered in slobber, and realized it might not be the dog for her. To which I say, INDEED. The Newfs...they slobber. Not as bad as something like Hooch, but it certainly can edge up to those lines. Our dog we had growing up was an outdoor dog. One of the pictures I have of her at home is one where she's just lying on a pile of snow...that's what she did in the winter time. Newfs need a lot of help keeping cool, and the slobber is part of that equation.

And the hair...oh, don't get me started on the hair! It's long, it's kinky when wet, and somehow, after you've had a Newf in the house for long enough, it manages to invade things like an uncracked egg its so pervasive.

As disgusting as it may sound, you get used to it. I'm a clean freak, and the idea of having a dog that slobbers and leave a trail of hair everywhere used to really wig me out. But now that I've had a dog for a while, I've gotten used to the cleaning up, the extra hair (as if mine wasn't bad enough...sheesh!), and the random spit being spread around. (Izzy is a licker. If her breath weren't so goddammed bad, it wouldn't be such a big deal, but sistergirl has some stinky-ass teeth, yo! Bleh!)

Anyway, I'm off to talk with the boss. He's been out of town for a few days, and now we need to catch up on things. I like to give him a little downtime to get settled and then POUNCE on him with all the meetings that have been requested. Because I'm twisted, if you didn't know...

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Well, ok then...

How evil are you?

The questions are funny! And I love the word "evil" so I couldn't pass it up. Twin should take the test, too, so we can finally get to the bottom of the question of who is the more evil of us twins! (I have the better evil laugh, but she has kids, so I'm willing to bet she has the evil eye thing down. It's a toss up, really...)

We might need some professional help...

Leo and I might be losing our marbles. I'm not sure, to be honest, and I don't know what he thinks about it.

We're currently finishing up all the last items on the fixing-up-the-house to-do list, contacting the floor refinishers, putting furniture in storage so we can stage properly, meeting with realtors, checking into loans, we're on that ball and it's rolling rapidly downhill toward the end of February at this point. (I'm so excited about a new house! GAH!)

But we also want to get another dog. We pulled out our copy of the Dog Bible to look at different breeds, but my heart is pretty well set on getting a Newf. Long, long ago, I was researching the move to obtain a Newfoundland dog of my very own, as it was the next step in my plan at the time. (The plan was as follows: get the new car; one year later, buy the house; one year after that, obtain the Newfoundland puppy.) The Newf societies are pretty serious around these here parts, and they had waiting lists for the puppies, and then I wasn't sure if I should get one, and somehow it got put off for a while, and then I met Leo, and my sister's dogs had the puppies and we got Izzy, and so it was just on the backburner, is the thing.

But Leo and I have been talking about our desire to get another dog for quite some time now. Izzy would love, love, LOVE a friend, and we'd love for her to have one, too. I, of course, want a Newf. Back when I was looking into getting one all those years ago, I was dating someone that told me about how there was a Newf rescue in Missouri that I should probably look into working through in order to get my dog when I decided it was time. I've retained that info over the years, and after Leo and I discussed the dog thing last week (he finally told me he had planned on getting me a Newf puppy for my birthday, which was very sweet, but then I explained to him how very difficult that process can actually BE, so he realized it wasn't as cut-and-dry as he'd originally thought...not to mention that pure bred Newf puppies can cost upwards of $1500 to obtain in the first place, so, yeah...there would have been that to deal with, too), it occurred to me that I should maybe look the Newf rescue up. And I did. So here it is. And so I looked up Kansas, and found this site. And then I looked at their current fosters, and found Sophie.

Now, Sophie couldn't look MORE like my original Newf - whom we named Tara - if she tried. I wish I had a picture of Tara to show you...maybe I can scan one later. We'll see. Because you have to see that she's basically her doppleganger. Seriously. And see how cute?
She's still a puppy, but looks like she's already up to about 40 - 45 pounds, I'd guess. I'd have to see her in person to know for sure. This picture helps a bit more with the guestimating...
Mmmm...maybe 55 pounds, now that I look at it. Anyway, she should grow to be about 130 at her full adult size. (Our Newf that I grew up with was at 135 for most of her adult life...she was too fat! But we liked her that way, dammit...) According to her foster parents, she's sweet as can be, is having a little bit of trouble with separation anxiety and howls a bit when her fave human leaves the house, but gets over it eventually, she loves her toys, is still trying to grasp the concept of "stay", but has "sit" and "lie down" pretty well mastered (even though she sometimes lies all the way down when you tell her to sit, but that's something I'm used to from Tara, as well as Izzy, who is "trained" in just about the loosest sense of the word!), and has minimal drooling issues thus far except for around dinner time. I fully expect that to change as she gets older, though. It just makes sense that the drooling will continue to develop to its full potential. Anyway, she sounds perfect, she looks exactly like what I want, and Leo finally told me last night to just fill out the application to adopt her, already! We want the dog, and even though the timing might wind up being a bit off, it just seems like we have to take our chance and see if we're meant to be Sophie's new owners.

So we are.

And I couldn't be more excited! Keep your fingers crossed!

UPDATE: Twin took some pictures of the pictures she has at home of our old dog Tara, and sent them to me. They aren't faboolous quality, since her scanner is being a dick, but still they get the idea across. Since I've added them post-facto, the spacing in the original post above probably got all fucked up, in case you're bothered by it. If it didn't get fucked up, then yay! Blogger must be evolving with the times!

This was our Ubu! (We called her Ubu as a nickname, because we though she looked similar to the dog they called Ubu in the production ad that was played at the end of Family Ties every week. Remember? "Sit Ubu, sit. Good dog. *barks!*")

Here we are in one of our attempts to get a family photo in front of the mountain house for a Christmas card that year. Believe it or not, I'm that skinny chick in the black turtleneck on the left side of the photo. Twin is in the white sweater in the middle. (That's one of our older sisters behind Tara...she's skinny, too.) I don't know what happened, but I can say that was the Fall after I'd returned from the fat farm, so it makes sense that I was that skinny. Man, I miss those days...

So there ya have it. kind of some crappy examples of the Newf I grew up with. Like the Twin, I miss her a lot! If you're ever looking for a relatively low-energy, sweet, sweet dog to incorporate into your family, check out a Newfoundland. They are awesome. I've been lucky enough to know a good amount of them in my lifetime, and I've only met one that was an asshole, and that was clearly because of the way it's owners treated it. But on the average, Newfs are gentle, kind, protective in a good way, lovey to a point of making you sick with happy, and very humble dogs. I really hope we can get one soon...

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Trying to KILL ME!

There's this part in the movie "Charade" where Audrey Hepburn's character is running away from who she thinks is the bad guy (a very handsome and faboolous Cary Grant), and is trapped in a phone booth in a train station under the Paris Opera House (I think...). So she calls the American Embassy, where she believes the man (played by Walter Matthau) works, and who is supposedly helping her with this evil character she's become involved with, to ask them to contact a Mr. Hamilton Bartholemew to let him know that she's hiding in a phone booth in the train station and the man who's following her is trying to KILL [HER]! She's all whispery, and says it with this exaggerated face, and it's definitely in all caps...and every time I feel like someone is taking something to the extreme, whether it be the Twin in her vehemence about her abhorrence for the idea of sleeping with Bowie or a car in front of me going really slowly/driving badly when I seriously need to get home and take a shit, I say that line. "He's trying to KILL ME!" (Doesn't matter if it's a she...I still say "he" when I say it.)

That's a really long way of saying that I don't really have anything to post about right now. I feel very, very badly that I don't know how to respond to Ms. Pants over the loss of one of her beloved pets. I feel somewhat badly that I laughed when I was finished reading this story, because it's so sick and perverted and fucked up and makes no sense. I'm glad this story is finally getting around a bit more, because it touched me so, sooo much when I first heard about it over at Heather's.

So that's what you get from me today, right before I head off to find me some lunch. A bunch of gibberish and some links. Have fun!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Iman is so lucky...

Saw the news today that it's David Bowie's 61st birthday. And all I could think when I saw that was, "Holy dad's only 4 years older than him."

Happy birthday, you gorgeous man, you. I don't care if you are my dad's age, I still wouldn't turn you down if you asked me for a romp. Which seems so weird, but then I hear your voice in my head and I remember why its sooo not weird.

Speaking of dad, I had a long convo with him on Saturday night about politics, and friends that have the same interests/beliefs as me, and that sort of thing. I called him late Friday to get his opinion of our candidate choices. His opinion seems to mirror mine (as well as a good amount of other Republicans, it seems) to an extent...we don't really have any good choices. He'd seen Huckabee on Leno and was pleased with that interview, he said. (You can check it out here at Blast Magazine, if you wanna.) But I told him about how I'd heard that Huckabee had had some part in allowing the release of a convicted rapist several years before his sentence for his crime was up, and that man then went out and suffocated a mother of three (in the KC area), as well as possibly committed another murder in addition to that. However, that article that I linked to says that Huckabee didn't turn the key on the rapist/future murderer's cell, the state parole board did. He claims he only spoke to them about the case, but didn't tell them to do anything with regards to the guy specifically. Still, a bit too shady for my brain to be able to comprehend, no matter how likeable he was on Leno or what have you.

Anyway, it was good to talk to dad, hear his opinions, discuss why I'm friends with the people I'm friends with, etc, etc...he sounded good. A bit winded by the time we were done, but I honestly have that effect on a lot of people, regardless of whether they need a lung transplant. ;) If you want more info on his progress/what's up, you can visit the Twin's blog. She's been writing more lately than she used to, and since she lives closer to dad and sees him often, she's the one with the insight into how he might really be doing. To be honest, I handle the whole situation with a level of distant ignorance. I prefer to think of him doing well...keeping as busy as he can in his condition, using his oxygen, taking it easy for the first time in his life...just not as sick as he might truly be. Its how I cope. If I didn't cope like this, then I'd be as big as a house, because my other coping mechanisms tend to involve alcohol and food like muffins and fried things.

It's my anniversary today at whole year has gone by already, and it seems to have gone so very quickly. I think it was all the change that happened at the company that made it fly in such a manner. Plus, it's been a while since I worked at a place that handles things in a quarter-by-quarter manner, and that seems to speed things up as well...when you think of a year as being four small groups of three months, and those three months have so much going on during them every time they move past, it just...well, flies! I don't know what to expect from the year to come...we already had an announcement yesterday that changed our group dynamic in a way that really fucks with my coworker situation, but I don't think it'll be a bad thing overall. I'm expecting more announcements in the next couple of weeks that will likely keep me on the edge of my seat each day, but at least I can go home and relax and just forget about it all, unlike jobs in the past when I've literally lived, eaten, and slept in a bubble created by my work world.

So, to sum up...happy birthday David Bowie, political ambivalence is still the norm around my place, my dad is sick and getting sicker without the prospect of a new lung soon, and work is scary but still going in its own little way. That's a bit much for a Tuesday, now that I think about it...

Monday, January 07, 2008

The weekend was a bland one…one that was more than welcome in my eyes. We boycotted the Moose, rented movies and made dinner at home, and ran errands together. On Saturday morning, I had a hair appointment, and had to break the news to my hairdresser that I would prefer if she didn’t make my hair “big” if possible, as I prefer the look that’s closer and flatter against my head. (She said, “You don’t want me to make it big, hm? C’mon!” I said it just isn’t me. She was cute about it, but I felt pretty bad.) I also had to explain to her that sometimes, too many layers get to the point where they make my hair just look choppy, and I’d like to grow it out to being an all one length bob again. She said that lends itself to a mushroom effect. I said that I know it looks good on me, it’s what I want to get back to, and as long as we don’t lift it at the scalp (i.e. make it big), it won’t be mushroom-like. She’s headed down the path of doing her clients’ hair like she does hers. I’ve had hairdressers like this in the past, and it’s taught me a lesson. I know her well enough to be able to tell her how I feel, though, which is different from how things were in the past with other hairdressers, so that’s nice. She continued on with the layer push, though, insisting that at least a few layers are necessary in order to keep movement involved. I told her we’ll just keep working toward what I want, and we’ll see about the layers once my hair gets to the length I want it to be for the bob. It looked great when she was done with it, but today I look a bit less glossy and therefore less pulled together layer-wise. Which is one of the reasons I want it all one length, dammit. I can’t do it like she does it. And that’s kind of the point of a good haircut, you know?

Anyway, the dog kept me up pretty much all night, save a few hours, with her coughing and hacking. I finally closed her into the living room to deal with it on her own at about 4:30, and she managed to do what I wanted her to do (i.e. cough up the horrendous hairball plug thing she had in her belleh) while she was out there, although she was still coughing a good amount when I got up at 6. I was unable to get up at 4:30 and go to the gym though. Which sucks. But after watching Nigella yesterday, I don’t feel so bad about it, really. As long as my face and hair look good, I think my body does just fine as a part of the package.

These pics don't show things in all their glory, but just know that the woman has one hell of an hourglass going on. She's awesome.

Today is a boring day. There are too many other things happening around me at work to even be able to try to pull together a post that is witty or interesting in any way, so you’re stuck with this content I’m afraid. I might be feeling a bit more inspired later…we’ll see.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Some things that crossed my mind while watching the game last night...

Last night, after Leo and I returned from a "Core & Calm" class at the gym at about 8:20, we popped on the KU/Goiter Tech game. And of all things, KU was winning! Yay! The rest of the game was exciting, and I was sad to go to bed at 10:30, but I really, really had to. (They won! Yay!!!!)

Anyway, while watching the game, I managed to find issue with several things. (I know, shocking...hold on to your boots, because Faith was BOTHERED by stuff...) They are as follows:

Issue #1: "It's the meers." That little girl in those stupid commercials for DLP t.v.'s? Yeah, there's another syllable there, you sad, deprived little thing. Mirrors. Mir-RORS! Ok? Good luck getting into college one day.

Issue #2: Jock straps should NOT be visible through pants on football players...or any kind of player of any sport, really. Can we get some slightly thicker white pants for these guys? Or just not allow white pants at all as a uniform option, perhaps? (Offwhite counts as white in this case...don't try to skirt the real issue with semantics, dammit.) It's offensive to see the things holding these guys' packages in place throughout the game, really. Bugs the hell outta me.

Issue #3: The Fox coverage of the bowl games this week has been so, sooo disgustingly shoddy, it's unbelievable. But believe it, because they even get to broadcast the Championship on Monday night next week, apparently. Whomever was in charge of this decision should be taken out back, roughed up, made to listen to some of the most mind-numbingly bad commentary ever, then made to listen to the pauses in commentary that make people at home a little uncomfortable, then made to watch some of the most random cuts to commercial breaks after said pauses that made no sense but then suddenly sort of make sense, except there's still a game going on and commentary shouldn't have paused at all, and then watch the unseemless transition back to the game in that lovely lurching fashion that sends us directly from the cut end of the commercial break right into a play that's in motion! Awesome. Actually, I take it back...the person in charge of the decision should just be locked in a room and made to watch the Cotton Bowl, Sugar Bowl, and Orange Bowl all in a row. That should just about do it. Torture...pure madening torture. I'm not alone in my opinion, I've noticed. This guy here agrees with me, and this one, and the people on this forum (oh holy crap...that was from last year. I don't remember last year's bowl games, but it happened already, and no one did anything to fix it? Criminy!), but here's another current opinion...I could go on and on, but I'm tired of looking, and I'm pretty sure no one's gonna check out the links anyway. Just wanted to make sure people knew I wasn't alone in this bag. (That last link is the one to check, though. A whole blog devoted to awful announcing? Holy shit, why didn't I know about this before? Dude's getting a link in my blogroll, stat.)

Lastly, the FedEx commercials. They are some of the first commercials of the year that have made Leo and I rewind and rewatch a couple of times in a row...we love them! We saw one the other night during the West Virginia game with all the people in the conference room that got massage chairs thanks to their ability to save money using FedEx for stuff. And then last night, the one with the guys on a teleconference with their boss, and it looks like they're in an office, but then the fake wall behind them blows down and it turns out they're really on a golf course (apparently FedEx has some golf championship series they're advertising, or whatever...I dunno, I just like the commercial). I wish I could find them to embed, but I couldn't come up with anything in my searching. Hilarious! Hope you have a chance to see them soon.

Ok, that's all the time I have for ranting and raving today. (Well, for now, anyway...) For those of you who might be wondering, I pooped perfectly last night after I got home. And throughout the rest of the night. So things are back to normal. Thanks to those of you that respected the whole not giving me advice I don't need thing, and for those of you who are new around here and don't understand that sometimes I talk about my shitting (*cough*meesha*cough*), it's what I do sometimes between posting about my feelings about clothing, people, and the like, and other random posts about my general state of being. I warned y'all to look at the archives before you comment on my stuborn gut, but you didn't listen, now, didja? It really, really helps if you have the time. You can't get to know me from just the last year of posting alone! That merely scratches the surface, seriously...if it's a surface you even want to scratch, that is.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Seems the Twin hasn't ever seen this...

Twin was at Disneyland yesterday and saw a guy there with one of the FREE HUGS signs. It occurred to me after reading her post that she might not have ever seen this video. If you haven't watched it (lately), please do. It makes me tear up every time I see it, and I'm a stone-hearted bitch!


I just wanted to mention that I haven't pooped today. Not once. Which is a tad worrisome. (It makes me wonder what my body has in store for me later...)

(And for those of you who feel the need to mention facts about people's bodies and tendencies to poop and all that mumbo-jumbo in response to this, just hold back. That would mean you're new around here, and you need to read my archives. I'm a minimum 3 per day shitter, just to cut to the chase for ya, ok? So when I don't poop for over, oh, about 8 hours? Something is up.)

Otherwise, I got nothing for you. I'm having some fun reading ridiculous posts over at the Knot, because I'm an addict to all things ridiculously wedding related, mind you, and as far as I know there isn't any cure for this addiction.

There also isn't any cure for my aversion to writing the Thank You notes I still need to write. GAH!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Yeah, but can someone explain that water-boiling thing to me again?

Leo and I are enamored with the Udon Noodle dish they offer at the local Pei Wei, but I cannot STAND the amount of calories and fat they serve along with it there. I decided there must be a way for me to make something similar that would be almost as tasty, but not nearly so bad for us. So I bought two different types of udon noodles (the fat kind and the skinny kind...they unfortunately do not sell the round kind that Pei Wei uses, which brings things down a couple of notches for me already. But I decided to press on anyway), and have started looking for recipes that will help me bring the tasty flavor of udon into our house ASAP.

In doing so, I came across a recipe for preparing udon noodles. I didn't realize people needed help like's what it said, word for word:

1. Prepare somen/udon noodles (I suppose that means we should take them out of the packaging? Um, duh?)
2. Boil water (it was bolded like that in the write-up...)
3. Boil noodles
4. Drain and cool the noodles
5. Serve boiled noodles

I'm so glad they cleared that up for me, there. When I saw the link to it, I thought it would have some info on the proper way to prepare the noodles so they don't get too mushy or gummy or something during prep. But apparently I was was much more simple than that. It kinda made me sad that they had to put it out on the 'net for people to refer to.

Just an FYI, if you have to be TOLD to boil the water and then to boil the noodles in the preparation of any kind of noodle dish, you probably should let someone else do your cooking for ya. Unless you're like 7 and it's your first time cooking something, in which case don't touch the surface of the stove/the flame-thingies - they'll burn you! And make sure your mommy is nearby when you're attempting to cook with any kind of heat, ok? Ok.

Anyone have any good udon recipes that don't involve dumping them into soup? I'm thinking more stir fried than noodle-soupy kind of things. Send 'em my way if you have them. (And if you haven't ever had the udon noodles from Pei Wei, give them a try...they're delicious! The chicken, tofu, and veggie versions are way better for you than the steak one, of course. So keep that in mind when you order them...)

Ok, so what's next?

On our first day home for Christmas, Leo and Twin and I went down to meet with Lyn for breakfast at Ruby's Diner in this outlet mall in Carlsbad. It's an upscale outlet mall with things like Barney's and Calvin Klein and Bose and shit, so it's a pretty cool place to meet up for food. It was a halfway point for us all, too, so that worked out well. We were hoping Joelle would be able to join us, but she wound up being too busy, even though she was on vacation that week. We missed seeing you sista! Hopefully we can get together the next time we're in town...

On our way home, we stopped by dad's condo in Laguna so we could show Leo around. Twin had told me that dad never, ever gives up the keys for the condo to anyone who asks. She asked me to please save the begging for a time when she'd be able to witness it. (Apparently, there's only one key that accesses the place. If dad loses it, it costs something like $200 to replace, which is ridiculous but whatever. SoCal locksmithing is a good business to be in, I s'pose. So he's hesitant to give it to anyone for fear of them losing it when it's in their possession.) I was ready to offer up my own car key as collateral in case he started to protest the idea, but he just sat and thought for a minute after I'd asked him, and then said, "The key should be in my car. In the front compartment below the radio. Go look, and if it isn't there, I'll look upstairs." I looked at the Twin with a "I won!" look on my face, and ran to the garage to get the key. Here's a picture I took that was supposed to show the Twin running to push Leo off the condo's shared roof-deck above the beach, but my camera sucks and is slow, so I got a picture instead of Leo standing there staring at me, and the Twin recovering from her silly behavior. Dammit.

Here's a picture of the living room at the condo. It's not a huge space, but it's a nice one. Very peaceful and quiet...especially since their large flatscreen was stolen sometime last year. The thiefs just stole the t.v. in the living room...that was it. Dumbasses should have stolen one of the vases in the place - they're worth infinitely more than the t.v. was!
This is the master bedroom in the condo. I wish I could have wrapped that bed up and taken it back to dad's house with us, it looked so comfy.
This is a view of the condos themselves, as they are seen from the beach side. I swear that the place used to be a retirement community before it was converted into condos, but Twin doesn't remember that. It doesn't's all pretty much old people that own them/live in them, so it's still very retirement-communityish anyway.
And here are Leo and I on the deck. Aw...
It was a perfect day that day...warm, sunny, even if a bit windy. Couldn't have asked for better Christmas weather! Tomorrow, I'll post the last of the pics up for you guys to see. Until then (or until I find something else to post about) I'll bid you adieu...

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Getting old? Just boring in general? I dunno...

Last night as Leo and I finished up our New Year's Eve dinner at a Mexican place we like to frequent, we saw a guy that had been sitting in a table nearby that looked familiar. I hadn't seen him sitting there when we came in, but Leo said he did. Anyway, he came back to look for his keys, and I immediately recognized him as someone I knew, we all said hello, he mentioned he was looking for his keys, and then he found them and he was out the door.

I turned to Leo and I was all, "Ok, how do we know that guy? He looks so familiar, but I can't place him. Did I work with him? He's not from one of the salons, right?" It was going to drive me crazy!

Eventually, I was able to let it go (with the help of the end of my margarita and a beer when we got home), and I went to bed not giving it a second thought.

Then, this morning, I saw my neighbor in his backyard as he waited for his dog Zoe to do her business. The dude we saw last night is our fucking neighbor. Whom I've lived next to for over 4 years now.


My brain is mush. If this is what the end of 33 is like, I'm afraid to see what happens when I get to 40! Sheeit.

This is also what happens as we get old and cooler. This was Leo as of 10:30 last night:
And this was me:
I was a bit pissed that he fell asleep on the couch instead of helping me ring in the New Year, um...properly, but I'm used to it by now. I'm trying to let that go, too.

Hope everyone else had as safe a New Year as we did! Oh, and no more discussions about my evilness without me being present to defend myself, dammit! For the record, the only James Bond flick I remember any part of is Goldfinger, and even that isn't holding a truly strong place in my brain. I've probably seen at least 4 of the films, but they aren't as memorable to me as, say, Emma, or The Princess Bride, or Breakfast at Tiffany's, or The Philadelphia Story, ok? I'm weird that way...

Talk to y'all tomorrow. More pics from the days at home with the fam are to come this week! Hold your breath!