Friday, February 29, 2008

#3! Such a pretty number...

The long-awaited part 3. Sorry for my laziness…(Part 1 is here , Part 2 is here .)

I buy all of my workout clothes from Target. At least, I used to buy all my workout clothes from Target. They don’t carry the same stuff I used to buy and love (a line called “ProSpirit”) anymore, and the other line of stuff that I wear (Champion) has become lower quality that is, quite frankly, uncomfy to wear because of the crappiness of the fabric they use.

Also? Finding pants in my size has become virtually impossible. I wear an XL in regular length. Apparently they’ve climbed on the bandwagon of carrying Long and Petite lengths as well, and so when I go looking for black pants in a spandex/cotton mix that are XL but regular, I come up dry every freaking time. (I only wear black pants. I sweat profusely in the region of the crotch when I work out, and I try to call as little attention to that as possible, mkay?) Except once, which I’m regretting because that’s how I found out about the decreasing quality of the materials they use.

Also? The last two times I’ve searched at the Targets that I shop at (one by my house, the other by my office), they haven’t had ANY shirts in stock. None. They have tanks tops. And sweatshirts…(i.e. zip-up hoodies and stuff.) I did pick up a cute faux-wrap top that’s meant for wearing in yoga class or something. I dunno…I wear it around the house with my comfy pants, actually. It’s really soft. But it’s not something I’d workout in. So, yeah…no shirts. Awesome. (Yes, I can buy them online, but after the experience I’ve had with the pants, I’m hesitant to buy them without being able to see and feel them in person.)

The MEN’S section, however, is overflowing with workout clothing options. At the local SuperTarget, in fact, the size of the men’s workout clothing section is more than TWICE the size of the section for women’s clothing. Which is seriously fucked up, IMO.

I looked online, and the only ProSpirit items they now carry are things like watches and exercise equipment. So apparently they stopped carrying their (oh so wonderful and very loved!) clothing. Oh wait…in a quick search online, I did find that they DO have ProSpirit clothing still! Too bad it’s not exactly in my size

What the fuck, Target? What? The? Fuck?

So I’ve given up on them. I’ve been receiving a catalog in the mail from a company called “Athletica” and decided to give them a look-up online. I never had a reason to buy their clothing before, and honestly thought it was all a bit pricey. But if I need better quality, then I suppose I’m gonna have to pay for it, it seems.

Well, imagine my surprise when I found that the largest size they carry for women is Large. Which, in pants, fits a 29” – 31” waist and 36” – 38” hip.

Well, my waist happens to be 42” right about now.

I was disappointed. And I decided to drop them a note asking them to remove me from their mailing list since their fucking clothing won’t even fit my (average-sized) ass. Here’s what I wrote:

“I'm a plus-sized woman that needs good work out clothing. I've been receiving your catalogs for the past few months now, and didn't really have a need to look into the clothing you offer until now. (I've been buying ProSpirit line of clothing from Target, but they seem to no longer carry it.) However, my waist is 42 inches, and my hips are 47 inches around. I won't fit into even the largest size you offer in athletic pants for women. Subsequently, please stop sending me your catalogs, or get with the times and offer a line for plus sized (yet still active!) women. Thanks!”

Cory from Athletica’s response: "Happy to take you off the list, do you have a company?
Not sure how you keep getting the catalog?
Can you tell me who it is addressed to" [nice punctuation there, Cory...]

My response BACK to Cory: "Do I have a company? I WORK for a company...not sure if that has any association whatsoever with me receiving the catalog, though. ;)

My maiden name is [Faith Smith]. My married name is [Faith Smith]. I can't remember what name it gets sent to...I had to include my address on the contact form, so I suppose I had hoped THAT would be enough to remove me from the list. [(Included address here for their convenience, but removing it from this post for obvious reasons.)]

I also had hoped that the irony of a fat girl needing work out clothes wouldn't be completely ignored, either, but I suppose every company that is in business is allowed to discriminate according to the beat of their own drum, right? Sorry for the bitterness...I'm just tired of having to work out in sub-standard clothing, and was hoping you guys carried my size. When I saw that you didn't even come close, it was very disappointing.

Thanks for the help!"

I’m tired of it. Tired of the association fat people have with laziness. Tired of being looked at as being substandard and not worth good quality clothing. Tired of being looked at as though we aren’t important enough to warrant positive attention or help when it comes to retail fashion.

And I’m not even a really big girl, you know? I’m big, but I’m not outta control.

After writing the first two parts of my series, my need to get my point across lost some of its steam, I’ll admit. In a lot of cases, just putting it out there helps me, which is one of the many points to this bloggy thing. So thanks for listening. And not judging. And if you know of any quality workout clothing that fits a fat ass like mine that you can point me in the direction of? I’ll thank ya kindly by not sitting on you the next time I see ya. ;)


faithstwin said...

That was all she had to say? Maybe it's not her department. Maybe she is so stupid all they can do is put her in the "respond to people wanting to be taken off our list asking for anything they haven't included in the request even if they HAVE included it" department.

meesha.v said...

I work out in the morning and try to cut down on food,so I know how hard it is. Props to you for keeping it up. I am not so particular about what I wear. My latest two additions to my workout wardrobe were purchased at the city market for $2 each.

Nightmare said...

You can check stuff out here, cut out the middle man....

Nightmare said...


Link to clothes

lyn said...

i lurve old navy's yoga pants. are you opposed to their stuff?