Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Didn't want to talk about it...

I'm a teensy bit tired. The puppy did not go as quietly into the night last night as he did on his first night at home, instead choosing to bark and whine constantly, with intermittent 5 minute breaks here and there which (1a) allowed me to fall asleep and (1b) must have been to just give his vocal chords a rest so he could then (2a) wake me back up with a START when he started barking again in order to (2b) give those vocal chords some apparent well-needed vocalizing.

Holy Christ.

No kidding...I was praying to everything to try to calm him down. I asked mom to stop by and help out, and then I jumped right to God to see if he could dispatch some calming spirit in his general direction, and then I went back to mom again. And then I got up and took him outside. (Mom and God were apparently too busy to help us out with our pitifully moaning puppy, so I gave up on them, dammit.) That was at about 12:30. (We had gone to "sleep" at 10:30, so it had been 2 hours at that point, and I figured that if he hadn't worked himself into a state of upset belly, then I'd be surprised. I was right, for the record...)

At 2:30, I asked Leo if he thought we could move him into the room next to ours. I needed walls between us and the whining in order for the earplugs (oh, hell yeah! I was wearing them...not that they did anything against the Whine from Satan) to do any good at all, but even that didn't help much. I got up a half hour later and moved him into Izzy's bigger crate in the kitchen. He whined a bit more (that I could hear, anyway), but it was apparent to both Leo and I that he definitely quieted down for a good hour long stretch at some point. We just aren't sure when it was. My guess would be between 3:30 and 4:30. Then he was back to the 15 minute whine/5 minutes of quiet schedule again until 5:30, which is when I got up for good. Leo needed to get up at 5:45 anyway, so it worked out fine.

I'm thinking we'll get him a bigger crate today for him, and see if that helps settle him down at all. The smaller crate was a stupid mistake on my part. Besides, his housetraining is going relatively well thus far. (*Knocks on wood.*) Dude just needs to figure out how to get down the stairs on the deck, and it'll be much smoother sailing.

I have another post I intended to post today, trying to make sure this didn't become the official Puppy Updating Blog, but I'll post that later. Because sometimes, a girl just needs to get this shit off her chest, yo.


jac said...

old fashioned ticking clock wrapped in old towels helps some puppies sleep at night especially if they are sleeping alone. petsmart has some similar "contraptions" that might work.
you can also call your vet. they might be able to give you something very very mild to help the puppy calm down at night to sleep.
poor little thing. it's funny how something so cute can be such a pain in the behind.
good luck!

Faith said...

I used to have a ticking clock that we used when we originally inheritted Izzy. She decided to kick that clocks ass one day, and it died. I was very sad.

We went to the local Petco the other night to pick up our supplies, as it is infinitely closer than any other pet store to our house and we're into the easy, and I asked if they had any kind of contraption that made a noise like a ticking clock. They don't carry anything like that there. But I WILL be checking out Petsmart tonight. I wish I could run by there at lunch, actually. (Maybe I will...hmm...)

Xavier Onassis said...

The last two posts illustrate quite clearly why I don't have any pets.

If I wanted to live with something that needy I'd still be married.

faithstwin said...

I have found petsmart to be a much better place for supplies than petco.

Sorry you are experiencing the madness that is a new puppy! It'll be worth it, though.

This is why a lot of people should have to care for a new puppy for about a month before they decide to have a baby. Because what you experienced last night is soooo damned similar to what one experiences with a newborn. Except for the eating the poo. Babies don't do that.

Faith said...

I fully agree on the comparison to the newborn. I actually thought of that last night, and was so grateful that we can just pop the puppy into a crate like that instead of having to deal with it 24/7!

I do feel sorry for Iz being at home with it right now, though. She didn't seem to have too much of an issue with it last night, but still, it has to bother her a bit.

I'm planning on stepping out to get some supplies before I head home for lunch. Yay!

Alisha said...

I told Lloyd after having a puppy that I never wanted to do it again. Then I moved in with another person and her puppy and now I'm even more adamant; I will never do that again. At least with a baby you have some sort of hormonal bonding thing that happens. Not so with a whining, fur-covered animal. I'm sticking with full grown pups from now on.

Anonymous said...

benadryl works nicely :) don't worry - the vet prescribed it for their allergies...gets em nice and sleepy too!

meesha.v said...

I am giving away my new America's Greatest invention:pacifiers for dogs. You are welcome!

Nuke said...

But is he still poo-eating?

faithstwin said...

GAH! NuUUuuuuUUukkkE! I was so over it until you said something. Now I'm all grossed out again. dammit.

I did not have the hormonal bonding thing with either of my kids. Thank God for my Mom when my oldest was born (she knew when I was at boiling point with the crying...Oldest had colick and still hates sleep to this day, almost 12 years later) and for my youngest who instinctivly must have known she had no Mamie to help her so she slept through the night from day one.

Faith said she didn't know how I handled 7 dogs, 5 of them puppies, for over 8 weeks. To be honest? I don't remember. I know there were some nights when I was really done with the whining and the yipping (the brothers and sisters would decide to play-fight at the oddest hours!) but it was so long ago I can't recall what I did to overcome it. I do remember cuddling with them and hanging with them but mostly? I was cleaning their area up non-stop, making sure they had homes, making sure they had all shots and what was a crazy whirlwind and I have blocked most of it or so it seems.

This is what I like to remember: puppies are fluffy!

Heather said...

My first night having Sam home, he cried and cried in his kennel, which we had in the kitchen.

Now, I'm not prone to anxiety attacks, but I had one that night. What in the hell was I thinking in getting a dog??

But, gosh, he was so cute. Little white ball of puff. It was love at first sight. I'm so happy to have him. I'm still considering getting another.