Monday, February 18, 2008

Feeling it.

I think I'm coming down with something. As to yet be determined. Which is the worst kind of "something" to be coming down with, IMO. It seems to be something in my digestive system, though. Maybe some bland food for the next couple of days will help.

I tried posting earlier when I had something on my mind that I wanted to write about, but then I wasn't able to get in and write about whatever it was on my mind (of course I've forgotten by now, as I'm old and my brain is decrepit and retarded in it's old age - or perhaps I can blame all those drugs I never did when I was in college) because there was something wrong with Google and shit, and so I had to fucking clear all my goddammed cookies (HATE doing that) and my cache and restart the 'net to see if it would behave after that, and then I got distracted by hunger and I wish I hadn't because the salad I had for lunch had WAAAAYYY too much dressing on it, and now I feel grosser than I did before.

Run-on sentences are my friend when I'm feeling ucky. Just know that, ok?

OH! I know what I wanted to post about. Yeah, I cannot find a fucking hotel within an hour of Bloomington for my bro-in-law's graduation in May. Well, to be honest, there's a Super-8 in some town called Martinsville about 30 mins north o' Bloomington, but I'm gonna pass on that. I'd rather drive in from Indianapolis the day of the grad, and stay in a lovely 3 star hotel if we can't find anything decent within several miles of the place.

Can someone please explain to me why the in-laws were batshit nuts over the hotel block info for mine and Leo's wedding starting, oh, about 10 MONTHS prior to the wedding, but failed to mention the graduation festivities for their second-youngest until it was only 3 months away at which point all the hotels would be booked up? I mean, I can understand waiting till now to make reservations if their kid was graduating from a college in a town like KC, or whatever. But this is Bloomington. There are probably a good 5,000 people graduating that day (just a guess, based on their enrollment numbers), and if even HALF of them have family coming into town for the event, well, dontcha think the hotels might run outta room kinda quick? (For those not in the know, Bloomington is like Lawrence, KS. It's small. Their largest hotel has 170-some rooms in it. They have about 20 hotels/motels in the area, so let's do the math on that one, shall we?)

Anyway, I'm a teensy bit frustrated. I found a buyer for my John Edward tickets, so I don't have to worry about that any more.

Oh, dear jeezy...I just remembered something I needed to do before noon for work that I completely forgot about. Fuck.

Know what? This day sucks ass. I'm gonna leave it there.

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