Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I have the following EXCITING tid bits to share:

- I am le tired.

- Back to work, my brain isn't working quite as well as I'd like it to, and the two aren't meshing.

- Fug is cracking me up today! But I'm catching up on several days of it all at once, so it's probably stuff that cracked most up many days ago.

- I want tacos in the worst way ever since dad mentioned them on Saturday. So I'm making them tonight.

- And possibly drinking beer, too.

- It had better fucking snow like they said it would this time. Gaww-DAMmit.

- Already hating the remodelling project, and we haven't even picked the contractor! Maybe it'll get better after we do? I hope?

That's it for now. Catching up on all ya bitches when I have the time. I hate it when your lives pass by me without me being able to keep up!


Spyder said...

Missed you!

lyn said...

glad you made it home ok.


btw, i am going to be in town next week (coming in on sun leaving on thu)

KC Sponge said...

I'm glad to hear that your dad pulled through the surgery - I know it must be so tough. . .

I'm also glad you got your tacos - but now I want some, too. Thanks a lot. =)