Thursday, February 14, 2008

I'm too wasted, too far back.

Wow. I am really glad I don't live in Saudi Arabia. Holy shit.

I could have fallen asleep while sitting at a signal on my way to work from the gym this morning. I almost did. And it helped me understand just a little bit more all those times when I saw someone fall asleep in a Taco Bell drive-thru line after the bars closed. Kind of.

The puppy has discontinued any shit-eating that we're aware of. Since that was a question asked in the comments on the post from yesterday morning about his penchant for crying all night long, I just thought I'd get it out of the way. He expressed an interest in it last night when I was out with him, but I was able to cut it off at the pass. It's very hard to direct his attention away from it without picking him up and moving him. And I'm afraid of causing some sort of poo-phobia, so I try to be as gentle as possible when dealing with it all.

I told my trainer that I was having a hard time getting him to go to the bathroom this morning, and finally had to just give up and put him in his crate so I could (a) go to the bathroom myself, and (b) get my ass out the house and down to the gym. And he said, "Going number 1, or number 2?" And I told him, "Number 2. He has no problem just going number 1 wherever and whenever he damn well pleases, actually. And then stepping in it as he walks away." Thank goodness we're replacing and refinishing the floors this year! Makes it much easier to not care about the accidents when they happen. Of course we're still encouraging him to recognize that he needs to go outside to do that stuff. And I can say he's been quite good at containing himself within his crate, which is AWESOME (again *knocks on wood*), so that's nice. I'm hoping he'll be better and better at it all over the course of the next couple of weeks.

By the way, I hadn't lost any weight as of Tuesday morning, at which point my trainer had wanted me to be down a half pound. But by today, I'm right on track with a loss of 3/4 of a pound, which made him happy. I'm not happy, though. I've been famished for the past few days...the level of activity we have to maintain now with the puppy in the house has been rough and tiresome. Watching Project Runway last night was almost a joke. A coworker had donuts mysteriously delivered to her desk this morning when she arrived, and I don't mind saying that I went and got one as soon as I was done with my english muffin breakfast sammich. It was chocolate, it was from LaMar's, and it was delicious.

At one point last night, feeling all sleepy and happy, Jake wandered over to where Izzy was lounging on her pillow (where she sits on the couch with's between me and Leo), and tried to snuggle up with her. First he put his nose to her nose, and she tolerated that fine. She kind of did her bite-at-his-leg thing, but it was less than half-hearted, and it was clear neither he or she wanted to play right then (it's something she does when they play), so she gave that up right away. And then she sat up a bit as he tried to lay down next to her and had this look on her face like, "Dude? WTF?" And then she hopped over to my lap (which he had vacated to try to snuggle with his new friend), and stared at him with a look on her face that said she was NOT ready for that level of the friendship yet, man! He looked back at her with a disappointed look, and collapsed on Leo, because I guess he was just content to snuggle with anything right that moment. Izzy isn't ready yet, it seems. I hope she's doing better with it in a couple of days. He really is a sweet know, when he's not trying to bite you, or attack your sock monkey slippers, or even your bare feet when you finally abandon the idea of wearing sock monkey slippers around the new puppy for now.

Again, though, I'd take little puppy bites and lack of sleep (which is getting better, thanks to the new crate we're putting him in at night) over living in Saudi Arabia any day, thanks!

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