Thursday, February 07, 2008

Irrelevant...random...what have you...

When I went to visit dad on Sunday afternoon, I caught him as he was finishing lunch. He told me and my aunt that he had discovered that his day nurse Greg had the same birthday as him. He said, "I've only ever known one other person who had the same birthday as me, so I think it's pretty neat." (Dad's on drugs and in a euphoric was so weird to chat with him when his brain wasn't focussed on work-related junk or family-related b.s. He was able to let his mind wander to random, irrelevant things with wild abandon, and I thought it was the cutest thing EVER!)

Apparently, the man that he started his first business with was that other person that had the same b-day. I never knew that.

Anyway, my aunt asked him at that point if that business still existed, to which we both replied (because sometimes I butt in when I feel the need, being a know-it-all like I am), "Yeah."

Then dad told us about how the company is being sued right now, in fact (again, the drugs made him jump from thing to thing randomly...), and he thought it was a pretty interesting situation.

"What are you being sued for?" I asked.

"Well, the guy apparently worked for me years ago on a project that had asbestos involved. It didn't hurt him. But his wife died...from doing his laundry," he told us.

Jeezy chreezy...first of all, how the hell did the guy survive when his wife got sick? If his clothes were THAT covered in asbestos, wouldn't they both have had issues? Maybe she was weak, or something? I dunno. Seems like a fucked up deal all around to me.

I can relate to the asbestos thing, though. Dad and his brother had such an accelerated progression with the Pulmonary Fibrosis themselves due to their activity in the construction world when they were younger. Their exposure to asbestos being a main culprit, besides the genetic issue of course.

Anyway, we further discussed the fact that he's trying to get info on the workman's comp and his insurance from back then so they can work out a deal with the guy (he's suing for a lo-hot of cash...), but it was so long ago, no one has the records for it! I don't think dad even remembers who his insurance company was back then (I'm guessing we're dealing with something from the late 70's, but I can't be sure), and he said he can't remember who his agent was at all. He has some ideas about where to turn for help, and I hope it works out.

Poor guy that lost his wife, though. I think our family can definitely understand/relate. Just thought it was an interesting story. Hope I don't get in trouble for sharing it...

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Alisha said...

Lp's grandpa worked with that stuff. He also had a jar of mercury in his desk drawer. Crazy!