Monday, February 04, 2008

It's a new thing...we call it a "bra."

I've seen far too many women over the past 24 hours not wearing bras, y'all. Very disturbing in some cases! Veeery disturbing. Spread the word to the older and younger females among you...bras are always required in public. Always. Jeezy fucking chreezy on a stick.

I'm having a hard time leaving the area. A big part of me has wanted to turn around and go back to the hospital every step of my journey home thus far, even as I sit here in the airport waiting for my flight at 12:20. I wanna go back, rent a car, and go to the hospital. I said goodbye to dad last night, and started to cry. I know he's in good hands...the best, some might say. He's comfy when he's in bed (they each cost the hospital something like $25,000. EACH. Fuck. me.), and has learned that when he's sitting in the chair in his space he needs more cushioning because his ass gets sore, and he had some congestion last night that started to build up and if he thought me making him laugh hurt, he just hadn't experienced the lovely feeling of coughing yet. That sucked.

Anyway, he's recovering. He's the healthiest person they've dealt with who had to have the lung transplant and the other pulmonary transplant they wound up doing (some main pulmonary artery that carries blood from the lungs was just about shredded when they opened him up. It started bleeding during the surgery which was the complication they encountered while they were performing the transplant. They then transplanted a new pulmonary artery in to replace it...apparently, those types of arteries are harvested along with other organs, but can be kept in a bank situation due to the fact that they don't have to be kept "alive" like livers, lungs, hearts, etc...have to be.), so that's encouraging. He doesn't feel any better than he did with the old lung, though, which is bothering him a tiny bit it seems, but he knows it might take some time to get used to.

So leaving is hard. Very hard.

But there are some things making it a teensy bit easier to deal with. Things liiiike...watching the freaks at the airport. Every now and then, a handsome businessman passes by me, and I'm distracted by the fantasticness of them for a moment. But then the guy who is eating a bag of chips as he walks through the airport banging out the rhythm of the song he's listening to on his iPod walks by. Or a dude who appears to be rich walks in with an unlit cigar hanging out of his mouth, a la Hannibal from the A-Team (who was played by George Peppard?! Why did I not know that now until I looked it up? Holy crap!), and sits down to have a snack with his companion who has tied her puffy jacket around her waist. Their Louis Vuitton duffels match, and are sitting on top of the table they're eating on, because they're obviously far too precious to sit on the floor! Heavens NO!

And the non-bra wearers are around, of course. *shudders!* Women who need bras, mind you. Not the teeny, tiny boobed women that wear layers and you can't see their boobs if you tried. I'm talking C cups and up here, folks.

I'm sitting across from the "Swatch" jewelry store in the concourse. I didn't even know Swatch was still around now that the 80's were over.

Oh, there's cigar hanging out of his mouth dude again! It's so weird...(I saw one on the way out of KC, too, and I'm not sure if it's the same guy, to be honest. I don't know where this trend came from, but they don't look cool, and they should've given up pacifiers back when they were 2.)

Thanks again for everyone's thoughts and prayers through all this. Dad's still in ICU, but I couldn't stay any longer just because I felt a need to hang out. The expense of it, and the missing work (even though I can really work from here without issue), and the being without my Leo and Izzy was bearing on me as well.

I'm just a plane ride away, if need be. That's what matters.


Spyder said...

So happy Dad is doing well!!!!

Waldo Oiseau said...

I'm glad that you got to be with your dad/family for a bit! I'm sending lots of positive, healing thoughts out there!

I do not understand the no-bra thing. Most importantly, it's just not comfortable to go braless when one is above a B cup.

Coley said...

Ok, Just got caught up on the situation. Hurray for your dad's new lung! Keeping some fingers crossed for his speedy recovery.

As for the No-Bra thing, I think I can explain. We're in northern California. Even Republicans here are rather hippy-dippy. So this often shows itself in a throwback to bra-burning. It's like, "I might be wearing a $3000 suit, but to keep it real, I'm not going to wear a bra." Yeah, it's stupid.

faithstwin said...

Dude. I don't even go bra-less at home. My pj's are the ones with the built in bra shelf...not TONS of support, but enough to make it so I'm not flippin' and floppin' all over!

Nuke said...

I never wear a bro (you know for man-boobs). I would consider it if they got bigger, or if they would incorporate a shoulder holster into the garment!

Seriously tho, it's good to hear your family is all doing well. Have a safe trip back, and I'll leave the toes crossed for your Dad till he gets home as well.

jen said...

Hey, I just caught up on your dad's transplant. Best thoughts for a speedy and full recovery. It is so scary when a parent is in the hospital. Sounds like he is doing well if he wants tacos and beer.

I'm a big fan of no bras but you'd never notice on me! :)

Xavier Onassis said...

As a general rule, I'm a big fan of the no-bra look. I mean, that's the way I see 'em in my head anyway...may as well save me some work and let those puppies swing free!


meesha.v said...

XO speaks wisdom.
Much wiser with age he is
I listen in awe.

misti said...

This made me laugh out loud--thank you:

Jeezy fucking chreezy on a stick.