Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Just an FYI...

My work keeps taking away blogs from me. First it was Filegirl, then Dooce, and now Well Hell just fell off my list of able-to-read-while-at-work blogs.

This makes me more and more sad, dammit.

So if people could just stop blogging about pron* and pron shops and toys that might accompany a night o' pron (or used all alone), etc, before they ALSO get removed from my able-to-read-while-at-work list I sure would appreciate it. (Eh-em...)

And let's not even discuss Google reader. Fucker doesn't work for me, ok? All I can ever see of Dooce is her comments, and I don't give a flying hoot (most of the time) what people are commenting on her posts. I wanna see the fucking posts themselves!!! Frustration? Indeed.

Not that Dooce was worthy of being blocked by my company, but whatever. Not like I can complain about it, right? (Has anyone ever tried it, though? I mean, if I went to my IT folks and made the argument that what I read during my "lunch hour" is my own goddammed business, would they accept that and unblock, or give me the password, or whatever? I've always considered giving it a try, but I don't want to just place a red flag on my computer that says, "Hey, come and check out what I do all day long!" either. So I remain a big ol' scaredy sista for good reason, I think.)

Must run to a meeting (see? Lunch is over and I'm done with my lunchy activities! I can be good! I CAN!), so I'm off.

*See comments if you don't get this reference...


emawkc said...

You just used the word porn three times... whoa I just used porn again... dammit, and again.

If we're not careful your own blog is going to be blocked by your IT dept.

Faith said...

Good call. From now on, must refer to it as "pron" as I've seen done on other blogs prior to now.

Because me not being able to access my own blog at work? Disastrous!

Anonymous said...

Have you checked out an anonymous proxy server to see if you can bypass the IT block? They usually work.

"The D" said...

You must have the wrong feed for Dooce.

Go to her site and copy and paste the url (http://www.dooce.com/) into your google reader. Don't click on the rss button.

I didn't even know she has comments?

H-Train said...

Can you still access mine??

Faith said...

Anon: An anonymous prox-whah? While I like to believe that I'm somewhat computer savvy, and know how to do things like clear my cookies, etc..., when my internet is being difficult about accessing certain sites, I have no idea what the fuck an anonymous proxy server would be. Subsequent fucking with such an idea would probably bring me bad mojo, so I'd rather just be unable to read the blogs if the company really doesn't want me to be doing it, yanno?

D, that's what I did. Twice. Didn't fucking work. I don't use Google reader anymore because there just isn't any point.

And Heather, yeah, I can still read yours. I'm just afraid of what makes them go away like they do. Well Hell didn't seem to have anything groundbreakingly nasty going on on it, so I don't get that. And the fact that I haven't been able to read Kristine's blog at either of my last two jobs just fascinates me.

Nuke said...

If you're at a company of more than a couple dozen people, chances are IT doesn't give a flying frak whether you can access anything for entertainment or personal reasons.

Our company has a "limited personal internet use is acceptable" kind of policy. They block pron and controversial political/philosophical sites, and anything that gets blacklisted (for whatever reason) stays.

The one that cracks me up tho, is that we block Office Depot/Office Max. It appears nobody uses the crappy procurement system if they can shop there online.

N }:-

Anonymous said...

It's a website that allow you to surf through it so anything blocked can be accessed.

Try www.publicproxyservers.com or www.hidemyass.com.

If you google "anonymous proxy server" you will find a bunch of them. To hell with the IT department lol.

Well Hell Michelle said...

Yep, I'm a bad influence on Miss General Blather.