Monday, February 25, 2008

Not well, thanks. How're you?

Today is not such a great day so far. That cute little fuzzball in the video below this post? The one that looks as unassuming and happy-go-lucky as can be? Yeah, I'd like to kick his fluffy little ass today, thanks!

Not much sleep over the weekend + cleaning up puddle after puddle after puddle (after just insisting that we go outside to do our business, of course) + no sleep LAST night either = super- DUPER crankypants Faith. I cannot put enough emphasis on the super-duper part. (Is that a hyphenated word? Ah, who the fuck cares.)

We can't seem to find an appropriate solution for dealing with the barky madness in the home yet. And he isn't letting up at. all. at this point in his life with us. It's only been two weeks...I know we just need to be patient. But it's really, really hard to be patient when one is working on a consistent diet of 4 hours of sleep and lack of being able to work out thanks to the exhaustion. I NEEED that release for my aggression!

I woke Leo up a bit early this morning and asked him to please come out and take care of the little guy before I did something rash. I needed to get ready for work, and I didn't need him making that little puppy-dog sad face at me as I attempted to ignore him while I did it. I also didn't need to clean up his piss - TWICE - or the poop that he decided to release inside the house instead of out on the deck where he seems to know he needs to go, but then he just...doesn't. Only now and then. It's really confusing to a human mind and, again, with the tiredness I'm dealing with, I don't need confusing. Not in the teeniest little way.

We did meet with the architect who'll be drawing up the plans for our bathroom addition yesterday afternoon, which was great. Unfortunately, I had to squeeze in my grocery shopping earlier in the day due to the timing of his visit, and it was a bad, bad time to be out at the Walmart Grocery and Whole Foods across the street from it. Whatever possessed Whole Foods to think that it would be a good idea to set up end-cap tables where they were offering samples of all sorts of shit in their most narrow parts of the store, thus causing the already congested areas to be even MORE impossible to pass through, was beyond me. I wanted OUT of there almost as soon as I arrived! However, all the confusion of the many more tons of people than I had expected to be there only made my shopping tougher on me. I needed a kaffir lime leaf (actually, 4 of them) for a recipe I want to make this week (Tom Yum soup), and I wasn't sure if I was just missing where they might be, or what. I finally asked a chick in the produce section, and she told me if they had them they'd be in the fresh herb section. So no, they didn't have them, I told her. I already checked there. I finally checked out and got my ass home, where the architect had arrived early. Thank goodness Leo got out of work a bit early and they were already discussing the change to the house when I met them in the kitchen.

So we're on our way with that. Hopefully, the extra space will help me feel less crowded in the house. I seriously don't know how a family of seven survived in that house before I bought it. How did they not hurt each other?

Work is mellow today...I should be able to run errands I need to run, write the next installment to my story about being a fat girl, and perhaps get some sleep under my desk if people will just leave me alone today. Being at work is nice, though. So quiet. So, sooo quiet...


thedirtyknitter said...

i know it's not an ideal solution - but we trained our dogs on puppy papers in the house - as well as outside. they still mainly hold it for outside - but at least if they HAVE TO GO and we haven't gotten them out - they ALWAYS go to the papers. especially when trying to train little dogs in the winter weather - just not an easy task. just an idea...not everyone loves that idea i know - but it's worked for our three pretty well.

Faith said...

Yeah, we have those. He LOOOVES to chew on them.

But peeing or pooping on them is, like his choice to go outside, very wishywashy.

JustCara said...

What breed is he?

Faith said...

He's a shisa-poo (shih tzu/poodle mix). He's adorable, and very sweet...when he isn't trying to chew on my feet. Or my pants. Or my hand. (He doesn't do this to my husband, though. I don't understand why...)

He's only 3 months old (almost...born in early December). So we have a ways to go before he's gotten to the point we're at with our 2 year old, Izzy. But my impatience is just hitting all time highs with my level of exhaustion, is all.

thedirtyknitter said...

yeah - one of ours loved to shred those papers when he was a pup too...haaaa....he was too cute to get mad at though.