Friday, February 22, 2008

Not yet...sorry.

Haven't written my third installment today yet. Sorry. Focussing on getting some very late (in an embarrasingly bad kind of lateness way) Thank You notes out to people who came to/gave us presents for the wedding. I'll try to get it written later. I only have around 10 of the Thank You notes here at work with me, anyway, so I should be done with them sometime around next month.

Right now I'm really more concerned about the fact that I've already seemingly given up on going home at lunch to check on the puppy. Couldn't get away from work to do it on Wednesday. Yesterday, well...just sucked royal donkey balls weather-wise, so I wasn't driving in that any more than I had to, and I figured the puppy would definitely agree with me on that front, so yeah. And Here we are! At today! A good 2 hours past the point where I should have left to go see the puppy. So I figure it probly isn't gonna happen.

I'm a bad puppy mommy, I know.

But he has been ultra-fab about his crate lately. Getting more and more used to it.

What he has NOT been ultra-fab about is biting at my pants and/or slippers as I stand and do my makeup, walk through the living room, do the dishes, try to sit on the couch and relax, etc, etc...

Not fun.

I got some video of him and Iz playing last night. I'll try to get that posted soon, too.

Last night I also got pissed at Leo for ignoring a phone call that came in while he was napping after dinner and I was watching ANTM (TiVo'd, of course, because we can't all be like this guy when it comes to our fave t.v. shows), because it was from an 800-number. In my experience, 800-numbers match up with collection agencies, particularly when they (a) have already called once that same day within the last 4 hours, and (b) when they don't leave messages. Oh, and when they have no qualms about calling you at 8:15 p.m. at night. So I asked him what was up with that? He said he didn't know. I said, "Wouldn't it be helpful if you actually answered the phone to see what was up? Maybe that would help you figure out why they're calling you." He said he didn't want to answer. Or something like that. I got real quiet. I asked if they had called him before. He said no. I asked him if I could see his phone history. He thought about it for a moment. And then he pulled out the phone and opened it. It automatically shows his call history when he flips it open, and I could see that his last two calls were from this 800-number, and then before that, he'd had several calls from a "000-000-0000" number, which is usually what happens when a bank calls you. (Like when someone from Countrywide calls me, that's what shows up on my phone.) I stayed quiet a bit more, and then I blew up about how I thought he actually wanted to get his credit into a good place, and that's pretty fucking hard to do when you're ignoring calls from creditors!

Not that we even know that's who's calling mind you. Since he won't answer the phone or try calling the number back or whatever.

I then got ready for bed, and retreated to our bedroom at about 8:30. I clearly needed some "me" time. I was able to sleep after some reading, but didn't sleep well. (Actually, the dog kept getting up, needing drinks of water - I so wish I was kidding - so the second time we went out to the kitchen, I couldn't fall back to sleep.) I lay there thinking about shit, and dwelling on the Thank You note issue that I have. See, I have to write them all because Leo's dyslexia causes issues with his writing, so he can't take half and do them. Which has been fine, really...I don't mind it. It's just harder to write by hand than it used to be, is all. Takes more time than I wish it did. I wanna type fast, fast, fast!

Anyway, I'm having issues today. I'm dressed like a loser. I tried not to eat too much lunch, but somehow it happened anyway and now I'm too full, I'm worried about the puppies at home, and I feel bad about Leo but I can't help but feel worried at the same time because GAH! Money! It's just not that fucking hard. You don't spend what you don't have - DONE. And is that even an issue? I don't KNOOOOWWWW!

I'd better go before I get all worked up again. Coulda typed my next installment in the amount of time it took to write this post, dammit!


faithstwin said...

The puppy will be fine. The sooner he realizes there is time during the day when you all aren't around the better. Sounds like he is adjusting just fine.

Maybe you should tie a toy around your ankle for a while to keep him away from your pants/slippers. Puppy STILL tries to bite my toes almost every morning even though when he does it, I am walking and inevitably he gets kicked in the snout. Puppies are, well, dumb.

Coley said...

Geez, what IS IT about husbands and complete irresponsibility when it comes to money? (Sorry, shouldn't speak in generalities, I'm sure there are plenty of husbands who are WONDERFUL about money).
I feel your frustration.
As for pets who love attacking your feet, I've found that after you step on them or accidentally kick them a few times, they figure it out pretty quickly. Natural consequences and all...