Wednesday, February 13, 2008

See what being nonproductive can do?

On Sunday, lolling about as I like to do on weekends, I got pulled into a marathon of mediocre proportions. It was for the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency show that’s on the Oxygen Network, and oh boy, does that show stink! But I couldn’t stop watching…plus there wasn’t really anything else to watch, so yeah. I was stuck.

That woman is a grade-A fruit and a half. She tries to look all serious and business-like as she works on her laptop and visits model shoots to check on her models and the clients simultaneously…with her bulldog in tow. (WTF?) Don’t even get me started on her theme song for the show. (“Do your thang…whatever it is thatcha do…do your own thang…”) And the opening credit sequence – it’s like she’s modeling a bunch of crap that I used to wear when I was in high school and I shopped at Fashion Tree. (No kidding…used to shop at a store called that in Mission Viejo. It was like a “Forever 21” kind of place, but in a strip mall instead of INSIDE the mall. Gag. Lots of gag.)

Also, WTF is with her “security guard”? Is he really necessary? Are his OUTFITS really necessary? (Ridiculous? Yes. Necessary? Oh, HELL no.)

(Wait a minute… just saw on the website that the show is currently in its 3rd season. When the hell did its first two seasons happen, and did the Oxygen execs WATCH them? Fuckin’ ‘ell…)

And then there’s the WAY that SHE TALKS!

“…and I brought all of my models in to the agency TO INFORM THEM

of what the next level

will beee…”

Seriously, 3rd season? I know it’s probably like the “cycles” that America’s Next Top Train Wreck runs on (new one starts on the 20th! SO excited!), but still…seems odd to me.

No real reason for this post, except to point out what a loser I am for watching the show, and to try to warn those who might come close to getting sucked in to a marathon like I did over the weekend. Try to resist! Run away, run away….


meesha.v said...

We have Oxygen network? Lately 95% of what I watch is on my DVR. You can watch 2 shows in the time of one by skipping the commercials.

Heather said...

Janice is her own brand of crazy. Not to mention I die inside whenever she insists she's the first supermodel.