Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Yeah, forgot about that issue.

Puppies have very, very sharp teeth. Forgot about that until last night.

Jake is a furball of energy, and just when he seems to wind down, that's when Izzy sees her opportunity to get 'im! Last night poor Iz finally had this look on her face that was like, "What the HELL did I do to you guys, huh? WTF is this all about, and how can I make up for it because, seriously? Seriously?" I think it won't take long for them to get along a bit better, but right now there's a lot of dominance-establishing going on. Izzy finally seemed to get her bearings as Leo and I ate dinner last night, and started showing Jake who the boss was. He was running away from her, and that's when I tried to snap a few pictures. Dude moves around a lot, though, so I asked Leo to hold him still for this one...

This is what happened when I tried to take a picture without him being held still...
Cute nose! Yeah, just before he bit me! Bastard.

At one point, we thought that he and Izzy were going to take a time out and relax with us on the couch. By then, we were trying to watch No Reservations, and wound up having a hard go of it. They didn't want to relax after all.

Here's Jake cornered in a spot on the couch by Izzy...

While I ate dinner, Jake took a rest for the first time since I got home. He really conked out, but he happened to do so directly below my "spot" on the couch, so I was trying to get pictures of him from above in my perch. Didn't work out that great, but here's a picture of the puddle o' puppy as he slept.
Remember that Friends episode when Phoebe was babysitting the triplets by herself, and Monica and Chandler returned home from the ER (Chandler got a plastic atomic ray blaster gun stuck in his throat...if you don't know, don't ask) and found the apartment turned inside out? And Phoebe looked at them and said, "The babies are asleep!" with this smile on her face, and a heavy relief in her voice? Yeah, that's how I felt right about then when Jake was sleeping.

And then when we went to bed last night, he went without kicking and yelping, which was nice...and interesting. I woke up a good amount throughout the night, expecting to have to take him out, but he didn't make a peep until my alarm went off this morning at 4:40. It was very strange. I took him out then and let Leo and Iz go back to bed. He ate, and we went outside again, and then he wanted more food but we have to control his bottomless pit somehow, so I popped him back in his crate and warned Leo that he might cry a lot. I felt kind of bad because just as he settled down was when I went in to say goodbye. Leo seemed less than pleased about that, but he seemed to settle down quickly again after I made my way to the garage door.

(Twin, you might want to skip this next paragraph...)

When I took him out this morning, I discovered that he eats his own poo. (Makes that picture up at the top just that much less cute, doesn't it?) Which is such a lovely development, and something I'm so glad we get to deal with. I tried looking up the cause and solution for it when I got in, but I was also trying to eat my breakfast at the same time, so I had to give it up when the page I was reading started talking about how to control your poo-eating dog when it comes across a "luscious pile" when you're out on a walk with them. GAH! GahgahgahgahGAAAAHHH! He was so good in his crate last night and didn't have any accidents, but now that I know what he does sometimes, I wonder if I was wrong about that. He seems really receptive to the praise for going outside. And it's getting easier to see when he's about to drop something in the house, so that's helpful. But, good God. Dogs are gross sometimes.

(Ok Twin, you can read starting here again...)

Jake likes to chew on everything. I'd forgotten about that issue, since Izzy is so past that point, really. I mean, Iz will bite down now and then, but these days there's much less force behind it, and she's just doing it to be all, "Oh, I've got you now, mom!" about it, you know? She's playing. This puppy...dude doesn't know how to play yet. And OW! Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow muthafucka OW. He's also very smart, and knows where the food is at. He'll get under the chair its setting on in the kitchen and paw at the wall and whine when he's hungry - which, again, is all the fucking time, apparently. I also forgot about the fact that puppies can fit under the furniture as well as they can. And I didn't dust before he came home yesterday. Oops!

But it won't be long before we have a good routine going, it seems. The fact that he was able to go 6 hours last night without needing to come out to pee (he at least didn't do that, I'm sure) was a good sign. Remembering to take his water away an hour before bedtime, and an hour before we leave in the morning on the days we both go to work will be key to helping there. I'm glad Leo remembered that tip last night. His crate we bought him might be a teensy bit small for him, but that's the way I want it right now. He can stand up in it, which is the important thing. He can also stretch his whole body out (he likes to lay down with his legs kicked out behind him) in there, so we have a couple of weeks before he'll outgrow it, at least.

Ok, that's it about the puppy for now! I really hope Izzy gets used to him, and that once he's a bit bigger she sees him as more of a friend than she clearly does right now. Chick is NOT digging on the new dude. I mean, she seems to enjoy running around for a while, but then he faces her down when she's just trying to kick it, and she's all, "Oh no you di'int!" and gets up to kick his ass and show him what's what, and to be honest, she just looks tired. The constant challenging that was going on between them last night was making Leo and I tired, and we were just watching. I can only imagine how it feels to actually be involved in it.

Any puppy tips are welcome. We're working with infor from our Dog Bible, as well as looking into training here pretty soon, but if you have any thoughts, share them. Please.


faithstwin said...

Ginger ate her own poo, too. For a while. It grossed Sharla out. Apparently they do it for the minerals and such...there really is no explanation for it.

He is sooooooo cute! Izzy will be fine- give her a week. She'll realize what she was missing and be cool. Puppy teeth DO suck, though.

Anonymous said...

so cute! yeah - my pugs eat their own poo every now and again - we've tried a lot of stuff - stuff you can sprinkle in their food to make the poo not appetizing (you'd think the POO taste would be a deterrent)...but it stopped working after a while. they don't do it all the time - so it's hard to know when they're going to do it - and they aren't pups anymore - 6 & 8 yrs old. anyway - start brushing his teeth now at a young age - so he's used to it!

Alisha said...

Yeah, Eartha did that too. I found research saying that the reason they do it is because they aren't getting enough nutrients from their food. Since you just got him, and there's no telling what he was eating before you got him, it could be his body is adjusting to new food and it will all level out. If not maybe try a new food. It worked for Eartha.

Faith said...

See, that article that I pulled up first thing this morning said that was a common thought behind it, but it could also stem from lots of things: they might do it in order to cover it up, if their owner is prone to punishing them for going in the wrong place; they might do it because they simply like the taste of it (EW!); they might do it because it's what they've seen other dogs do around them since they were born (which is particularly the case for kennel dogs, which is what ours is since he's likely from a puppy mill and was in a cage at the pet store until we bought him). The nutrients thing is just one of the reasons they mentioned it could be they do it, but it was actually specifically tied to malnutritioned dogs. This guy seems to be doing pretty well in the eating area!

He didn't seem interested in it last night at all. But suddenly today, we need to watch him like a hawk to make sure he doesn't do it. Izzy never did it. We feed her Iams. The guy at the pet store insisted we try the pet food he feeds his dogs and gave us a bag for free with the puppy, and even another bag to try on Izzy for free. (Called it a "taste test".) I'm hesitant to change from Iams for Izzy, seeing as it's always worked well for her, and she seems healthy and happy. Except for her hairball issues, of course.

Anyway, thanks for the suggestions, guys! Keep 'em coming!

Anonymous said...

our dogs (pugs) have a tendency to over eat (huh - ya think?) they also tend to have food allergies - so our vet recommended we switch from Iams to Canidae - which is only sold in a few places around town - but wow. I can't believe how our...ahem...largest dog has slimmed down - and their skin allergies are also doing much better all year long. I've also read that mom dogs will often eat the poo from the babies in the whelping boxes when they're born - to keep the area clean - and the dogs later just do that to keep areas cleaned up. Who knows though - lots of dogs do it and I'm sure for many reasons. Why do we try and reason the behavior of our pets? ha!

Faith said...

I hear that, Anony! I guess it wouldn't bother me so much - because hell if the cleaning up after the dogs in the yard isn't a point of contention between me and Leo - if it weren't for the fact that they like to lick us all the damned time. Eating poo + licking mom and dad = GAH! Blech! Buggar!