Monday, March 31, 2008

Hitting the wall

Ugh. Feel like shit today. Utter, complete and total shit.

Saturday was a bad started well enough (worked out in the morning, got some stuff done around the house and made a yummy lunch), but then around 3 I suddenly felt completely exhausted. I went to take a 20 minute nap, and couldn't move for an hour and a half. I literally couldn't move my strength was gone. I finally managed to get up at 4:45, and went to the couch to sit and cover myself with a blanket and watch basketball. I still had an appetite, but I felt sooo funky.

Yesterday, I woke up feeling completely refreshed and fine. Did my laundry and ran to the supermarket to get groceries, and then went to the Moose to watch the games with our friends. I had a couple of emotional breakdowns later after we got home, so that was sort of out of the blue. I chalked it up to the alcohol consumption, though, and went to bed tired and puffy from all the crying. (The outbursts were somewhat ridiculous. Body-related and ridiculous. So, sooo stupid...)

And today I feel like hammered hell again. It's hard to concentrate, and my stomach is all fucked up and my mouth is all dry and weird feeling. I don't know if the bug I had on Saturday was still lurking inside me yesterday and I overdid it to the point of dragging it back out from its apparent resting place, or if it's just a hangover. I'm hoping it's just a hangover, and that I'll be feeling back to normal by around 3. (That's how long it usually takes for me to get over them...)

Meantime, I'm going to go get a muffin and a Diet Coke. 'Cause, DAMN, this sucks!

Oh, and I'm probably one of the very few that picked all 4 #1 seeds to be in the Final Four. I'm quite proud of myself right now, honestly. I don't know how things will go on Saturday...KU really needs to step up their game if they want to beat UNC (which is what I have picked to happen - KU vs. UCLA in the championship, winning 84 - 79), but like I always say: every game is just that one day. It's not their past record. It's not their past week. All that means all comes down to that one day. Because every team can have a good or bad day. You just never know when it's gonna happen. Here's to hoping Saturday is a good game that ends in my favor! I can't wait...

Friday, March 28, 2008

Since 3:30 a.m.

I've been doing my Happy Friday dance since 3:30 a.m., mofo's. That's right! Don'tcha wish you were me? Ooah, ooah! Ooah, Ooah!

I'm all wound up. HOT DAMN!

Meesha, was that you at the gym this morning? Since I've only met you once, and it was a while ago, I wasn't sure. I don't usually go in the morning, but I don't think yoga class at 7:30 on Thursday nights will work out as I had planned on it doing, so I'll probly be in there every Friday in the morning from now on. In case that was you. And you wanna say hi, or need a spotter or whatever. :)

Got a letter from B of A yesterday in the mail. I almost ripped it up and threw it away, thinking it was junk mail. But I opened it, just in case. Good thing I did. Here's what the letter inside (accompanying a new debit card) said:

"Dear Valued Customer,

We have learned that some information from certain Bank of America Check Cards may have been compromised. Your Check Card number may have been part of this compromise..."

Ok, don't get me wrong...I appreciate that they're at least being proactive about it this time. But this is the second time this has happened in the past 6 months! WTF, B of A? The last time, someone took a joyride down to Mexico thanks to some gas that was purchased somehow with my check card (that was still in my possession, mind you), and then they bought some groceries and shit. B of A reimbursed me, of course, and cancelled my card and sent me a new one, but STILL! Twice in 6 months? Let's get it together, shall we? FUCK!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Questions answered.

Last night's Meet Up has lead me to think a lot.

I personally don't think that's the point of those things, so I blame all you guys for this. You owe me, you bastards.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Boy oh this point in the work process for the house addition, I'm ready to just refinance the loan I already have, live in the house as it is for another 2 years, and just get the new boobs I want with the money I've got saved, for fuck's sake.

If it weren't for the damned need for space, I'd so do it. I'm not kidding...

(Heh...ironic that I want new boobs in order to get "more space" added to the front of my body, right? Oh, I never could get the irony thing in college, dammit.)

I'm sure it'll all get better once we're in the actual construction phase, right? RIGHT???

*sigh!* I don't wanna be in charge anymore.

Hump day!

First things first...

Blogger Meet-Up tonight, mofo's! Get your asses there, ok? WOO!

Date: Wednesday March 26, 2008
Time: 5:00 pm - ? pm
Type: Happy Hour
Location: Jaywalkers Sports Bar & Grill
Street: 3916 Rainbow Blvd.
City/State/Zip: Kansas City, KS 66103

Now for the post o' the day...

I’ve been trying to figure out what to write for the last couple of days, but it just seems this week is sapped of anything interesting going on in particular. We’re just plugging along…people are pissing me off here and there, but it’s nothing worthy of reporting. Leo and I are doing exciting things at home like installing a new garage door opener, getting Jake vaccinated and groomed, having Izzy put under in order to scrub her teeth clean of tartar (which will hopefully help with the smell o’ death that resides in her mouth 24/7), arranging for the tree out back to be torn down in preparation for the new addition to get started, discussing plans and such in order to get the new addition priced out properly, working out, etc, etc…

Last week was a somewhat exhausting one, thanks to the family issues that I had going on, the lack of workouts I was able to accomplish, and the ensuing back pain associated with my lack of focus in the workouts I did get accomplished, and then the basketball tourney and wedding over the weekend to pay attention to. So I’m glad this week is more peaceful overall. Last night’s yoga class was a good one…I feel like I’m really starting to open up my hips and their flexibility (still have a loooong way to go, obviously!), which will in turn help my lower back issues over time.

The family issues last week are still nagging at me in teeny little ways. My sister who lives in Texas has an ex-husband that currently resides here in Kansas City with his new wife that he married sometime over the holidays. (About 2 months after his divorce with my sister was final, mind you.) He and my sister have two girls that they share custody over…they were in town to visit last week during their spring break, and while it had been discussed between my ex-BIL and I that we would somehow get together and hang out while they were here, when it came time to actually execute some sort of visit between me and my nieces, he turned into a royal DICK about it.

I’ve tried to remain civil when it comes to our relationship. He and I worked together for years back when I first graduated from college, and so we had a professional relationship that went above and beyond what our personal relationship was and currently is. But what he did to my sister and my nieces…it’s hard to look past it. But he lives here, and not far from where I live, so we run into each other at The Moose every now and then. And he and his wife sit and have lunch/dinner or a drink with Leo and I, and we watch the game that’s on, and we chit chat about random things, and it’s been fine so far.

But after the way he behaved last week, putting his new family before his old and basically making time spent between my nieces and myself very difficult to attain, I’ve lost even more respect for him than ever. In my opinion, he appears to want to have them in his life just so he can have two more people that he can push around and bully. He’s not interested in what’s best for them. He doesn’t care about what they think or how they feel…he wants to tell them what to do, and that’s it.

All of my nieces and nephews have broken homes they have to deal with, except for my brother’s kids. And while it makes me happy to see how they love spending time with each other, with their aunts and uncles and grandparents whenever they can, it just destroys me in little ways to think of how they feel when they have to be with the parent that they don’t like or have the amount of respect for that parents should have from their children.

When I talk to my sisters I can’t help but utter, “We were so lucky,” every now and then. Our parents, while having some fucked up moments in their marriage at times, were great parents who clearly loved us through thick and thin. They didn’t have a need to use us as pawns in their marriage (or ex-marriage, as the case is with my sisters), or as another thing to control in their lives. They loved us unconditionally…the both of them. And in the case of my sisters with their children, they all seem to have divorced men that just don’t care about the kids. Those men, in turn, do not care what they’re doing to them emotionally or mentally. They’re just pawns…left-over bits from their marriage that they have to put up with, like furniture that doesn’t quite fit in their new apartment they had to move into after leaving the house. (My oldest sister’s kids go far beyond that, even…I could write a whole book about them and their father, but I don’t wanna. He’s a creep and a half, that’s all you guys need to know.) And it just eats me up inside when I think about it.

Since everything worked out fine with the visit last week, and the girls are more willing to try again in the future (as long as they get to see “Aunt Faith” while they’re here) which was part of the goal, I’m working hard at letting go. But I’m afraid of seeing my ex-BIL in public again. Our last phone conversation about me visiting with them happened last Friday, and did not go well. I want to maintain a civil relationship with him so that future visits with my nieces when they’re in town won’t be affected by him trying to bully ME in some disconnected, retarded way. (Um, not gon’ happen…) I’m afraid of my ability to keep my big mouth shut, and not tell him (and his wife!) the things I know…the disgusting behavior he displayed while married to my sister, and the sad, sad way he chose to live his life while in that marriage. I want to behave in a petty way. But I don’t want to lower myself to his level, either.

So that’s what’s on my mind lately. Trying to move past it all, and forget about how things worked out this time, and hoping the next time won’t be so difficult. (But also hoping that they don’t have to come here again soon…as much as I love Kansas City, and would love to see them and share it with them, that’s not how it works when it comes to their visits.) They don’t enjoy coming here and being away from my sister like that. My ex-BIL and his new wife don’t make it enjoyable for them when they keep them from seeing actual family in favor of introducing them to her family members (ex-in laws of her own) and their friends. It’s a tense, uncomfortable, unhappy time for them for the most part, and that’s not fair to them. They’re KIDS. They should be having fun, not acting as the go-betweens for family feuds and attempts to emotionally bully people.

I hope I don’t get in trouble for talking about all this out here!

Anyway, this week is better than last week, is my point. In a mellow, non-drama kinda way.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Even though it might actually finally be over with...

No clue who to give credit to on this one, but my old coworker just sent this to me knowing full well how much I'd appreciate not just the sentiment, but the jestchah.

Indeed, wonderful snow-artist person. In-fucking-deed...


Good GOD, I am bored. I can't seem to get interested in this day at. all.

Could be due to the lack of sleep last night. Not sure.

Looking forward to climbing under the covers and going back to sleep again tonight, is all. I don't really care for much else to happen today.

Oh, and I totally farted in my pilates class last night. Thank goodness it wasn't too bad, but it was audible. Dammit. It was a fun class, though, and I'm pretty sure I heard someone else do it before me, so I wasn't alone. No one gave me any looks or giggled in my direction, so clearly they understood, if they even heard it.

So fucking uncool...

Monday, March 24, 2008

I just don't know what to say...

How about, "Can someone please get me some Head & Shoulders, or something..." Why the fuck couldn't she stop scratching the left side of her head?

Saw a shorter clip of this over the weekend on The Soup, and had to share it with those that might also have entered the HGTV Dream Home contest this year, but didn't see the craptastic response that the actual winner had to hearing that she and her family won. You don't need to watch much of the clip to see what I mean, so don't get overwhelmed by the almost-5 minute length of it at first. (Although, if you stick around for long enough, you can see that she apparently starts crying. I think she might have been faking, but that's just my opinion.)

Given, the presenter of the award is a teeny, tiny bit over the top, but it's a really nice prize, so I don't blame her.

What is it with these people winning things lately? What the hell is their problem? Are they all living on Zoloft or Xanax or Lexapro or something? CHRIST!

Maybe later... morning got totally away from me because my boss is out sick, and rearranging his schedule has been really, really fun. Not knowing if he'll be in tomorrow or the next day helps a lot, too.


I'll post later, but I'm not sure what yet....

Friday, March 21, 2008


What the HELL happened at the end of that Drake/W. Kentucky game???

Aw, forget it. I saw it, I just don't wanna believe it. MutherFUCKER!

Wedding vs. March Madness

Well, I'm 13 for 16 thus far in the Big Dance. USC fucked me in the worst way, because I had them going up again KU (and losing) in the Elite Eight. The other losses that hit me (Purdue over Baylor and UNLV over Kent State) don't hurt so bad because I have them going out in the next round anyway. (Twin, to interpret for you, that means that 13 of the 16 teams I picked to win and move forward in the tournament have won their games, and will move forward as I expected. 3 of those 16 let me down in royal fashion, and drove me to drink, swear, and kick puppies last night.) (Ok, not really on the kicking puppies, but you KNOW there was some drinkin' and swearin' going down!)

Today is another fresh day. I'm worried about a couple of the games, but you never know what's going to happen until the playing begins, so we'll just see how things start up at 11:25 this morning.

My main issue of the weekend is this: We have a wedding to attend on Saturday night. Actually, it's just a reception, as the couple already got married in a private ceremony in Jamaica. So they're throwing a cocktail party to celebrate with their friends and family on Saturday night.

Now, back when we RSVP'd, I didn't even think about how the tournament would be happening this weekend. In fact, I was kind of surprised that it started as late as it did this year...I thought, for some reason, that it should have started last weekend. (Not that it would have made a huge difference at the end of the day. Either way, it sucks to have a wedding on a Saturday night during the tournament.)

The problem? It's at the Brewery. Where we had our wedding. And where I KNOW they don't get any kind of cable or satellite coming in. So we can't watch the games at all. And KU plays at 5:50 on Saturday night. K-State plays at 3:20, so at least the K-State fans can watch their game and still make it to the celebration without issue. But the KU fans? They're fucked. Sure, there's TiVo, but it's not the same, and you know it.

One of our friends has already decided he won't be going. He plans on giving them a bigger gift than he had originally decided to give in order to apologize for his false-positive RSVP. I'm not sure how many other people are going to skip the party in lieu of watching the game at a bar, or a friend's house, but I would imagine it's a definite possibility that it will happen. I would do it if I were a teensy bit more of an asshole. But I just can't. My one friend says, "It's just a cocktail party." And I said, "Yes, a very expensive cocktail party. That we said we would attend. So, yeah." He didn't have a response to that.

Anyway, it's a shitty situation, and while I have every confidence that KU will move forward, and I'll be able to watch all their games from here on out, it still sucks about tomorrow.

The bride is a HUGE KU fan, too, so we're not sure what she's gonna do. Everyone is sure she'll try to do something. I've got a laptop and a wireless aircard that we could use, but to be honest, the stream from yesterday was breaking up and finally quit working when I was (eh-em...) trying to watch it someplace else, so I finally gave up and watched the games via score refresh on their website instead.

What would you do if you were me?

Thursday, March 20, 2008

So much depends upon a red wagon...

Ok, Kent State is a lost cause. Bastids. Doesn't matter, because I have KU picked to win over the winner of that game, anyway.

Those of you who are confused, just keep reading, because there was more fun Knot crazy action today keeping me entertained most of the morning. Unfortunately, the original poster ran away and hasn't come back to respond to our questions since about 9 a.m. this morning, but here's the craptastic idea she had for her wedding that had us lobbing the insults...

Original Postard:

Our ring bearer is only going to be two months old at our wedding! I have seen it done before where the flower girls just pull him down in a wagon, but does any one else have any cute ideas? Also how do you make a red radio flyer, cute and white for the big day? All suggestions are appreciated!

[Ok, first of all, she totally lied about any suggestions being appreciated. You'll see what I mean...]

Replies from other Knotties:
(1) 2 months old isn't old enough to be pulled in a wagon. At that age babies can't even sit up on their own. I wouldn't want to risk the wagon being tipped over with him in it, even if you had him in an infant carrier. If you must have him "walk" down the aisle then I'd suggest asking his mom or another adult to carry him.

(2) sounds like you need a new ring bearer. He can't hold the rings, let alone his own head up.
Why on earth would you have a 2 month old be your ring bearer when he can barely hold his head up! If you are really stuck on this, have his mother walk him down the aisle and then be seated with him. There is no need for him to be up there the entire time.

The wagon idea is not safe for a 2 month old infant, please don't do this!

Original Postard:
Any positive ideas?

More replies from other Knotties:
(3) Seriously? You being a nanny should know that this is not in the best interest of a 2 month old.

How can there be some positive ideas when this is a bad idea? Did you even ask his mother waht she thinks?

(4) I think you're positively batsh!t crazy.

(5) since a kid that small can't "bear" a ring, i'd suggest strapping the ring pillow to his head.

also, to actually answer your question: "Also how do you make a red radio flyer, cute and white for the big day? " i would suggest paint

Original Postard:
Oh my gosh I totally forgot to ask his mom! Thank goodness you said something carrie! C'mon people she's my sister. You people crack me up!

More replies from other Knotties:
(6) So the mother of a 2 month old thinks this is a good idea?

I wish there could be a common sense aptitude test before allowing people to breed.

(7) If you paint a red wagon white, does it turn into a white wagon, or does it retain some essence of its red-ness? As matter cannot be created or destroyed, one must believe that the wagon is still, in its essence, a red wagon. Calling it such would not be incorrect. What is white, anyway? Can one really know? It is taught to us, but that information is reliant on other people's expertise and is subject to a person's bias. Can a person truly know anything???? The cute part I can't help you with.

(8) if you're a nanny of any sort of training in early childhood education, you would know that a two month old baby is in no way capable of being a ring bearer.

you are using the child as a prop...and i for one, as a mother, would NEVER allow my two month old, who has no control over his faculties, to be pulled a a wagon (red or white) by another child, who has no control over her emotions.

don't use this baby as a prop on your "spayshul" Day.

(9) According to Zoolander, the paint will actually make the wagon cute. Paint is wet. Moisture is the essence of wetness. And wetness is the essence of beauty. Therefore, wet paint is beautiful.
But don't let it dry. Then it'll just be a white wagon. Formerly known as red wagon.

you know, foolowing wetness is beauty: the kid would be covered in wet paint = beautiful

the kid will probably wet his diaper = beautiful

(10) so much depends

a red radio

glazed with lead

besides the stupid
bride in white.

(11) How about something like this? The baby should be safe if you do this. AND it looks very wedding-y.

[That one seriously cracked me up...and is what threw off all the spacing in this post. Godammit.]

Ladybug [a.k.a. our resident Mormon moron on the Knot...]:
What a lovely idea to honor your baby in a way that shows him off to the world but I wonder if maybe you can perhaps either carry the ring bearer and have another person hold your rings or change your wedding date to reflect a date that the infant is slightly older and can possibly handle more responsiblity? I would think though that the flower girls may not be aware that such a young baby could be in danger by dragging a wagon down the aisle in the event the children were to start running I would fear for the safety of your new baby. I think you can buy a wagon in white but it is not going to be a red radio flyer although white is more appropriate for a wedding. Good Luck and keep us posted!

(12) Seriously though, if you're going to do that, make sure you buy a wagon that is NOT easily tipped.

I asked my sister if she would've let our nieces (who are mellow kids and wouldn't be all crazy & wild) pull her kid in a wagon at 2 months old.

Her response: "I think not".

(13) See, even Ladybug sorta agrees with us and she has 1/2 a brain.

(14) I will spare you my personal opinions on the whole wagon thing. But we did go to a wedding once and the couples newborn baby was pushed down the aisle in one of those pop out stroller things. It was decorated with tulle and flowers and other wedding crap. The rings were in a sippy cup in the stroller.

It was kind of awkward but whatever. I feel like being nice today so that is my suggestion if you insist on having a newborn as a prop. Oops. I mean ring bearer.

(15) You don't think any of these suggestions are positive? Think about this- you go with your original plan by having your flower girls (I'm hoping they are above the age of 3 or at least know how to walk) pulling a two month old baby down the aisle in a painted radio flyer wagon, a wagon with 4 inch walls. If your flower girls are young then they won't understand the importance of being EXTREMELY cautious with a two month old baby. They may walk a little too fast due to all of the excitement and that "cute" little white wagon of yours just may tip over and injure the innocent two month old baby. Now, does THAT sound like a very POSITIVE thing to happen on your "special dayyyyy"?

I think anyone who suggested to NOT go with your idea is giving you a very positive suggestion.

Please have a responsible person (the mom) carry the baby down the aisle, if you insist on him being a part of your wedding. Or choose a boy capable of walking himself down the aisle AND can carry a pillow at the same time!

(16) OMG! Ladybug said something LUCID!!

::throws back of hand to forehead and faints::

Yes, like Ladybug says, you should DEFINITELY change the date of your wedding so that the ring bearer will be 5 months old, and able to hold his head up on his own.

*rolls eyes*

You DO realize that at 2 months old, he'll be lying down in the wagon, right? I mean, what's the friggen point? Unless you're planning to prop him up in some way, which would be almost as ridiculous as having a 2 month old in a wagon down the aisle in the first place of course!

Anyway, there's no nice way to put this. It's a stupid idea. Period. (I do, however, like the cage idea from the pp above. That would look faaabulous...)

(17) Ok, the obvious safety hazard has been pointed out, so I won't reiterate, but think about how this idea could ruin the ceremony. The baby is probably very likely to:

-all of the above

Do you really want all this going on during your wedding ceremony?? Why not spare yourself the stress and keep the baby with his mom who can quietly step out with him if needed.

(18) "You DO realize that at 2 months old, he'll be lying down in the wagon, right? I mean, what's the friggen point? Unless you're planning to prop him up in some way, which would be almost as ridiculous as having a 2 month old in a wagon down the aisle in the first place of course!"

Eh. Some duct tape and plywood would solve the problem. ;)

We're currently discussing the different options to secure the kid to the wagon in the post. The original poster hasn't been back since this morning to respond to our fun, and I don't know that she will be until maybe tonight, if at all. I'm hoping she calls me fat. It's been too long since someone took a hit like that at me.

You better come out swingin' boys!

Kent State? Um, WAKE UP!!!!

In the loop...

- My lower back hurts really, really bad. It's jacked the fuck up, and I don't know what did it...the yoga, or the workout I did on Tuesday night prior to yoga? I'm inclined to think I did something to it in yoga only because my workout before the class was just chest, upper back, and shoulder-centric. Yoga was hard.

I have another yoga class tonight, but with a different teacher. We'll see if it helps or makes things worse.

- It's second-Christmas week here at work right now. Things are a bit thinned out what with all the people on vacation for spring break, so I can catch up on other things I need to do like making fun of people on the Knot (more to come on that later...) and filling out thank you notes that I should have finished two months ago.

- If you came to our wedding/gave us a gift for our wedding and haven't received a thank you note (and just happen to read this blog as well), know that I am so, sooo sorry. So sorry. No excuses. Just...bad. So sorry.

- My back hurts.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hell, apparently, HAS frozen over.

It's supposed to fucking SNOW here on Saturday into Sunday morning.

What the FUCK?

I even like winter. But this winter is quickly putting the season onto my shit list REAL fast. I need to get shit done outside on the weekend! Like clean up the yard, and not walk around in the sludge that is my lawn anymore, thanks to how fucking cold and wet it is all the time.

This sucks. That is all.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Powerball Hate

Apparently, 8 coworkers in a West Virginia county tax office might be the winners of the $276 million Powerball contest that occurred this past Saturday. The woman in the center below, Allecia Priore, is one of the 8 "winners."

(*Image lovingly borrowed from*)

Can I just say that if I have a high probability of being one of 8 people who might be receiving a $12 million payout (after taxes and splitting with the other participants) in a little while, you wouldn't catch me without a HUGE shit-eating grin on my muthafuckin' face, ok? Why is she so serious?

Also, I don't know that I'd be able to do any work at all, so I probably would call in sick until I knew, for sure, if we won the goddammed money. That might just be me, though.

I'm just bitter because I didn't win. In fact, not a single number that was drawn showed up within the 4 quick picks I purchased. THAT is how much the Powerball is telling me (and Leo) to go suck it.

Asshole Powerball...

Monday, March 17, 2008

I feel dirty.

I've decided to detox this week. My body was feeling all puffy and ucky and I was getting so full after every meal I ate over the weekend that I decided it was time to take a break, flush the system as best I could, and hopefully start anew after a week or two.

So I'm drinking fruit smoothies in the morning (frozen berries, a protein powder that I get at Whole Foods that adds a shit ton of protein but is low sugar/low carb, ground flax seed, and cranberry juice - preferably unsweetened cranberry juice, but I couldn't find that kind, so I settled for a 100% juice that is a mix of grape juice and cranberry for now. It'll still do the trick), and having one of those awesome Thomas's english muffins that are only 100 calories but have 6 grams of fiber in them with a little butter.

It seems to be doing the trick. I'm peeing like a mad-woman (thanks to all the water I drank as well after I finished my smoothie this morning, as well as the diuretic properties inherently included in the cran juice), and I won't talk about the other stuff going on, but let's just say it's all doing what it should be doing.

And then lunch will be my home-made version of a t.v. dinner: 3.5 oz of chicken (baked with either terragon and a little sea salt, or a dill mixture and a little sea salt), about half a cup of white rice, and some canned green beens (found some Green Giant kind at the market yesterday that were 50% lower sodium...nice!).

Snack at the end of the work day is a high fiber pasta (about 1/4 cup) with crab meat, tossed in a little asian vinaigrette. Yum!

Dinners will be pretty normal...tonight is chicken fajita night! Yay!

It was either this or getting Leo to help me with an enema. We both decided this was a better idea to start with.

Shit! I just realized I left my really yummy snack at home. That was what I was going to eat before heading to pilates tonight, dammit! Shit, shit, shit! Oh well...

I just was feeling so gross inside, and my skin was all blotchy and weird after my workout on Saturday, and I seriously couldn't understand the full feeling I was getting after just a small amount of food every time I tried to eat over the weekend. So let's hope this works!

Hope everyone else had a good weekend. Basketball, beer, and bloating. It was a good time for me...

Friday, March 14, 2008

I'm in what they call the "emotional" quadrant.

My boss has a drawing of a big change curve on his white board in his office right now. It's got the 4 following quadrants on it: Denial; Emotional; Commitment; Acceptance

Not surprisingly, I have declaired the "Emotional" quadrant to be my very own. I am in a perpetual state of Stage 2 on the chart below...

(*Borrowed from the RapidBi website, in case anyone wants to check it out further.*)

Or so it would seem, according to my family, coworkers, and friends. (I don't feel the same as they do about it, so their opinions are immediately invalid as soon as they express them, obviously.) I feel like I actually go through all 4 stages on a daily basis, really, regardless of what's going on. I give you the following example to judge from...
Today, I went downstairs in my building to grab some lunch. I was in the mood for either a sammich and a side salad, or some sushi and a side salad. Never know which one will be the winner until it's staring me in the face.
So I arrive in our little cafe, and I look over the sammiches, and then the sushi, and decide the salmon sushi (mislabelled as "Spicy Roll" today) was the winner. Then I moved over to grab my side salad, and saw something rather disturbing. They had changed the container for the salad to a size that held what I would estimate as being a max of about 3/4 of a cup of lettuce. (It also had the dressing in there, which is normal, but it was smooshing the lettuce more than usual in its new miniscule container.) It's been in a container that holds about 1.5 cups of lettuce for the past 6 months or so, since they last changed the container and downsized a teensy bit.
The problem? It was the same fucking price as the bigger version! Already overcharged at the size it has been, I've been sucking it up and dealing with it as I only buy the salad around 2 or 3 times a week, anyway. But to pay that for a salad HALF the size of the regular one? fucking way.
So there it was. My Denial Stage for that situation. And I handled it by writing the following note to the "Feedback" address for the company that caters to my work location:
"I just went down to the [cafe] location in my building ([redacted]) to get a sandwich and a side salad, and saw the new containers that the side salads are being sold in.

Are you KIDDING ME? It's smaller than ever, and it's the same (ridiculous) price it was before?

Come on. We all know that times are tough right now, but that's just outright jilting us as customers. Please reconsider pricing those side salads accordingly. I noticed that there were a LOT still on the shelf, and it's almost noon...usually there are only a few left by now. Chances are, you're going to waste a lot of food if you don't change those prices. They aren't worth more than $1.50 to me at that size.

Thanks for hearing my issue!"
Ok. So. Um, apparently, I needed some food in my system before I wrote that, right? (Probably didn't help that I was coming down off of a carb and sugar high from the donut and bagel breakfast that my department provided to us all in an effort to cheer the masses this week, but whatever. Excuses, excuses...) To be fair, I AM a known smart-ass. Just not known to everyone, is the problem. So, yeah. That would have been the Emotional Stage of the situation. Here was their reply:

Thank you for your pointed feedback on the side salad that is served in our cafe's and the [cafe in your building]. After conducting a little research I agree with you that the new container for this side salad is too small and it doesn't allow us to serve the same portion size as normal. These side salads are created at our [main cafe] and I will speak with them directly on how to remedy the situation. Our supplier was out of our normal container and this container was substituted for it, we should have our normal container back in very soon. As I stated before I will speak with [the main cafe] about how to fix the situation now so we can provide the highest quality product possible while maintaining the value for our customers. Thank you once again for the feedback and if there is anything else we can do for you please do not hesitate to just ask us."
Yeah, I think that when they referred to my "pointed feedback" they really probly wanted to say "bitchy fucking comment." But that's neither here nor there. I'm just glad they replied, and so quickly, too! It was within 1 hour of me submitting my original feedback to them.
After re-reading what I sent to them, I realized how awful it sounded. (No thanks to the opportunity I took to put certain parts of it into ALL CAPS, or what have you.) So I replied almost immediately to say the following:
"You are the BEST! I'm so glad that the container isn't a new size that was going to be used in an ongoing manner. Such a relief!

I didn't mean to sound so harsh in my original feedback note. My tone sometimes surprises even me! (I hadn't eaten yet when I sent it...that might have something to do with it.)

Thanks again for the response and the help. I'm so relieved!"
I think that was the Commitment Stage and the Acceptance Stage rolled into one. Or would me posting about it here be the Acceptance Stage? I dunno.
Anyway, my point is, I'm not ALWAYS in the Emotional Stage, ok? I just go through all stages rather quickly (the scenario above happened in less than 1.5 hours) at several different points throughout my day. All I know is, I probably won't die from cancer, or something, thanks to my ability to roll with the Curve. So I have that going for me, at least. (I hope.)
Seriously, Blogger. The spacing thing that happens on paragraphs after I've posted a photo in my, sooo fucking obnoxious. Fix it, please, for the mother of all things holy.

Evil. Puppies.

I’ve determined the following fact as of this morning: My dogs want me dead, and they will go through excruciatingly slow and painful procedures to achieve that end result.

Izzy has woken up in the middle of the night for the last three nights in a row. One night, it was because of her monthly hairball situation that causes her to have a cough throughout the night, makes her want to lick the floor (???), and jump off and on the bed at varying times as she attempts to sleep, but then can’t sleep, and then she decides she wants to be out in the living room instead and then back in the bedroom and AUGH! AUUUUGGGGHHHH!!!!!

Then the night before last, she woke up apparently needing to go out to go to the bathroom at 2 a.m. or 4 a.m. or some random time – I can’t remember due to my delirious condition. When she does that we wake up the puppy of course, who then barks so loudly, it makes me wonder if we’re going to wake the baby next door.

Last night, she got up again. I was PISSED. I had taken water away from the both of them a full hour before we went to bed, hoping to avoid the same situation we’d had the night before. Turned out she didn’t apparently need to go out to the yard, but she wanted water. *sigh!* So I got her some water, and tried to go back to bed. We’d woken Jake up, but not as badly as the night before so he quit barking from his crate pretty quickly.

Well, she didn’t get back into bed after that. She hovered at the door, and paced the room, and finally started whining a half hour after I’d gotten her the water. Fucker needed to go outside this time. Goddammit.

So I’m tired when I wake up this morning. Rightfully so. Leo is apparently sort of aware that something was going on (probably due to all my mid-night cussing at the dog for being such a pain in my ASS), so he asked what happened this morning before he left for work. (Dude sleeps like a rock in the middle of an abandoned desert at night...and I'm soooo jealous it makes me want to cry.) I told him that the dog hates me. End of story. I kiss him goodbye, and shut myself into the bathroom and away from the tumbling ball of fur(y) that starts itself up in the living room when Jake and Izzy see each other.

We tried to work out their energy levels. We went on a walk/drag/carry last night instead of me going to yoga class. Izzy got her walk, and Jake got his drag/carry (he’s not too good on a leash yet…so we wind up dragging him instead of walking him, which is actually very entertaining. Makes me wonder if one of our neighbors will see us out for a drag, laughing at the poor puppy on the end of the leash who appears to go comatose when the leash is snapped onto his collar, which is just sooo funny to see so we can’t help but laugh, and will call animal control on our asses, or something. But then we showed our neighbors who actually live next door what happens when we try to walk him, and THEY laughed as much as we did, and so we know we’re cool. (We carry him for most of the walk, and then plop him down every now and then to see if he’s ready to try walking himself. Then we pick him up after a short period of time – after he’s gathered plenty of small sticks and pebbles under his belly from being dragged down the sidewalk – and carry him as we walk normally with Iz. I plan to get it on video soon. Because we’re sick fuckers like that…)

Anyway, the animals…they hate me and want me dead. By slow, torturous actions they’re taking. Eevviiil puppies.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hearing an echo?

Ok, upon further reflection on a subject I didn't even really need to know about in the first place, if her skin had grown around the toilet seat, how was she wiping? It had to have been really cumbersome, I'll tell you what. And if I'm anything at all, I'm a woman that hates her trips to the toilet to be cumbersome in any way, shape or form.

And so, with that realization, I've decided that if I'm going to lose it and stay in one place for a long fucking period of time, it'll be in bed.

But...wait a minute. Then I can't take a shit or go pee or anything. (Which was the one smart thing this chick thought ahead about when she decided to knock off the way she did.) Hm. Might need to do more thinking about this.

At any rate, it might be kinda quiet around these here KC Blogging parts - at least for the majority of the bloggers that are on my roll - for a few days. We have a new toy and we're tending to spend more time there than on our blogs, it appears. Just in case anyone was wondering what was up...

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

After 20 *minutes* my butt goes numb!

I think I'll have a talk with Leo tonight and make sure he knows: If I'm sitting on a toilet for longer than 3 days, he might wanna call for help.

2 years sitting on a toilet. Yeah, I'm thinking something was wrong there with that situation. Why does all the fucked up shit happen in Kansas?


By the way, you all owe me at least $150. Unless you've been reading this blog since its inception, in which case you owe me a good $500, dammit.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

*Update to the Bathroom*

We received the final plans for the bathroom addition, based on the changes we requested from the architect, and made our final decision based on the space and layout and everything involved. Here it is!

That dotted line through both rooms is, of course, showing where the rooms currently end. We'd extend the "master" another 2 feet, giving us plenty of room to get a king sized bed without crowding the room too much, as well as give us more space in the 3rd, and currently way too teensy, bedroom we use as office space.

But, hell...that closet alone makes me want to roll around on the floor in ecstasy, though. I mean, holy LORD, we need that space!

My plan is to look into getting a frosted glass pocket door for the entrance into the closet/laundry space, so that the light from the window inside can come through even when the door is closed, since there isn’t another window around there for a bit. Yay!

I’m thinking of something along these lines…

Or this...
Not sure yet about fixtures, and stuff, but we’re probably going to do a semi-custom thing when it comes to our cabinets. Since we want the storage tower between the sinks (in the “vanity” position on the plan drawing), we’ll need to find the right vanity and sinks and all that good stuff, but they have a hell of a lot of standard issue shit available at Home Depot that will definitely fit the bill…just a few little things that might be out of their range, like the tower itself. But who knows? Here’s what I’m looking at, vanity-wise…
Or this...
That first vanity is the cheapo costs $439 versus the second one coming in at a lovely $1233. (Both are available at Home Depot, btw.) These are just ideas, of course. I'd much rather have more surface space on the top of the vanity on both sides of the sink, so we might have to keep our eyes peeled for more (but also reasonable) options. Then again, the more surface space I have on top, the more clutter I'd be bound to have. So maybe it's best to just have the space for soap and a toothbrush stand, or whatever, and then keep everything else INSIDE the cupboards. Hm, novel idea...

Don't even get me started on the options places like Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware have for us. *shudders* I looooove those places. But I do NOT looooove their prices. Not worth it, really.

Hmm...I just thought of something. Where am I supposed to put my towel for when I get out of the shower? Hm. Oh well. I'll put it in the fucking LAUNDRY ROOM that will be right across the way from it. Yay!

Tonight, I am headed to yoga. I've been trying to talk Leo into to going with me for the past two days, but he's not having it. See, I'm starting a new routine. The old one grew stale and I started to skimp a lot on my workouts and I was just tired. Tired, tired, TIRED. So we're mixing things up around Ass de la Faith! I'll still see my personal trainer, but only once a week for an hour on Saturdays. (He has to work every day now that he and his new wife bought a house. Mwahahahahaha!) And then Mondays I go to a 30 minute pilates class, and do cardio before and after. And then Tuesdays I do yoga. Probably just the yoga, but I might do a 15 minute warm up if I can get to the gym early enough...don't see why not. And then Thursday it's yoga again, with definite cardio before hand. (The class on Thursday doesn't start until 7:30, so yeah...lots of time to do a 15 - 20 minute something on the bike or elliptical.)

Anyway, I'm hoping it will re-energize me. There's another pilates class I can go to on Sundays, I think, but we'll see if I can work my way up to doing that one seeing as it's the day after I work out with my trainer and the day before I do another pilates class. (Haven't done pilates before? Give it a go and you'll see what I mean. I got on the elliptical last night after I was done, and I'd even stopped to put on my shoes, and my heart rate to start was STILL at 162. Yeah...fucked. up.)

I'll keep you posted. On everything. (As usual...)

Trying again...

Yay! Blogger is finally working again!

Jake has gotten big. So big he's not fitting well under the furniture he used to fit under. Causing me to wonder just how long it'll be before we have to have an official puppy-extraction from the space beneath the t.v. armoir in the living room. Last night he kept voluntarily squirming under there with a beat up old tennis ball he found out in the yard yesterday. Then he'd poke his head out and pretend to taunt Izzy with the ball (even though she was soooo not interested), and then he'd release the ball and try to POUNCE on it, but his ass would get stuck, so the pouncing wasn't going so well.

Anyway, he's becoming a big boy!

With a BIG HEAD...
Ok, not really. But he does like to chew on big puppy bones. Or he just likes to chew on this particular bone because he knows it "belongs" to Iz. Just like a man!
He also has this habit of standing half-in/half-out of the doggy door. He did it this morning, in fact. Sticks his head out, checks the air, or something, and then walks out and either heads down to the lawn for some wandering, or turns his ass around and comes right back inside. (Which was the case this morning. He decided he'd rather pee on the living room rug instead of outside, thankyouverymuch. Asshole.)
He's cute as hell, and we're all getting more and more used to each other. I still have to do my best sneaking around ever when I get up to pee in the middle of the night, or else it wakes him up and he starts barking. When I can manage to time it to coincide with the heater clicking on, it works out pretty well. But this morning was a case where I just couldn't stand it anymore...I HAD to get up and pee. So he woke up, barked a bit, and then stopped a few minutes later. It's gotten much better than it had been a couple of weeks ago. Thank GOD.

He's still eating his poo now and then, though. No stopping that, it seems! So, so gross.

And I took him for his first walk (read: "drag") on Saturday. He's not quite up to the task yet. But he has soooo much energy to burn, we really want to get him into the habit now if we can. Especially now that the weather is getting nice. Fortunately, he's small enough that if he gives up, we can carry him around for a bit. Leo took him for another walk yesterday and it sounds like it might have been more successful than mine was on Saturday. Won't be long before he's at it like a pro, I bet!

Anyway, that's the puppy update. Thrilling, no?

Monday, March 10, 2008

Is this even possible?

I swear I've had 3 anxiety attacks in the last 2 hours. Is that possible?

And where the FUCK is this coming from? Anxiety attacks? Really? Sheesh. THANKS body. Thanks a ton.

I feel like I'm going to throw up. Blech.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

And now, PUPPIES!

Ok, well, I wanted to post some updated pics of the puppy. But apparently the internets are on revolt and refuse to work the way I want them to.

Al Gore? Can you get on that, please? I'm having issues with reporting my time at work via the internet portal we're required to use, and posting pictures on my blog. Thanks in advance for your assistance, dude.

Anyway, as soon as I can post the pics, I will.

Friday, March 07, 2008


(Warning: I only take partial responsibility for the spacing fuckedupness in this post. Most of the responsibility lies on Blogger, IMO. I posted some photos to the post after I'd already started typing, which for some unknown reason tends to make it go all wacky. I've tried to fix it several times and I GIVE UP!)

I just bought my Eddie Izzard tickets, bitches! (He'll be at the Uptown on May 31st.) That's right! Advanced ticket sale, baby! WOOOOO! (Yes, all those "O's" are definitely necessary. Just picture me sitting here woo-hooing my ass off, mkay?)

I've been wanting to see him live ever since I was first introduced to him via "Dress to Kill" at my sister's house in Little Rock one fabulous (Easter?) weekend in 2001, I think it was. I couldn't believe I'd never seen that act before then, although I knew who he was of course. "Saaan Francisco, San Francisco, San Fra - not San Fraaan...noooooo. [Audience responds by hissing like snakes...] And you're a city of snakes, I see...Sssssssss...We did that at school."

The man. is. AWESOME.

By the way, need to remember to check and see when The Riches will be back on the air. Soon, I hope...

Anyway, the real point of this late afternoon post was to tell you all about how the crazy Mormon (first mentioned in Part 2 of my 3 part series about being a fat chick from 2 weeks ago...) is back at it on the Knot today. It's been wildly entertaining, so I wanted to share some of what she's said, in case you're interested...

Apparently, her husband has some questionable friends. Ok, that's fine. Understandable. Here's a picture of him, btw...

Sessay, no?

Anywho, dude has a buddy who used to go out with a girl (near as I can figure, anyway) who apparently is so desperate for his love that she has resorted to taking nekked pics of herself and sending them to him via email. Well, his buddy is entertained by this, and is sending the pics out to his friends to laugh about her desperation, and mock know, generally make fun of her while also, at the same time, allowing them to ogle her nekked ass. Classy. So our fair "Ladybug" has discovered the pictures on the computer she and her hubby share. Here's what she posted...

“I recently cleaned my computer hard drive and had come accross a photo of a person I know who is also a friend I had sometime ago and she once dated a good friend of my husband and was nude in a pose. She was bent over a chair and her areas were uncovered and she was smiling and the title of the picture was her name which made me look to open it thinking it was in the wrong folder from our wedding. I asked my husband why he had this photo and he explained that his friend that once dated her sent it to him because she was still obsessed with his friend and often sent nude photos to him in the hopes of securing their relationship via sexual conduct and his friend sent it to hom to make a joke. I deleted the photo and am unsure if I should let my friend know that her former boyfriend is sending nude photos of her to other people via email and perhaps advise her to perhaps become a more modest individual?”

I am not, btw, responsible for your head exploding over the way she forms her sentences, punctuates, or "speaks". Girl is fucked up, and there's only one way to truly show it.


*wipes away tears, breathes*


I replied: “It's been 2 weeks...I missed you, Ladybug!

Yes, ‘advise her to perhaps become a more modest individual’. That should do the trick. Good luck with that.”

She’s so fun. Here's what she looks like!

That is her OLDER sister on the left there. (And her younger sisters on the right.) Wow. I love how they're all wearing white. Dear God...

Anyway, she then returned after a few more of us had responded to her original post to say the following:

“Thank you although not for the assumption of the ideas that my husband is not being forthright with his own actions regarding the photo in question as it was found in a public file on our shared home computer and not in a hidden file under an assumed name and I saw it when I saw the name under Recent Documents which shows that it was in fact only received shortly ago and not deleted and or hidden from me. Which is why I believe him and do not think badly of anyone involved because it is a perverted image. I only asked if I should advise my friend of what i found in order to have her know that she is sending a man her photos under the impression that it will help motivate him to begin their relationship once again because maybe she doesn't know he has evil intentions or perhaps should I remain uninvolved?”

[Again, not my fault that she writes like she does. That first sentence? WTF IS that?]

And my response to THAT: “Yes. Remain uninvolved. And blind and dumb and everything else along those lines.

Listen, your husband SAVED the pic to the computer for a reason. If it was a joke from his friend (who apparently has a girl desperate to be with him, if she's sending him nekked pics of herself, poor thing), as if to say, "Look at this dumb biitch! Sending me pics of her nekked a$$ and shiit! Hahahaha! Wish you were me? Hahahahaha!" then why the HELL would your hubby then save the pic to the computer? He could have opened it without saving, checked it out, replied to his friend about the sadness of the desperate chick, and then moved on with life.

But he SAVED it. Just because he saved it to a spot where YOU would also be able to see it doesn't mean he's not "molesting himself" to it when you aren't watching, Ladybug. Just a thought...”

It's an ongoing discussion, even 5 hours later, of course. People have rediscovered her "bio" so they're expressing their confusion anew with the photos from their wedding she has available for us all to see. Like this:


And I understand about people being casual at a wedding (including being so hot, one must remove their shirt and all), but when the bride and groom are all dressed up and have balloons and everything? You'd think the guests would make more of an effort than this...

Ok, I'm pretty sure I've popped several blood vessels in my brain from laughing at all the fun stuff, and I know I'm going to hell for, well, lots of things that didn't already include me bringing over pics from this chick's wedding to then make fun of on my blog, so save it if you want to point out how eeeviiil I am. (Or take it on over to your blog that I don't read anyway. You know who you are! People tell me that you're paying attention to me, so my best advice to you is: don't!) I'm sure that if the powers that be think it's time for me to quit doing this sort of thing, they'll handle it as they see fit. (Hopefully with a beer and a pack of cupcakes, because MAN am I craving that shit!)

Happy weekend, all. Hope there are balloons involved.

Here's what we decided...

For anyone that's interested in the ongoing progress for the addition to the house, here's what Leo and I worked out last night on our "favorite" versions of the plan...

Version A:

Version D:
I just sent the revision requests off to the architect and the builder. So we'll see what they say...hopefully soon! I also mentioned that the big corner tub isn't necessary in Plan A, so if he wants to revise that plan just showing a normal size tub like the one in Plan D, it'd be great. We went and looked at tub options last week, and there are plenty of regular sized tubs that have the "whirlpool" options in them...they're not super-long (generally 5' - 5 1/2' long), but they ARE really deep. Which is important when you have a facade like me. ;)

Anywho, that's what's going on there. Oh, and btw, it's Friday. Yay!

Love it!

Ok, so the bomb that went off yesterday in Times Square?

And the letters that were sent to several Senators or Congresspeople, or whatever?

NOT being linked in any way?

Oh. Alrighty then.

I suppose it's just all coinkidink that the letters arrived the same day the bombing happened, and had a statement inside that said, "We did it." And also just happened to include a picture of someone standing in front of the same doors that got blown up, hands in the air as if to say, "Here I am! Not bombing the place! (Yet!)"

That makes total sense.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Addition

Well. We've reached the next level on the addition we're planning for the home, so I thought I'd share. (Leo hasn't had a chance to see these yet, so shhhhh! I've printed them out so we can look them over tonight.)

The architect came and met with us a week and a half ago, took measurements, saw the drawings Leo had created to show what we were looking at wanting to do, and then went to work on a few designs based on all of that fun.

I don't know which ones I like best, although I'm leaning heavily toward A and D. The big, BIG difference between A, B, and C is the square footage involved. And the positioning of the toilet. Because, in all honesty, as much as I talk about my pooping and everything? I see it as a very private matter, and prefer for the toilet to be in a spot that isn't 2 feet from where our bed will be. Blech.

Anywho, the things that Leo and I are interested in doing with the addition is having a walk-in closet, moving the laundry indoors from the garage (thereby giving us more room for cabinets and storage space out there, as well as saving us from having to do laundry in sometimes frigid or very hot temperatures, and also saving us the worry of the pipes freezing on us...), having a BIG bathroom that includes 2 sinks, a stand up shower separate from the tub, and some storage space for linens and toiletries and stuff, and also being able to add a couple of feet onto the bedroom so we can get a king sized bed in there. WOO!

So, here are the options the architect sent me. Tell me what you think of these layouts. (Click on them to see the bigger, clearer version. Duh.)

Version A:

Version B:
Version C:
Version D:
In A, there is a 2 foot alcove that he added, which pushes out the addition a bit, but also gives us a bit more space in that room. I love it. But do I love the toilet space on the end of the house, sticking out like that? I don't know, really. Looks like it would wind up being a funky and odd placement for it, overall. I'm wondering if we should sacrifice some of the space in the closet and put the toilet over there, somehow. He's open to suggestions, so I'll talk to Leo and see what he thinks.

I also like the addition of the sink in the laundry space on version D. And something about that layout really pleases me, as well. I just would like the addition of the 2 foot space in the small room on the left (between the master bedroom and the kitchen) if possible in that case. I don't mind the smaller tub...I'm not much for baths, anyway. But we'd also lose the "bench" space in the shower in that version, and I really, really want that. (Girls will probably all agree with me...not only good for storage purposes, but having a place to put your foot while you're shaving your legs is always a nice thing.)

I'm excited to get this underway! Hopefully we can decide on a plan soon, figure out how much the fucker is gonna cost (approximately) and get it done! Yay!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I don't mind if you forget me.

I'm not sure what evil fucking forces are at work today, but I just had the most painful drive EVER on my way to work this morning.

Look, if you don't have to actually BE somewhere in the morning, how about you wait until 8:15 or so to leave your goddammed house, because those of us that need to get to work on time at 8 a.m. (or else our heads will explode...which makes a really big mess, dammit) are being office-blocked by your ass, and it makes us absolutely inSANE! Like to the point where as soon as we have some open road, regardless of whether that open road consists of the last 200 yards to the entrance to our office park, we WILL somehow manage to get our car to 70 MPH in that distance, and then need to slow down rapidly in order to make the turn into said office park, and scare the bejeezus out of the person sitting at the signal there waiting their turn. (Which was kind of funny, actually, and I wish I had replay so I could see their face again as my car careened toward them in a somewhat haphazard manner...which I totally, absolutely had control over, mind you. They just might not have thought that I did, given the speed I took the corner at. Heh.)

And all the signals down Nall? That decided to turn red right as I approached them, sometimes due to the fucking IDIOT that cut me off just to go slowly in front of me? Yeah, FUCK YOU. Assholes.

I'm at that point, everyone...the point where I'm telling inanimate objects to fuck off. That's not a point I like to get to at any given point in the day, much less right out the gate.

Monday, March 03, 2008

PSA...FYI...whatever the hell you make of it, really...

I've been reading a lot of "you should report them to the BBB" kind of comments lately when people are complaining about businesses they take issue with on their blogs (latest issue found here in this post about a shystering creepy-ass tow truck company over at Pensive's blog) or in posts on wedding websites or what have you. And I've been correcting a lot of them, just in case they are unaware of the following issue:

Unless a business is an actual member of their local Better Business Bureau, then it won't mean a damned thing if you report them.

A company I used to work for, which shall remain nameless in this post, but which was of the mortgage company variety and therefore tended to piss a good amount of people off now and then, taught me that very valuable lesson once and for all over the course of the 4 years that I worked there, and so I pass on the wisdom every time I have the chance.

But I'm getting kind of tired of it. (Ok, not really. Because, if you know me at all, you know I love to correct people on a daily basis, if at all humanly possible.) So I thought I'd try to spread the word.

I used to get calls and emails all the time from people "threatening" to report us to the local BBB when I was with said mortgage company. And people were always very susprised when I'd reply, "Go ahead! It won't make any difference since we aren't members there." (And then I'd go on to suggest that they try contacting the local news outlet to complain about us instead, because now and then, those local news outlets would get hungry for a good Big, Evil, Mowing Down the Little Guys story they could share with the town they're in. Didn't happen often, but they might as well try!)

You have to pay dues to be a part of the BBB. And being in the mortgage business in particular, where you wind up getting more complaints than praise from the average consumer (when someone's happy, they're less likely to try to tell people about it than when they're pissed, you know?), we certainly weren't going to PAY to be a member of a monitoring enterprise like the BBB! (Kinda like the tow-truck company Pensive ran into over the weekend, for example. They don't exactly sound like the types to pay dues to the BBB, IMO.)

So those are my two cents for the day. I'm interested in moving on an correcting people on other things after the influx of BBB comments I've seen over the past month. Help a sista out. Pass the wisdom on to your friends...

Shift in the winds...

Boy, I'm in a foul-ass mood this morning. I can't seem to remove the scowl from my face. I can feel it right matter how much I try to relax out of it, it doesn't budge. Man!

I haven't worked out in several days, thanks to the mystery illness that passed over me last Thursday, and the immense amount of lazy that settled in over the weekend, so that's probably the issue.

Anyway, crawling back under my rock where I can have more nightmares and deal with more puppies chewing on my feet like they're his toys seems the best idea. Too bad I have to work. Darn.