Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hell, apparently, HAS frozen over.

It's supposed to fucking SNOW here on Saturday into Sunday morning.

What the FUCK?

I even like winter. But this winter is quickly putting the season onto my shit list REAL fast. I need to get shit done outside on the weekend! Like clean up the yard, and not walk around in the sludge that is my lawn anymore, thanks to how fucking cold and wet it is all the time.

This sucks. That is all.


faithstwin said...

Wait until the heat of summer settles in with the sticky yuckiness...and then you'll be wishing you were back to the wet muck.

I know I would.

lyn said...

It better be gone by the time I arrive on Monday. Grrrr.

Coley said...

Dude, the weather is always pulling shit like this. Like, at the beginning of March, there's always a ridiculously sunny, warm week. Then it snaps back to instant below-freezing/snowing/kill-yourself-already-its-not-getting-any-better
weather. Seriously? The weather is an asshole.