Monday, March 31, 2008

Hitting the wall

Ugh. Feel like shit today. Utter, complete and total shit.

Saturday was a bad started well enough (worked out in the morning, got some stuff done around the house and made a yummy lunch), but then around 3 I suddenly felt completely exhausted. I went to take a 20 minute nap, and couldn't move for an hour and a half. I literally couldn't move my strength was gone. I finally managed to get up at 4:45, and went to the couch to sit and cover myself with a blanket and watch basketball. I still had an appetite, but I felt sooo funky.

Yesterday, I woke up feeling completely refreshed and fine. Did my laundry and ran to the supermarket to get groceries, and then went to the Moose to watch the games with our friends. I had a couple of emotional breakdowns later after we got home, so that was sort of out of the blue. I chalked it up to the alcohol consumption, though, and went to bed tired and puffy from all the crying. (The outbursts were somewhat ridiculous. Body-related and ridiculous. So, sooo stupid...)

And today I feel like hammered hell again. It's hard to concentrate, and my stomach is all fucked up and my mouth is all dry and weird feeling. I don't know if the bug I had on Saturday was still lurking inside me yesterday and I overdid it to the point of dragging it back out from its apparent resting place, or if it's just a hangover. I'm hoping it's just a hangover, and that I'll be feeling back to normal by around 3. (That's how long it usually takes for me to get over them...)

Meantime, I'm going to go get a muffin and a Diet Coke. 'Cause, DAMN, this sucks!

Oh, and I'm probably one of the very few that picked all 4 #1 seeds to be in the Final Four. I'm quite proud of myself right now, honestly. I don't know how things will go on Saturday...KU really needs to step up their game if they want to beat UNC (which is what I have picked to happen - KU vs. UCLA in the championship, winning 84 - 79), but like I always say: every game is just that one day. It's not their past record. It's not their past week. All that means all comes down to that one day. Because every team can have a good or bad day. You just never know when it's gonna happen. Here's to hoping Saturday is a good game that ends in my favor! I can't wait...


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say Hi....and commiserate. I too get the "3pm hangover" about every other day and am really living one now!

Coley said...

Just...yuck. Feeling crummy on the weekend is just awful. Of course feeling crummy at work sucks as well. Hmmm. Perhaps feeling crummy is just generally awful, regardless of your environment?

Alisha said...

Why is there always one commenter that doesn't seem to be able to read a post correctly? You usually get over your hangover's around 3 PM, you don't get "3 PM" hangovers.

Sorry, it drives me insane when people "can't read good." And I have a small amount of tolerance today.

Hope you're feeling better.

Faith said...

I dunno Alisha...all I can figure is they saw that I became exhausted on Saturday at 3, and that stuck with 'em? I don't understand anonymous commenters usually anyway. When I have very little patience for anything other than lying on the couch not moving, I find it hard to make sense of the nonsensical. So I just ignored them.

And Coley, you are right on. Being at work yesterday was not comfortable in any way, so I bailed at 2:30. My ass hurt, my stomach hurt, and my head was feeling like it was full of lead. Not fun.