Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Boy oh this point in the work process for the house addition, I'm ready to just refinance the loan I already have, live in the house as it is for another 2 years, and just get the new boobs I want with the money I've got saved, for fuck's sake.

If it weren't for the damned need for space, I'd so do it. I'm not kidding...

(Heh...ironic that I want new boobs in order to get "more space" added to the front of my body, right? Oh, I never could get the irony thing in college, dammit.)

I'm sure it'll all get better once we're in the actual construction phase, right? RIGHT???

*sigh!* I don't wanna be in charge anymore.


faithstwin said...

Awww- I hear home construction whether new or addition is rather stressful.

Suck it up! It's not like you've been divorcing a fucktard for 4+ years! (yeah...the paperwork came back. *sigh*)

Coley said...

Faithstwin is right. No matter what, construction on your home SUCKS! The only way to avoid how sucky it is: stay in a hotel from start to finish. Other than that, just breath and stay away as much as possible. Blech.

But, the addition will be awesome! I can't wait to see pictures.