Friday, March 21, 2008

Wedding vs. March Madness

Well, I'm 13 for 16 thus far in the Big Dance. USC fucked me in the worst way, because I had them going up again KU (and losing) in the Elite Eight. The other losses that hit me (Purdue over Baylor and UNLV over Kent State) don't hurt so bad because I have them going out in the next round anyway. (Twin, to interpret for you, that means that 13 of the 16 teams I picked to win and move forward in the tournament have won their games, and will move forward as I expected. 3 of those 16 let me down in royal fashion, and drove me to drink, swear, and kick puppies last night.) (Ok, not really on the kicking puppies, but you KNOW there was some drinkin' and swearin' going down!)

Today is another fresh day. I'm worried about a couple of the games, but you never know what's going to happen until the playing begins, so we'll just see how things start up at 11:25 this morning.

My main issue of the weekend is this: We have a wedding to attend on Saturday night. Actually, it's just a reception, as the couple already got married in a private ceremony in Jamaica. So they're throwing a cocktail party to celebrate with their friends and family on Saturday night.

Now, back when we RSVP'd, I didn't even think about how the tournament would be happening this weekend. In fact, I was kind of surprised that it started as late as it did this year...I thought, for some reason, that it should have started last weekend. (Not that it would have made a huge difference at the end of the day. Either way, it sucks to have a wedding on a Saturday night during the tournament.)

The problem? It's at the Brewery. Where we had our wedding. And where I KNOW they don't get any kind of cable or satellite coming in. So we can't watch the games at all. And KU plays at 5:50 on Saturday night. K-State plays at 3:20, so at least the K-State fans can watch their game and still make it to the celebration without issue. But the KU fans? They're fucked. Sure, there's TiVo, but it's not the same, and you know it.

One of our friends has already decided he won't be going. He plans on giving them a bigger gift than he had originally decided to give in order to apologize for his false-positive RSVP. I'm not sure how many other people are going to skip the party in lieu of watching the game at a bar, or a friend's house, but I would imagine it's a definite possibility that it will happen. I would do it if I were a teensy bit more of an asshole. But I just can't. My one friend says, "It's just a cocktail party." And I said, "Yes, a very expensive cocktail party. That we said we would attend. So, yeah." He didn't have a response to that.

Anyway, it's a shitty situation, and while I have every confidence that KU will move forward, and I'll be able to watch all their games from here on out, it still sucks about tomorrow.

The bride is a HUGE KU fan, too, so we're not sure what she's gonna do. Everyone is sure she'll try to do something. I've got a laptop and a wireless aircard that we could use, but to be honest, the stream from yesterday was breaking up and finally quit working when I was (eh-em...) trying to watch it someplace else, so I finally gave up and watched the games via score refresh on their website instead.

What would you do if you were me?


faithstwin said...

Awww, you're such a good Twin for translating!

I would go to the reception. You know how much they have spent to throw the party and to have 10 people not show up? That's translated into cash wasted right there. It sucks that they can't change the date, though. I kinda wonder what she'll do if she is such a fan as well?

lyn said...

it's on cbs...wouldn't they just be able to get it on regular tv? no need for cable or satelite. if she's a huge fan, maybe she's already thought about it and has arranged for a big tv to be at the reception. ya never know.
(i guess you could ask....)

Faith said...

Sista, if we could have had football playing at our reception, don'tcha think I would have? There isn't a signal coming in. (Her reception is at the Brewery, too.)

We did discuss using rabbit ears. I don't know if that will work, though. I remember when I lived in Boston, it was what I used in my room, and I successfully received NBC, and sort of got CBS and Fox. And that was it. It sucked.

Anyway, I'll be checking the scores on my cell phone throughout the night. :)

Alisha said...

Aside from the fact that I hate basketball in all it's forms, which could be coloring my opinion, I think you should go to the reception and get scores on your cell.

Also, my Pop used to listen to Card's games on a small, handheld radio turned down low enough so only he could hear it. Bring one in your purse and step into the ladies room or outside (if it's not SNOWING there like it is here) at regular intervals to listen in.

That "friend" better be bringing a REALLY nice gift to make up for backing out of his RSVP. I would be pissed if I were her.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm....a ball game on TV vs. your friends celebrating their union of marrige? Seems to me there's no question. Although I will be staying I'm probably in the minority.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm....a ball game on TV vs. your friends celebrating their union of marriage? Seems to me there's no question. Although I will be staying I'm probably in the minority.

Faith said...

Well, anonypussy (:P) there's no reason to really be anonymous since you didn't really answer the question.

It's not just a "ball game" btw. It's a tournament. WHY don't people get this??? The team that loses is OUT. That's more than just a "ball game" IMHO.

faithstwin said...

Twin, you failed to mention to anonymous about the fact that the person who invited you to the reception isn't really a friend, more of an aquaintance and not that good of one at that.

You must not know Faith if you are questioning why this is so hard of a decision she posted for help...

"The D" said...

What kind of man is this clown? If he were any kind of main he would be aware of rule 568b.56874 in the Man Bible.

The rule states, "no man shall schedule ANY type of get together during any of the following sporting events, NCAA March Madness Tournament, Major League Baseball World Series, and the National Football League Playoffs and Superbowl. This rule shall be in effect weather you team is in the event or not."

This guy is going to make a very nice man wife.

Isn't your dog going to be sick or something?

faithstwin said...

I totally believe that quote The D posted is directly out of the book itself. And my ex was the editor. =p

Fixmycar said...

That might have been a more interesting story if it was 'Welding vs. March Madness'.