Tuesday, April 22, 2008

And Boys. Like. Me. Too...

I hate birds. I’ve hated them for a long while now, but really…I cannot stand the fuckers. Spring time really brings out the latent hate I harbor for them deep within my fiery belleh, as they stay pretty quiet throughout winter. Also, the fact that I open windows to the house in Spring makes their presence that much more obvious.

God, I just couldn’t hate birds more than I do.

Jake’s presence in the home goes in and out of loveable ball of fur to intolerable beastly spawn of Satan. Yesterday, he was being all cute and hopped up on the couch next to me for me to pet his belly. Then he suddenly turned over, and sprung at my face for what I thought was a lick or two, but in actuality was what he apparently thought was his time to bite me. He did it twice before I could stop him. Dick.

When he isn’t biting my face unexpectedly, or lighting small campfires in the area next to the couch behind the ottoman, he’s pretty fucking cute. I call those times “sleepy times” because, really…ain’t nothin’ better than a sleepin’ Jake.

So he’s kind of running a thin line of joining those birds in their place within my heart. I cannot wait to snip him. WOO!

Over the weekend, Leo and I joined a friend of ours from the Moose for an outing to the Brigade game at the Sprint Center. It was only $17 each, and I’d been wanting to see the place and figure out what was so bad about the parking situation down there and everything, and then possibly head out to grab a bite in the P&L district after the game.

Ok, first of all, the parking was, indeed, as atrocious as some people have made it out to be. I couldn’t believe it…we had to park 2 WHOLE BLOCKS away from the stadium. For $10! Ten. Dollars, people. Highway robbery, for sure! The lot we were in was so packed, it took us a full 30 seconds to find a parking spot, and then we had to go down a flight of stairs to get to the street. Can you believe that malarkey? I cannot understand why we citizens of this fair Kansas City would allow such an outrageous and ridiculous situation to perpetuate itself. We should petition for an immediate removal of the Sprint Center and P&L District to a place more convenient. Like around the Plaza somewhere. I mean, the parking there is SO MUCH better and more tolerable, really.

So after our ridiculously long 2 block trek to the stadium, we joined our friend, then met another friend that was joining the group to watch the game, and we went inside. Ok, the stadium is pretty cool. My only complaint, as a chick with a big rack and ass, is that the seats are a bit narrow. Especially when placed next to a big guy? I was squishing the girls together for an extra special cleavage show for most of the game. But we had a lot of fun. I had prepared myself for what I was referring to as “reject cheerleaders” since everyone had told me that was all the Brigade games were good for, really…watching the cheerleaders. And what kind of cheerleaders are a part of a squad that cheers for such a SUCKY team in a semi-pro sport? That’s right…the ones that didn’t make it as a Chiefs cheerleader, or a Dallas Cowboy’s cheerleader, or whatever. But we were in the end that had the ones doing all the twirly moves, and standing on guys’ hands and shit. So that was fun to watch. I like balancing acts. We took turns guessing how much the cheerleaders weighed (most thought they couldn’t be more than 100 pounds, but we weren’t sure, really…), and I took some pictures with my fantastically horrible camera in my phone…

(She was a skinny little thing!)
(...who could put her leg next to her head! Impressive.)
(Her friend liked to do other things with her leg...her balance wasn't as good as the skinny chick, it seemed. Maybe she should lose 10 pounds.)

Anyway, it was the first game of the year that the Brigade actually won, and don’t think that Leo and I won’t take some of the credit for that. We were cheering very enthusiastically for them between sips of beer, dammit.

It was a good time. We left just before the game ended to head on our tenth of a mile hike back to the evil parking garage, and then went and had dumplings at Blue Koi, ‘cause we been in the mood and it was time to feed the beast, dammit.

I don’t know that we’ll return to another game soon…part of the allure was the group we were with. They wound up being a LOT of fun. But the place was nice. And if we had the opportunity to go again, we’d strongly consider it.

That continued a social trend for Leo and I for two weeks running. With the blogger meetup that’s happening this week (at the Levee on Thursday this week…be there or be mocked!), we’re turning in our social feathered caps, and returning to our normally scheduled hermitdome by getting back to spending time at the Moose this coming weekend. Next weekend is the trip to Indiana for Leo’s little brother’s college graduation. We’re looking forward to the time off, and hopefully to getting the construction on the house started that week as well. Wish us luck! I really can’t wait.

I don’t know how to end this post. So I’ll just share another picture with you from the random backfiles on my computer. Enjoy…
(That would be me...eating a pea. I like peas...)


Keri Oki said...

I am so glad some one else has a great disdain for the feathered creatures. I've more than once considered finding a pellet gun and blasting one of the litle bastards who feels 4am is an appropriate time to start bitching (aka chirping) at me.

Coley said...

Birds are gross. They are loud, they smell, and their weird scaly feet totally creep me out. On top of that all, they seem to be getting bolder by the minute. Between the attack geese that cause more problems than real street gangs, and the pigeons and seagulls that are actively trying to kill people, I think it's time to lower the boom.
Damn birds.

faithstwin said...

I totally commented on this earlier! WTF?

I suggested that maybe walking such great distances as those 2 blocks (did you rest in between? I know I would have had to have a break...) is what contributes to your foot pain? You know, the fascist one?

You need to be more careful.

Spyder said...

LOVE birds!!!!!