Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bravo, Ms. Moneypenny!

Spyder kicks ass. She brilliantly came up with the idea to create a Kansas City Blogger blogspot blog (blogblogblogblog) that basically links to all local KC blogs. I mean, I have a few of them on my roll, but not all of them. And there are a LOT of bloggers in this town, dammit!

Anywho, looks like a place where blogger meet-up info will be posted (but that's really just conjecture on my part right now, so don't quote me on it), and where you can go to basically get a link to any local blogger you might need. But as Tony mentioned in the comments on the only post there right now, it probably will not be similar to the KC Bloggers blog that used to be run by Patrick and Sheri (I don't know what her current blog incarnation is, so I can't link her!) oh so long ago. We all have our own blogs to discuss KC issues in. We don't really need another one, do we? Yeah, didn't think so...

So go and check it out! And if Spyder is missing your link, let her know! She doesn't bite...unless you want her to. ;)


Spyder said...

Thanks! Yes, the Kansas City Bloggers website will be a place for links & posting the gatherings.

Spyder said...

Also- Tony asked so I even linked him. For now at least! As long as he behaves. I'm tired of the white elite shit. :-)