Thursday, April 10, 2008 not wanna punch people in the face.

Every day...every fucking single day this week...I have been hounded by people at lunchtime to take care of things. Usually, it's IM messages that suddenly flare up as soon as they see that I've returned to my desk. Today, one of them actually came over to bug me IN PERSON when they saw that I'd returned.

Listen, it's about 12 p.m. and I've been away from my desk for a bit, and the IM thingy alerts you to the fact that I've just returned after a short time away. Think for a moment that I might have just gone to grab something to eat while I try to relax for an hour at my desk NOT thinking about work, if possible? Maybe???

CHRIST, give me strength to not pop someone in the face today. I don't know what's lit my fire, but it ain't good, so keeping the distance would be advisable.

That is all*.

*Thanks to those of you who came up with some ideas to try to help me and my boss to look for an activity for the managers to participate in at the meeting next week. That keg idea of Emaw's is lookin' better and better to me throughout the day, but probably wouldn't be allowed, dammit. Twin, the newsletter thing is intriguing, but 45 minutes seems an awful short amount of time to allow for it. I'll pitch it anyway. If for no other reason than I'd love to start up a newsletter for our group, and having instant ideas would make the process that much easier. Also, I was gonna go look for books at lunch, but then I got all pissy. So I might go after I'm done with lunch, seeing as it's currently not stormy, and tonight that's gonna change, and also getting the ideas to my boss sooner than later is my goal.

Coley, I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment of that sort of shit. The thing is, they told him to do this at a gathering last year, and he had to do a "panel" of managers that sat and talked about the topic for 45 minutes, and it tanked. Big time. (Hm, wonder why?) So he doesn't want to do it again...even though everyone told him to. It's like, huh? Weren't you guys there at the super-boring non-inspiring presentation last year to enjoy in its ultra-fullfilling message? Duh! Doing something different this year! I saw one thing that involved building something out of what looked like paper cups, or whatever. THAT looked like fun, but it's in that link that costs me $57 to download. Buggar.


Logtar said...

Turn away notifications off.

Faith said...

I did. AFTER the visit to my desk from the coworker. Tomorrow, I'll turn it off earlier. Right now it's screaming DO NOT DISTURB!

And just after I switched it to that, someone fucking tried to call me. I didn't answer.

Nuke said...

At my place if you turn Away Notification off, it means you always look like you are there.

Personally I either don't unlock my PC over lunch, or I just ignore people.

But its easy, because in my main work space I have wireless DSL on a PC independent from the network, So I don't have to log into the work one to do stuff like comment on Blogs where I am no help whatsoever.

Faith said...

Nuke, you are so awesome. You gave me my 2nd giggle of the day. Gracias, dude.

Spyder said...

We had to fill out trivia questionnaires about work. Then it was tabulated & then we were divided into 2 teams & played Family Feud with desh bells that we had to hit to get to answer the questions.

KCTraci said...

Check out this site for some activities. It might even be the same cup one you saw: