Saturday, April 26, 2008

I hate blogging from home...

Anyone else think that maybe Target should have found a more full figured model to model their plus sized "swim pants" here?

Unless, of course, they're supposed to look like diaper covers. In which case, end-result definitely achieved, wouldn't ya say?

Being a big girl is just so fucking hard...I'm considering looking into Alli. Hey! Maybe those swim shorts would come in handy in that case, then!


Sizzle said...

It really sucks that they market lareger sized clothing that way. Apparently some studies show that plus size women aren't as apt to buy if the model is bigger. How fucked up is that? They sure have done a number on our curvacious heads!

meesha.v said...

From Consumer Reports:

The prescription fat-blocking drug orlistat (Xenical) is now available in a lower-dose over-the-counter version under the brand name Alli. But it offers modest results and can cause embarrassing side effects, so you might be better off skipping the pills and saving your money.
they have a longer article, I can email you if you want it.

Nuke said...

Yeah and by "embarrassing side effects" they mean projectile diarrhea. My Dr recommended that if I chose to take it I take a couple days off from work to get used to it, AND pack a spare pair of britches.

Faith said...

Guys, I'm fully aware of the side effects that come with taking Alli. It's been out on the market for what, about 6 - 10 months now? I'd have to be a fat chick squeezed under a rock to not have heard about it. But thanks!

Siz, I know. I think it's all ridiculous, from the clothing that's marketed to big girls like me to the way the fashion industry vilifies us. I seriously don't understand it.

Keri Oki said...

This is absolutely hysterical -- as a FF myself (Former Fattie) I'm continuously disappointed in all things "PLUS" sized -- gross misrepresentations of difference -- and enforcing stereotypes -- that's what advertising is all about.

On a side note -- you have inspired my next post -- My life on Xenical -- Thanks!!!