Monday, April 21, 2008

I thought I was addicted. Now...maybe not.

After a visit to Chilis' for lunch yesterday afternoon, I seriously thought I might have a problem with an addiction to their honey lime dressing (which I had on my grilled Carribean salad...highly reccommend it - it was yummy in ways I hadn't experienced in a while). I wanted to drink the leftover dressing, it was so delicious! But I didn't. I did eat every last bite of the salad that I thought was palatable, though. (A couple of pieces of lettuce let me down...they were browing on the edges, and I just can't eat lettuce that looks like that.)

So today, I'm craving the salad. But I don't wanna leave the office, and I brought a bowl of split pea soup (made from scratch for dinner last night) for lunch, anyway. So I wound up going over to the cafeteria and making a salad and grabbing some plain ol' honey mustard dressing to go with it.

And now the craving is gone. I wish I hadn't had it in the first place, actually. Blech.

I hate it when plain ol' dressings go and ruin it for all the rest of the really delicious ones in the world like that.

Disturbing phenomenon discovered while out and about in Merriam, KS on a Sunday afternoon: girls in short shorts. There was a chick at Chili's who, when she stood up, had to pull her shorts down a bit because they were like a terry cloth material, and they'd rolled up a bit as she sat there. I'm not kidding when I say that I thought for a second that she was wearing her underwear and nothing else until she rolled them down. And even then, I was still offended. The shorts were really short! I don't care if you have the body to wear certain current fashions (like the short shorts/skirts that are coming back into style right now)...there are appropriate places for them, and that boundary usually doesn't extend past your backyard. Maybe the beach. But last I checked, Merriam wasn't exactly considered to be ocean front in any way.

A visit to Target after lunch showed me that it is FULL of the shortness right now, though. Short shorts. Short skirts. I mean really short skirts. It's something I used to do back when I was in my 20's and was able to pull it off. And it's not a jealous thing, really, because I honestly don't know what I was thinking with some of the shit I wore when I could do it back's just a question of why we need to go to such an extreme? I don't understand the need for it.


I'm just glad my desire for the dressing has been kicked to the curb. I just looked at the calorie content for the stuff and let me say that I am very glad that I didn't drink the other ounce that was left in the cruette on the table! (Chili's seems to be serving all their salads with the dressing on the side without you having to ask lately, to which I say bravo!)

Other shit happened over the weekend, but I gotta get back to work now. So you'll just have to wait until later/tomorrow to hear about it all. Ta!


faithstwin said...

Is this a sad attempt at getting me to give up blue cheese? It won't work! =P

Videos are up- go watch and smile.

Amanda said...

Yeah, not getting the little-terry-cloth-looks-like-something-my-seven-year-old-should-wear shorts in the ladies section. No one on this Earth wants to see my ass in or hanging out of those.

BTW-the mesquite chicken salad at Chili's is marvelous but has boring ranch dressing. Going to have to try the Caribbean...

meesha.v said...

yes-to short skirts and shorts!if god didn't want people to wear them, he wouldn't have made them look so good.