Thursday, April 24, 2008

Inspired by "defending organic" at Pensive's...

Last week’s bout with the flu, or whateverthefuckitwas, really put me into a bind. In more ways than one. It was uncomfy, and I was unhappy, and I hate being unhappy.

So when I felt pretty well recovered by Wednesday that was a good feeling. I was still being careful about what I ate, and I was trying to avoid Diet Coke, but I was able to eat food again without cramping up.

Thursday, I was really tired in the morning, and felt much, much better in the belleh. So I decided to get a Diet Coke from the machine. All was well.

I had another one that afternoon, and then two on Friday as per usual.

On Saturday morning, I had breakfast and the last of the 2 liter of Diet Pepsi w/ Lime that was in the fridge. Everything seemed ok…I had a hair appointment at 11, so I hopped in the shower around 9:30 and got cleaned up. Pretty soon after my shower, I started feeling really, really shitty again. I almost thought about cancelling my hair appointment, but my hair looked too crappy. I couldn’t do it! So I sucked it up, and went to the hair dresser.

While I was there, I had some water. I had asked for a Diet Coke when I got there, and they asked me if I wanted anything, but they only had Coke Zero. And I hate that shit. (Splenda is the work of the devil.) So water it was! And I felt better after a while. Started looking forward to getting lunch, in fact.

And that was when it hit me. I need to quit diet soda. I hate that I have to do it, but if it’s going to make me feel sick, then I have no choice.

I stopped at the store on the way home to grab some lunch stuff (meatless tacos…I was on a taco kick last week, and what better way to do them than with meatless ground soy product? That’s right!), and I also made my way to the tea aisle and spent some time finding some teas I could make into iced tea at home. I need the caffeine…I want the caffeine. For now, caffeine is still my friend. But the chemicals and stuff in diet soda is NOT.

So I’ve been drinking green and black teas since Saturday afternoon, and you know what? I feel really good. I’m not tired throughout the day, and my stomach has been a happy camper all week…it’s nice. And the shitting? Man, don’t get me started on the shitting. I just read today that green tea can act as a natural colon cleanser. Yep! Appears to be working!

My trainer is back to his old habit of trying to kill me, though. Dick. If it weren’t for working out, I’d feel great! Stupid fucking fat ass…

So let me know if you’ve experienced anything like this, will ya? The Twin gave up diet sodas a while back because of the way they were making her feel, too. So is it an age thing, do you think? Or would we both have made it a few more years with drinking it if we hadn’t had so much of the stuff throughout our 20’s? What? I don’t understand. I’ll miss it. But I DO love tea…


faithstwin said...

*sipping homemade tropical iced tea* Yup. I don't even miss it.

Remember those friends Mom and Dad had (more like aquaintances...) that couldn't park in their garage because of the supply of Pepsi they kept stock of? I always think back to those people when I think about how addicted I was to Diet Coke.

Caffeine, IMO, is ok in small doses. I definitely ingest MUCH less daily than I used to in the Diet Cokes.

DLC said...

tacos made w/meatless crumbles is my new favorite thing, just had em this week!

Faith said...

dlc, I had some more of the leftovers for lunch today. 60 cals and no fat per serving = awesome.

Alisha said...

Yeah, Lloyd loves his green tea! I love my herbal teas because I can't deal with the caffeine. I also discovered in the last year or so that soda (mostly Sprite) was giving me horrible heartburn. So yeah, F soda.

Also, yay for fake meat products!

meesha.v said...

years ago I did atkins' diet and all that's left from that time is me drinking close to a gallon of water a day. I drink pop when I feel like it,when I am eating out. I don't have any at home.