Friday, April 18, 2008

A list and my fascist foot

I’m not big on lists, usually, but I feel like my list of wishes right now is getting longer and longer. Last night, I thought about them all as I tried to fall asleep. It didn’t help. Duh.

My left foot might be fascist. I can’t tell, since I’ve never had a fascist foot before, but it hurts. And it could make sense, according to WebMD. The only thing is that the pain that I have seemed to start with a small bump that had developed near the outer edge of the ball of my foot. It was really hurting to walk on it on Tuesday, but I ignored it and went about my business of, you know, getting over a stomach bug while trying to get work done. On Wednesday, the bump hurt less, and my tummy was feeling better, and I thought everything was going my way again. But then yesterday, the entire outer edge of my left foot was hurting a bit. Not bad enough to cause a limp, but still weird feeling. The bump doesn’t hurt any more at all. As the day went on, the pain got worse and worse, and I finally called a podiatrist to make an appointment…I can’t get in until next Tuesday afternoon, though.

There isn’t any swelling. There isn’t any discoloration. There’s nothing on the outside that shows there might be something wrong inside at all. And the fact that the fascist issue usually comes from the heel makes no sense. This is in my outer arch. But the description on WebMD seems to match what I’ve got, so I’m rolling with it.

These last few weeks have been brutal to me, as a usually very healthy individual. Every few days, I seem to get hit with something…usually stomach related…and then it takes time for me to recover. My workouts have suffered, but I’ve been cutting back on food, and trying to cut back on beer (Royals game excluded), and it seems to be making a difference. I won’t see my trainer again until Thursday, but I’m hoping I’ve dropped about 4 pounds by then…that’s what my scale is saying at home, anyway. We’ll see. Without workouts, I need to cut back even MORE on food, though, and that’s been tougher to do than I want it to be. Having the flu on Monday and Tuesday helped, but that’s not usually how I like to fly, really. I’m truly glad that appears to be over with.

Ok, so here’s my list, in case anyone is interested. It’s an edited list for public consumption reasons, but it’s a list all the same. I have the total list tucked away in a safe place (i.e. my head) and that’s all that matters. Hope everyone else’s wishes are working themselves out…

- I wish my dad would get better.
- I wish dad and stepmom could go home and be in their own environment/bed/kitchen/town again.
- I wish I didn’t feel like such a putz for only being able to borrow $120,000 from the bank for my house.
- I wish I could help with the family business somehow.
- I wish my husband’s boss would get some anger management classes.
- I wish my older sister didn’t have to deal with such a douche of an ex-husband, and that their kids didn’t have to deal with ANY of the shit they’re having to deal with.
- I wish I could move to the Vegas house and keep it warm until dad and stepmom can have the chance to visit it again.
- I wish the house addition was already done. And that we could have a party on the deck next weekend.
- I wish my boss would stop making offhand comments about wanting to quit. Yeah, he only did it once, but it was scary to hear it.
- I wish I could somehow help my boss enjoy his job as much as he helps me enjoy mine.
- I wish mom was still here.


faithstwin said...

I wish Mom was here too...

Heather said...

Bone spur?? That was the first thought that came to my mind when you mentioned bump.

I have plantar fasciitis. It's a bitch. I bought a sling I wear to bed that stretches that ligament while I sleep. There seems to be some improvement.

I wish for things to be looking up for you. I also wish you had your deck finished so I could come over and party. :o)